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 I don't think the lead time is order specific. I have ordered the C435. Suyama seems to be travelling quite often recently and that, together with an increase in demand, should be the reason for the longer production time.
 Yeah its very long! I was initially thinking of picking up a MH334 but I think that given the wait, I better wait and see how my first order fare before plunging in again!
 I am glad that you like it! Hoping to hear from your impression soon. Based on my audition, the W10 is more mid centric (without extensions at both ends), the W20 is more balanced (the bass is crazily good though) and the W30 is more V-shape.
I have been waiting for my Fitear CIEM for 3 months already. Was informed by Jaben that I have to expect to wait for another 2 months.   So that makes the current lead time to about 5 months (or more).   I almost forgot that I have ordered the CIEM until this thread was bumped up once more. 
Since when can you find an 'analytical Westone'? The bass on the w20 is very good. Great impact yet tight.
 Driver numbers aside, the W20 is my second favorite W-series after the W60. It has a more balanced overall sound with nice mids. 
I have yet to find an iem that I can push above 70% without going deaf on the m8.With USB Audio player the output level is somewhat lower and I can push the amp up to 100% without clipping
 I am on 4.4.2 With USB Audio Player Pro (without USB DAC attached, aka internal DAC) I am close to max volume. With USB Audio Player Pro (with USB DAC attached) I bypass the internal volume control. With HTC Stock Player I am on variable depending on the track and headphone I am using.
 My M8 does not cause the music to clip at all. Period.
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