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 I have both FSC and FSP. In terms of build quality and looks, the FSC wins hands down. Not only do they exude a premium feel, they are also more comfortable than the FSP due to the even and generous soft headband. The FSP in turn creaks whenever i adjust the headphone (either the length or by the act of just putting it on my head). Feels plasticky. The small cushion bump in the center of the headband also means that the entire weight of the headphone is concentrated...
 Given the delay, we will only receive the item together with the retail outlets here. Given that the retail prices here is close to iBasso online prices, it makes more sense to order from them than from iBasso. My DHL shipment status is still showing 'Shipment Information Received'. Its been two days so most likely DHL has yet to pickup the DX90 from iBasso. 
 So moral of the story, don't order from iBasso.
Yup. I used to have the silver dragon for my ES5 and I find the cable to be poor - dynamic range collapsed and I lose the top end air and lower end extension.I have a silver cable on my UM Pro 50 and the bass is tight and overall definition is very good. I find that I need to listen to the W4/40 quite loudly to enjoy its sound which is bad for my ears. Not the case for the UM series. I like the understated industrial looks of the UM plastic housing also.
The on1 is still on its way to me so I can't say anything yet.
The mids on the xs is very good. You may be referring to the lack of mid bass hump on the xs.
Agree. But don't be surprise or taken aback that something that seems so basic is actually lacking in many companies.
Looks like a case of unlucky bad unit. Yes Westone has an excellent customer service to support their post sale activity.
Did you run around in circles at extremely high speed?
 No update from mine. The last status was 'Other Reason' and I can't make any sense out of it. Maybe their mafia caught hold of a batch of DX90 and confiscated them.
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