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I've received my demo S5 earlier this week (thank you Audrey!) and I've been using them at work connected to Foobar>Dragonfly 1.2 and on first impression after 25 hours of burn-in here are some comments from my notes:   ·         -Fit is comfortable           -Flat cable not my favorite. Y junction way to big. Cable too thick.            -Nice & clear sound ·         -Vocal a bit recess ·         -Spacious presentation           -Listening volume higher than my...
  I'm missing mine now . Should never sold this amp.
Any chance someone compare to the Aurisonics ASG-2 ?
 I see.  I should have said that I too find the cable somewhat thin. That would be my only issue with them so far. Cheer!
 Hey Focker,  I'm somewhat curious about your comment on the Sennheiser Amperior QC. I own the Amperior and I find them really strongly built. They are mostly plastic but they are of rugged type and the HD-25 ii that they are based on is well regarded on the DJ community. Every parts can be replaced if you happen to break them. Just my opinion. 
The size of the plug look ok but the length might be a problem. It will likely hit your shoulder.
This album is getting great review for sure. I have it on my wish list and it's a must buy. Thank for reminding me.
Maybe you can try blocking the bass port to adjust it to your liking.
@Brooko, well you did it again. Twice this month. Very good review Paul. I like the format. Thanks!
BTW it's working fine now. I did tried with Wasapi and it worked the rate changed automatically but I was earring static noise randomly ( using the DF on a power hub) so I changed to KS and the rate change also and it sound good. Thank you!
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