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 You've missed out the addition of a sub as discussed above.
 I think that is the problem with the T90 itself. Needs an amp that will tone down (color) its harshness.
Selling this mint Toxic Cable Black Widow Cable.   It's terminated with Fitear pin and comes without any memory wire (OM type).   Ships worldwide. Add 3.4% for PayPal fees.   Thanks for viewing!
Selling this minty RE600S.   It is the single-ended version that does not require the use of any balanced-to-unbalanced adapter to connect to your non-Hifiman DAP, unlike the original RE600.   Purchased directly from on 17 Nov 14.   SOLD.
The price has to double. It is their tradition. So it will be USD4,999.
Wrong. You will become the last person in Singapore to place the order for the 435 - the rest of us are still owning it
You can set volume limit on the iPhone to both limit the max output level and to lower the jump in each volume steps.
 That is if having such a huge capacity and having a balanced out is important.
 I hope that I can receive my Centrance Mini M8 by Christmas. Will see if there's any hiss on my C435.
 jamato8 ignored my previous post that one can update the firmwire via Wifi. My guess is that he doesn't have Wifi around him.
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