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 You may want to follow-up your impression on the Harmony in its own thread rather than here.
Oh dear. The thought of that frightens me. I have placed my order one 1st Nov so it's more than a three week wait for me. Not shipped yet.On the other hand. I am still waiting for my balanced cable to arrive as well.
The W60 is a very good IEM which I have high regard for. I'm not sure why there can be such negative remarks on such a wonderful product.
 I find that the mids becomes more balanced out against the lows and highs.
 You have gotten it before me! I am still waiting for mine to be shipped. Must be the customized DAC configuration.
 No gain setting is available. For those who have the AK100II, please try it with EQ turned on and set as 'Flat'. You will be surprised at what you hear :)
 Don't doubt the rich :)
I see. Specification can be misleading!
 The Pro-ject CD Players are quite small and support SACD.   I can't get past the design of the Cyrus at this moment. Maybe I should go visit the audio shops to get some idea.
 javahut I agree with you. I have heard many high end IEMs and so far, nothing has come close to 'obliterating' the W60.
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