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Yea the E7 has really surpassed my expectations 
What i use around school, also the new fiio E7 is amazing !       
Got mine from Shane at Lambayrules incredibly nice guy  http://www.lambayrules.ie/viewcategory.php?groupid=9
What i use around school, also the new fiio e7 is excellent !        
If you have a mac or know someone with a mac it's very simple. Open disk utility Click the mounted device Click partition Options Master Boot Record And hit partition
Quote: Originally Posted by cwoo IF you haven't purchased an amp yet, go for the hd650. I owned the hd595, and while I really enjoyed it, it is far surpassed by the 650. If you go for the hd595, you will end up upgrading eventually. For $300 you can find some nice home-built hybrid amps for sale (Millett Minimax, SOHA II). Both sound great with the 650. Also, alot of people like the DarkVoice 336 (used DV 332 would be even better) and the...
Now don't diss me on this i'm only saying. The new beats by dre Spins look like the most durable set i have seen. not to sure about the sound quality tho, but if you looking for durability they do look quite strong
Ok thanks, now i have not bought the amp yep. what you recommend for decent amp ? budget is about 300 dollars
Hi, i was wonder what would fit me better, i listen to a lot MUSE and Weezer that kind of music. Whats better for that kind of genre ?. i never owned a pair of sennheiser before and those two models are on sale at a good price at the moment
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