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What model is this?
I share your sentiment.Other than the occasional useful and informative posts by Dr John and Brannan I have to really scroll through many irrelevant content. There are many head fi threads with meaningful participation by many different members but sad to say the Noble thread isn't one of them.
Do swap the cable around (i.e. If the single dot is currently connected to the left side, swap it to the right. If the single dot is currently connected to the right side, swap it to the left).
 The UERM was designed for pro audio use but was abused by us audiophile for audio listening :)
 So far, fit/comfort is the reason why the FSP is a hit/miss product. Fortunately for me, a headband cushion works. For some, the earcups are too small and that is more difficult to resolve.
 To my ears, yes. Am driving the CMS40 with my Benchmark XLR output and the FSP using the Benchmark headphone out.
Very different things to compare. All I can say is that their sound signature is similar. If you like one you will like the other. The CMS40 is better in every aspect except bass quantity (due to physical limitation).
For those who are like me and find the FSP headband to be uncomfortable, here's the headband cushion that I used with it:
The T51P is at best a $300 portable on ear headphone. The FSP is a serious challenger to a $1k desktop setup. I had previously returned my T51P. No fight at all.
 Mine is still stuck at 'Shipment Information Received'!
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