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Need them In good condition and your best price.
Hello.   Was reading review and fault in love in these. I like mids ( voices ) and sub-bass. But the problem is it these are out of stock anywhere. Why that? Or maybe there is any other analog with a sound of the Cyclone?
Hello folks.    I need a very comfortable IEM to listen to on the bicycle. Will listen them on the iphone 4 or Galaxy s2.   The music I listen to rap, RNB, and sometimes electronics.   In IEM it is important to have a low bass and midrange. I like very much to hear the voice of the singers.   The budget of up to $ 50 or if it is something much better then you can up to $ 100. 
Hello. WTB these headphones in good condition.
They are not maked for rock. For rock music you should to see on other IEMs. ( Maybe the new GR07? )
Is there is a big difference between the Senheiser IE8 and IE80? Here in local stores they sell the IE80 is more $100 than the previous version. Is it worth to pay more?
I dont uderstand why people not makig their own threads to buy somethng?
Hi. Do you have a receipt with them? Where did you bought them?      
Yes they are cheaper than the IE8. Time to face the truth: the Sennheiser IE8 is much overpriced.  Dont belive the reviews all people have diffirence tastes.    
I just checked JR and they dont want to ship the IE8 inernational ( I need to ship them to Norway ).    It there other place to buy them? I mean for cheapest price? 
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