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This will be true after these headphones are widely available. Until then, they remain accessible to an exclusive few.I love focal and naim products and I do hope that these two headphones will be a success.
 What we need is a diversity of impressions, not the aggressive reiteration and reinforcement of impressions by a select few.
That is the USB32 module which most likely means that the DAC is not the latest NOS19 but the older DAC19 produced before the end of 2015.
It is a tubeedoo amp.
It uses some tiny hexagonal screw which I have no idea how to open it and I don't think I dare to try 
I thought I saw 7 screws at the side. The warranty sticker on my unit isn't pasted over any of the screw.
I think what he wanted is an honest opinion from a typical user, not those who tends to write for their own personal interests that may undermine the credibility of whatever they say.
I don't quite get the joke or pun or whatever that is intended. Haha.
 There is one, albeit rather old: http://www.head-fi.org/t/572849/ultimate-ears-in-ear-reference-monitors-review
It seems to me that for headphones/earphones that are really good, people spend most of their time enjoying it rather than talking about it.The UERR is a no nonsense IEM that is built right, sounded right, and priced right. If one is looking for an IEM that would just work, this is it.It doesn't include any fancy technology, a large number of drivers, or eye-popping design that will attract people's attentions who tend to contribute the most to the number of posts. You...
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