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 My budget is around $100. But what about the earphones above? Are they such bad? 
Hello. I need some earphones for music like Rap and Pop. I need good mids listening to vocal. Music like and some bass for rap music.    What about also Klipsch x10? Budget is max to Klipsch x10 if there will be so big difference.    I had the Yamaha RH5MA and i just falled in love with these. Its the best mids i heard in my life. Just was a little bit less bass but anayway i liked them. So i need earphones like the RH5MA.
Need them In good condition and your best price.
Hello.   Was reading review and fault in love in these. I like mids ( voices ) and sub-bass. But the problem is it these are out of stock anywhere. Why that? Or maybe there is any other analog with a sound of the Cyclone?
Hello folks.    I need a very comfortable IEM to listen to on the bicycle. Will listen them on the iphone 4 or Galaxy s2.   The music I listen to rap, RNB, and sometimes electronics.   In IEM it is important to have a low bass and midrange. I like very much to hear the voice of the singers.   The budget of up to $ 50 or if it is something much better then you can up to $ 100. 
Hello. WTB these headphones in good condition.
They are not maked for rock. For rock music you should to see on other IEMs. ( Maybe the new GR07? )
Is there is a big difference between the Senheiser IE8 and IE80? Here in local stores they sell the IE80 is more $100 than the previous version. Is it worth to pay more?
I dont uderstand why people not makig their own threads to buy somethng?
Hi. Do you have a receipt with them? Where did you bought them?      
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