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PM Sent!
CK100pro now sold. Thank you!
The SR255 are now sold. Thank you!
The GR07 mk2 now sold. Thank you!
PM replied.
Focal Spirit Pro are now sold.  Thank you for the interest.
PM Sent!  & pictures coming soon.
Hello fellow Head-fier. It's time for me to trim my collection and offer you the opportunity for some great sale on high quality headphones & earphones. Reason of the sell: Focus on new hobby that need funding  All will come with original packaging (exception to the Grado) and all are in very good physical & working condition. The price listed is including shipping cost for Canada & USA. For International the shipping cost will be added. Paypal fee not...
I've received my demo S5 earlier this week (thank you Audrey!) and I've been using them at work connected to Foobar>Dragonfly 1.2 and on first impression after 25 hours of burn-in here are some comments from my notes:   ·         -Fit is comfortable           -Flat cable not my favorite. Y junction way to big. Cable too thick.            -Nice & clear sound ·         -Vocal a bit recess ·         -Spacious presentation           -Listening volume higher than my...
  I'm missing mine now . Should never sold this amp.
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