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 Hahah I just love this reply :)
 This is the first time they were discontinued.
Would like to urge everyone here to be kind and sensitive in your words to other members. If there's anything that you feel inappropriate, you may want to PM the member rather than to degenerate this thread into a tripartite argument.
 Maybe he modded the IEM himself?
The ASG1Plus sounds nothing like SD2 to my ears. SD2 is quite dark, lacks air and treble extension, closed in and dull I find.
I did cancelled mine previously due to concern over the hiss. The Oppo HA2 is good and serve the same function (except that it doesn't work with iPod classic). You may want to check that out once it's launched.
My impression on the t51p is the same as yours. Have tried a few different pairs all with the same results.Now I take the remarks made by those who had praised the t51p with a pinch of salt since I know that we share a very different opinion on sound.
 Is that a metaphor or literally?
What do you think would make me post something that is unreal (at least to my experience)?
For some reason I prefer the single ended input of the v281 to the balanced input. Am using benchmark dac1 and Sennheiser hd800. On the balanced input the kids seems to take a step back while further widening the soundstage (perhaps too wide) and the vocals just got lost.
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