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 The fact that one side is louder than the other is definitely abnormal. You should highlight this to the seller or to Westone directly.
I concur with Trance's impression.
 There isn't. I am surprised to see the error being carried forward for so many times.
Less than one month old.   Comes with full box and all accessories. Mint condition.   I will bear the PayPal fees.   Thanks for viewing!
 UERM over Noble 6 any day :) The OP has to think about us folks who communicated with UE across the pacific via e-mail. A few unattended phone calls and he was panicking.
 I have nothing but fantastic things to say about UE when it comes to their customer service. Communication and service turnaround time is top notch. Absolutely smooth ordering process. We who live outside of the U.S. have to make our own ear impression (at our own cost and risk) and get it shipped over to the UE CIEM lab. The ordering online form are to be filled by ourselves.  Those who live in the U.S. are the blessed folks.
As described in the title. Sold to a nice gentleman.
 They're on his signature: Ostry KC06 / Monoprice 9927 / NVX EX10S / Zero Audio TenoreSource: iPhone 5S/Fiio E17
You have to respect those whose enjoyment factor is a function of the graph.I know I am not at that level yet.
No interference when the ak100ii is placed together with my iPhone 5s. I hold them together in one hand normally when I'm taking train.
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