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As described in the title. Sold to a nice gentleman.
 They're on his signature: Ostry KC06 / Monoprice 9927 / NVX EX10S / Zero Audio TenoreSource: iPhone 5S/Fiio E17
You have to respect those whose enjoyment factor is a function of the graph.I know I am not at that level yet.
No interference when the ak100ii is placed together with my iPhone 5s. I hold them together in one hand normally when I'm taking train.
I really love this AK100II, more so than the likes of DX90, ZX1 and AK120.    After trying this AK100II for about two weeks, I am convinced that I really like the UI, the SQ and the overall feel of the new AK players and am ready to move up the AK lineup.    Comes with everything. Item is in mint condition.   Price includes worldwide shipment and PayPal fees.   Thanks for viewing!   SOLD!!
 Thanks Jude for the clarification on the mysterious UE900 variants.
Thank you CHG for the encouraging words!
 With AnakChan's 335DW re-tuning aside, the two recent cases coincide with the sudden spike in Fitear's turnaround time (mine is currently 4.5 months and waiting). Notwithstanding the possibility of other customers who don't post on head-fi, this is a potentially worrying trend. I can sense the urge, politely or impolitely, by a few of you to come out and defend Fitear's craftsmanship. It is this very reputation of theirs that led me to order from them (it is certainly not...
 You can do a simple search on this thread. I am not going to do that for you :)
I will say that when things get busy, things start to go wrong more often. Recently we get to see more mention of Fitear ciem requiring refit. Previously it was kinda unheard of.UE still seems to be the benchmark for turnaround time and quality service when it comes to CIEM.
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