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My G109P is totally quiet even when adjusting the volume. I think yours is not normal. Most likely a grounding issue?
 I just tried the W60 with the Klipsch tips (oval and double flanges). Turned out that they were too small for my ears. Didn't manage to get a good seal. Out of curiosity, I put on a pair of comply and I thought that it sounded pretty good on the W60. I have never liked comply, even on UM 30/50/SE846.
 I wouldn't dare to snip the stock 004 cable  That much said, I am just trying to busy myself with other things since my Fitear has yet to arrive.
 Do Jaben carry Fitear balanced cables for the AK? I am also thinking of getting a balanced cable for my other IEMs but I am wary to buying it blind.  Hahah! I was hoping that what you have said is true. That will save me some bucks :) 
 Hi Kiats, how much of an improvement do you find in using the Fitears on the balanced out on your AK240 as compared to SE?
 I did not get the chance to try the HPL silver litz with the W60 before. My previous experience of ES5 with silver cable is that silver cable tends to make the upper mid stick out a little too much. Compared to the stock cable, the copper litz made the W60 more holographic. Separation is better as well. The overall sound signature that I like about the W60 is still kept intact.
 I agree. I have the HPL Copper Litz cable which is very good with the W60. However, I am back to using the stock mic cable as it is really convenient with my iPhone. In case anyone is interested to pick up the Copper Litz cable from me, do drop me a PM.
I ordered mine in the first week of May and there is still no news of my order as well. I certainly hope that I will not need to send it back for any refit. *fingers crossed*
The vocals on the 846 is very forward. The quality of the vocal reproduction is excellent. However, it is this significant vocal forwardness, despite being impressive, that fatigues me after a longer listening session.The w60 doesn't suffer from this problem as it's vocals is more in line with the other spectrum. Nothing particularly sticks out which made it seems like nothing particularly impresses.It is not that one is better than the other. There is no perfect iem. Some...
 My 2014 Macbook Pro Retina (13inch) is silent with the W60. I have not heard the 2012 MBP to make any comment. My previous 2010 Macbook Pro was noisy. Bummer to the loose connection. How did you diagnosed that it was the socket rather than the cable?
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