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Can anyone compare these to the JFV F700's? My right channel on my beloved GR07's is cutting out and im in need of a nice earphone. Will these be an upgrade to the GR07's? I find the GR07's lack excitement and an enveloping sound to my ears even though I have grown to really enjoy them. So the question is FX700 over CKS1000 or the other way around? 
Hey guys! I haven't posted in awhile, but my headphone fever has returned (of course). I have been using Vsonic GR07 and BrainWavz HM5 the past couple of years (I found the HM5's to be severely overhyped and had a very flat, boring, and distant presentation). While they have lasted me I feel I need to explore the world of headphones once again. These two headphones aren't my ideal sound signature and at first the harsh simbilance of the GR07 made me cringe until they...
Thanks for the response. Yea they named it the V7007 after AKG's creation which I find really lame. I think i'll wait around and make my decision when comparisons can be made between these headphones. And also, the GR07's pretty much fit my bill as well besides a few minor things that I would like changed and even the bass was good enough I'm just being picky haha.
Hey guys I need a few opinions here. In ready for a new in ear and currently have been rocking out to the gr07. Overall I just want better sound but if I have one gripe about the vsonic it's the simbilence of the highs that can get fatiguing. I would also like a bit more mid/sub bass. So I was thinking, either I get the 100/200 or I wait to see how the gr08, t-peos h-200, and the asg-2's do. Also I have been looking at the heir as well. Should I wait?
Hey guys check this out I have a feeling the JVC's will do this mix justice. Enjoy the eargasm express.
just bought a HM5, I want a good fullsize to comliment my hm5 with a full fun yet audiophile quality sound sig (aka big but controlled bass) around 3-500 dollars. closed or open doesnt matter, i have a marantz reciever i can use to amplify the phones. so probably a can with a u or v shaped frequency response. thanks!
yea true enough! whats the definiton of an audiophile though really.. I only chase the audio bliss because I enjoy music (either playing or listening) so much and I want it to sound as good as possible, audiophile or not it doesn't really matter. And my dad doesn't laugh and scoff he just thinks it's humorous.
Yea true enough, I mean though anything because let's say you record music your going to want the best possible sound quality so for me it would make sense that musicians and producers may be likely candidate to be audiophiles, not just headphones though. But ya it's an odd hobby I don't understand why I love headphones so much I just do. My dad always laughs when he sees how much I 'waste' on headphones, mind you he wasn't laughing when I gave him my modded ksc75's he...
Hey my fellow Head Geeks! I was thinking today in the shower (isn't that the best place to think!) if there's any correlation from being a musician that drives your pursuit of audio bliss. I've been playing different instruments and singing for a long time so I kind of wondered if thats why I'm an 'audiophile'. I'm always looking for better sounding drums, guitars, pianos, etc. as well so it kind of got me thinking! What are your guys's thoughts on this? Especially...
I'm going to pop on the hm5's 119 bucks free shipping to good to resist!
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