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These are 2 very different headphones. If you are looking for something very fun and plan to listen to quite a bit of rock I would recommend the Grado's. If you plan to listen to everything else I would take the SRH-840's. But you should probably be looking at the sr-225 instead of the sr-80.
Do we know if the ps500's will be a permanent headphone or are they another limited edition? 
Looks really good. Is it a gloss? Or is it the same matte texture that the stock cans have?
I've not heard the Zune HD but the one thing I know is that finding a LOD is almost impossible to find. So if you ever decide to amp your headphones or use an external dac you will be extremely limited with the Zune HD.
It looks like Sennheiser HD-280 Pro on the top and I can't tell on the bottom. http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=90051723&sellerid=29460652 They are going for $80 on Buy.com.
Check to see if any hair is stuck to the driver. That can definitely cause it to start buzzing.
So you're using the Rock EQ? There is no doubt in my mind you are causing your headphones to distort at the bass and treble frequencies. EQ'ing when done properly can yield some great results but will not make $50 dollar headphones sound like $500 headphones.
Your right but like I said its very possible that these could be better. Also I'm still a little scared to buy anything used after getting screwed last time.  
Why don't we sip on some haterade?  Even if it sounds like a HF-2 whats the problem with that? For all of us who weren't around or couldn't afford the HF-2 when it was released may now be getting a chance to own some of the greatness or possibly something greater.    
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