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He will tell you that he's more qualified to spell it than you. Hahah.
Looks purple to me.
For me I dislike the HD800 on the Hugo and V281.The caveat is that the WA8 only sounds nice when driven using their USB input.
Listed for sale is a mint condition WA8 DAC/Amp.   Item is approx. a month old and is bought from a local distributor (AV One).   The pelican case that came with it is unused and I have with me the original box and accessories.   Among all low-profile desktop size DAC/Amp I have tried, this one comes the closest to the performance of a full-size desktop rig.   To get the most of my HE1000, I have decided to sacrifice my desktop space for Yggdrasil + GS-X...
No need to think so much. Just think of your wallet.
You are in for a time bomb.
I have been wanting to try the utopia with wa8 but I could not find anywhere selling the utopia yet.
This will be true after these headphones are widely available. Until then, they remain accessible to an exclusive few.I love focal and naim products and I do hope that these two headphones will be a success.
 What we need is a diversity of impressions, not the aggressive reiteration and reinforcement of impressions by a select few.
That is the USB32 module which most likely means that the DAC is not the latest NOS19 but the older DAC19 produced before the end of 2015.
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