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Interesting. Are there any other leather pads alternative to this one?Understand that brainwavz pads are also velor memory foam pads
I am looking for a balanced 4-pin cable to use with my amp as well.Im very tempted to order the Dana cable but I'm afraid that it would take away the bite from the music (e.g. in electric guitar, snare, hi hats).Extract from"In the end, you’re trading a bit of soundstage air and resolution for warmth and a more accurate tonality."
I can confirm the same. It's fatiguing to listen to the utopia out of the box but after approx 50 hours this has been resolved.
MYou may just want to try going back to the stock cable to see if that reintroduces the joy that you once had.
I suspect that it is due to the matching between the headphone and the amp.I love the r70x when driven directly from my MacBook Pro and iPhone 6 Plus. They make the r70x sound very dynamic, punchy, lots of air and an overall very nicely balanced sound.I dislike it when driven from Chord Mojo, iFi iDSD Micro, Asgard 2 and etc. which tends to kill off the dynamic, the punch and the extension at the top and bottom. Sounded overly smooth, dull and restrained is what I would...
Which balanced cable are you looking to get for the utopia? I cannot decide which cable is better, partly due to the lack of much review/impression now and that most cables cost a bomb.
I have written to them in Chinese before but they replied to me in English. Their English is of acceptable standard and I think the reason for them missing your request is more of an admin oversight rather than a language barrier.
Ufospls2 is the first to raise the issue of distortion on his WA8 I think. I have not heard any distortion on LCD4 myself (connected to a MacBook) nor any other headphones. In general, I find the WA8 to be perfect with any dynamic headphone or iem but falls a little short when driving planar. The pairing with focal utopia is one that I'm waiting to hear.
Yup it's stated in the manual as a caution that you must turn off the amp before changing the gain (i.e. between two and three tubes). Failure to do so may not only result in distortion but may also damaged the amp.I understand however that many people don't tend to read the manual because it seems like a straightforward amp to use.
What is the USB module on your DAC19? If it is the Amanero then you might be better off connecting the usb input directly. I find the Uptone Regen to be detrimental to the sound on my DAC19.Then, you can connect both amps directly to the DAC19.I am using the NFB1-AMP as a preamp to my Focal speakers and they sounded brilliant though I'm connecting the NFB1-AMP to my DAC19 via ACSS. I do rate the preamp function of AudioGD AMP quite highly.
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