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I have had the Brainwavz HM5 Sheepskin Leather for two months and have just received the Shure HPAEC1540 and I have to say that I prefer the comfort of the Shure HPAC1540 by a large margin.   The Shure earpads feel like two pieces of pillow softly cushioning my ears, whereas the Brainwavs earpads feels rough in comparison.
 Just get Singxer F1 or SU-1, and they will more than sufficiently meets what you are looking for :)
 Yes both are connected to a computer as that is my only source. The motherboard of my desktop PC has optical spdif output, so does my macbook pro. In terms of SQ, it goes: Macbook Pro SPDIF >> Desktop Mobo SPDIF > Macbook USB > Desktop Mobo USB I am using Lifatec Glass Toslink cable and Belkin Gold USB cable.
 Welcome to the club! I was downsizing my entire headphone rig and I was glad to have tried out this unit. It is well worth its price! I do find that its SPDIF input sounds considerably better than USB.
 I am using the HD-DAC1 with Mac and Windows. With SPDIF connection, no clicking sound, even with starting new YouTube video. With USB, there is clicking sound, even with starting new YouTube video. I am half suspecting that the click comes in not only during sample rate change but also the start/stop of an audio signal. When using USB connection and when no audio is being played for a while, HD-DAC1 will know and will power off itself. When using SPDIF however, HD-DAC1...
The clicking issues come when the sampling rate is switched.   If you use it with SPDIF (i.e. coaxial or optical) with your computer or CD player, you won't get that issue. It is only with USB input that you tend to get that switching sound.
Interesting. Are there any other leather pads alternative to this one?Understand that brainwavz pads are also velor memory foam pads
I am looking for a balanced 4-pin cable to use with my amp as well.Im very tempted to order the Dana cable but I'm afraid that it would take away the bite from the music (e.g. in electric guitar, snare, hi hats).Extract from"In the end, you’re trading a bit of soundstage air and resolution for warmth and a more accurate tonality."
I can confirm the same. It's fatiguing to listen to the utopia out of the box but after approx 50 hours this has been resolved.
MYou may just want to try going back to the stock cable to see if that reintroduces the joy that you once had.
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