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I've been thinking of upgrading my LD mk II. I currently have Mullard M8161 driver tubes and plan on buying EH 6H30PI power tubes as well. But what i'm posting here about is the internals.   I'm thinking of upgrading the signal film caps circled in RED with auricap .68uF and 2.2uF respectively, the YELLOW (signal resistors?) with 0.1% percision vishay-dale resistors, the GREEN with Neutrik locking headphone jack, and the ORANGE with a ALPS blue velvet...
 I enjoy my tube little dot mkII with grado phones. I'm currently listening to grado sr60s with the stock tubes and the warmer musical presentation is very nice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend LD amps along with some prestige phones as they'd give you a very nice, different sound from the other phones you've mentioned that you have owned while also keeping price down. 
Glad to see the UDAC back! I was wondering where it went when it was pulled from the website.
That is an interesting question! I know you only listened to the D7000 for a brief time before you got the LA7000, but after modification did you notice any differences? Mainly: tighter bass, relaxed presentation, and expanded soundstaging like lawton claims with markl mod? I've heard of the markl mod before, but i've always been scared to try something so drastic in fear of losing the nice denon sound.
Excellent review! Very insightful. I enjoyed your D100 review also, and it was a key factor in my purchase of that DAC. I recall that you saw good improvement with your D7000 markl mod using A100 over headphone out on the D100, and my question is: would i see similar gains in D2000? Have you had any experience with the others in the denon line up? I'm mostly looking for airier highs and more pronounced dynamic range. Thank you! 
I am using the supplied power cable. Maybe your cable has a loose IEC end? thank you i didn't know that thread existed.   It did seem to be a windows problem. It only happened when i had that output device set to 24bit / 96 KHz. When i dropped it to 24bit / 44.1 KHz the problem stopped completely. I have since stopped using windows sound drivers all together and am using foobar2000 with ASIO output and i've experienced increased soundstage and clarity along with no...
Hi all, I recently purchased a Yulong D100 DAC from to go with my D2000 headphones and i'm enjoying the sound quite a lot . However, i randomly have the music cut out and be replaced with all static. I'm not sure what is causing this, only that when i power it down and power it back on it goes away. Also, i've only experienced this when using its USB input, not the TOSLINK which is connected to my PS3. Anyone ever experienced this? Have any...
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