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I hope you're not using youtube MP3 rips for your songs.   You are using high quality songs right? I've downloaded 1gb mozart and they sound 100x better than a regular mp3, it was unreal. Of course, it also depends on the recording. No use have a nice lossless quality if the original recording isn't very good.    Try getting high quality ones and see if it helps. Though... when I had an m50, a dac didn't help as much as it did for my dt990, but an amp sure did...
    I agree with what this man has said. I also have no problems with the MH1C's cable so I enjoy it very much. 
Also interested in what gibosi posted! 
  Are we really going to get into this kind of debate in the discovery thread? 
How does that dac look from the front? There are no pictures on the ebay link haha.   Is there some sort of colored light to indicate that its power is on?
They are very musical and the sound quality is on par with much more expensive IEMs. They will work very well with the style of music you listed.   Yeah, I used amazon prime and it somehow came in 1 day, instead of the regular 2 days. 
You want to purchase these.http://www.amazon.com/Sony-Livesound-Headphones-Earphones-Head-sets/dp/B008CCSD7K There is a thread on these called, Best kept secret, or something. They are also mentioned heavily in the discovery thread.   For you, the mh1c are better than everything listed so far. While the re0 and re-zeros are great, they are not what you are looking for.    Don't listen to this guy. Not true, not even close. The mh1c has great subbass + nice textured and...
I have heard some people say the AUNE T1 is overly bright. Has anyone been experiencing the similar things, or is this an isolated issue?   Thanks guys.
There's around 30 pages of info in the discovery thread.   I would go there and start reading! 
To DSNUTS,   If I never plan on using an open headphone and only using closed HPs or IEMs, would you still recommend the Sabre over the Ele dac? Trying to save my money so I am wondering if the upgrade is worth it. =)
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