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 Once your mind are blown by the balanced W60, no amount of medical fees can save you. Simply not worth it.
Was hoping to see some pre-order special but it seems that there is only pre-order without special 
 Glad that you are loving it :) The W50 has a similar sound signature to the W30 so I will be interested to read about any user's impression on it.
Hearing aids will greatly improve your listening experience and bring greater improvement than cable/amp/dac upgrades.
 That was a poor sweeping statement IMO. Something that has the correct spec will work fine with the SE846. No need for the so call 'high end' products. SE846 has a very low impedance so device matching has to be careful. If the output impedance of the device is high, the bass on the SE846 will sound weak while the treble will be more fatiguing than what was originally intended.
They are two very different sounding iem and personal preference will determine which is 'better'. The se846 could be fatiguing after a while (in terms of its sound and physical comfort).I find the 846 to be quite aggressive while the w60 is mellow.
Tried the W60, and I must say that I am impressed by it.    Takes a while to get accustomed to the sound but once you're in there you don't wish to take it off your ears.
CK100Pro is more revealing of the two to my ears.
Jaben informed me to be prepared to wait for another 1-2 months. I have already been waiting over 2 months.
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