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Wrong. You will become the last person in Singapore to place the order for the 435 - the rest of us are still owning it
You can set volume limit on the iPhone to both limit the max output level and to lower the jump in each volume steps.
 That is if having such a huge capacity and having a balanced out is important.
 I hope that I can receive my Centrance Mini M8 by Christmas. Will see if there's any hiss on my C435.
 jamato8 ignored my previous post that one can update the firmwire via Wifi. My guess is that he doesn't have Wifi around him.
 iPhone 5S has an impedance of 2.3 which is lower than iPhone 5 and 6.
 Then that is good for you. The iPhone 6 makes the UERM very colored sounding. More bass with uneven mids. Someone made an analogy to it sounding like an iPhone 5S with beats audio processor turned on and I agree with that to a certain extent. The iPhone 5S is a reference pairing for the UERM and the iPhone 6 doesn't come close.
 Have you heard the UERM with iPhone 5S or other DAP like AK240?
UERM + iPhone 6 is very very bad. I sold the iPhone 6 a week after having it.    It sounds so much better out of the iPhone 5S.
 Still open.
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