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The vocals on the 846 is very forward. The quality of the vocal reproduction is excellent. However, it is this significant vocal forwardness, despite being impressive, that fatigues me after a longer listening session.The w60 doesn't suffer from this problem as it's vocals is more in line with the other spectrum. Nothing particularly sticks out which made it seems like nothing particularly impresses.It is not that one is better than the other. There is no perfect iem. Some...
 My 2014 Macbook Pro Retina (13inch) is silent with the W60. I have not heard the 2012 MBP to make any comment. My previous 2010 Macbook Pro was noisy. Bummer to the loose connection. How did you diagnosed that it was the socket rather than the cable?
 How do you find the pairing of the AK240 with the W60?
 You should qualify that if you are using either the Ibasso T3 or Topping NX1 with an iPod Classic. The W60 sounds insane from my Benchmark DAC1. Even directly out from my Macbook Pro Retina headphone jack, it is nothing short of superb. There is simply no need to add an amp if the source is good. When used with my iPod Classic 7th Gen, the W60 sounded terrible, or, to put it bluntly, unlistenable. When paired with an iTouch 5th Gen, the sound is much better. Synergy and...
 The W60 is not V-shape sounding and neither is its mids recessed. My impression is with my Benchmark DAC1. 
 Both W60 and W30 are fantastic IEMs. The W30 has a more V-shape fun sound which I enjoyed but can get a little bit of listening fatigue due to the sparkling treble which is rare in the entire Westone range. The W60 is the regular player while the W30 is a super sub to spice up your life once in a while.
 I don't think the lead time is order specific. I have ordered the C435. Suyama seems to be travelling quite often recently and that, together with an increase in demand, should be the reason for the longer production time.
 Yeah its very long! I was initially thinking of picking up a MH334 but I think that given the wait, I better wait and see how my first order fare before plunging in again!
 I am glad that you like it! Hoping to hear from your impression soon. Based on my audition, the W10 is more mid centric (without extensions at both ends), the W20 is more balanced (the bass is crazily good though) and the W30 is more V-shape.
I have been waiting for my Fitear CIEM for 3 months already. Was informed by Jaben that I have to expect to wait for another 2 months.   So that makes the current lead time to about 5 months (or more).   I almost forgot that I have ordered the CIEM until this thread was bumped up once more. 
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