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Which deal and which vendor, if you don't mind my bleating? We've peeped several over the past few weeks.
I've been hawking that site in search of an amp that will handle 600 Ohms gracefully, which I suspect that funster the U100 does not.  So far, my furtive stalking has revealed nada, zilch -- with the possible exception of the Centrance M8.  Here's groping that Massdrop establishes a relationship with Violectric.  Until then, I'll be wearing different colored raincoats every time I log on so they don't glean it's me.
Though I'm tempted to buy the K7ConsonantConsonants, my lower intestine is insisting I wait for another excellent deal on generic T90s, since it doubts the Jubilees will be getting a second drop.   Apparently, my lower intestine and Beyerdynamic have an ongoing gurgle-mail exchange.
I'm toying with showing up for this -- particularly if transpo requires taking the Metro North, a shuttle and nothing else.  If I do visit, I won't be using the pseudonym "Agrippa Flail."
 This is all useful information, worminator; thanks for posting about the DAC/Amp I'd been considering as a next purchase.  I'll add your findings to the DAC list on XDA before or over the weekend.  I appreciate your letting me ken, cattlethief.  I'll revise that entry on the list.
 Done, and thanks.  Your findings are listed here.
For those who are interested in the OPO but haven't received an invitation: Here's the OnePlus One Preorder Page. Quote: Poimandres:  If you confirm that the Glacier works with the OPO, I'll be able to list it and you on this XDA thread.
You no longer have to worry about receiving an invitation.  You'll be able to preorder an OPO later this month:   So far, my OPO has offered the easiest DAC setup and switching of any smartphone I've ever owned. Tethering has also proved eerily unproblematic.    The camera isn't perfect, and Cyanogenmod is constantly working out bugs, but the OPO is a powerful phone with great...
I'm curious to know why CL chose the Texas Instruments DAC chip. I'd also like to know whether CL has any plans to release a portable DSD DAC for sources like the LG G3.   Also: Did Ken Ball have anything to do with the design of the artwork on the enclosure?
Two questions: May I assume you mean an HRT DAC other than the ustreamer (which doesn't exist)?  If so, which one? I'd have thought you meant either the iStreamer or the iStreamer 12V, but those are designed to work with iDevices.  HRT seems to make six different portable USB DACs. Did you try your HRT DAC with USB Audio Player/Recorder Pro alone or with other music players on the OPO as well -- ones that weren't dependent on driver-bypassing software?
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