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The amp does not have the teflon sockets. I am not selling the amp with the original tubes. They just are not that good. The tubes that are in the Audiogon auction are better. I have MANY tubes for this amp. If you want other tubes, I would subtract the price of the current tubes and let you know how much premium tubes would be. Thanks!
I could do that. The lowest price would be $2400 + shipping. If you are interested and would like different tubes we should talk, Thanks for your interest!
WA5 Lite Edition ((WA5-LE) 300B Single-ended Triode Class-A Headphone Amplifier Output Transformer Coupled with Premimum parts upgrade package. Please check out my auction page on Audiogon. AudiogoN ForSale: Woo audio WA5-LE. Thanks for looking!
Both the Sophia and Valve Art are good tubes. I have the rigid plate princess. There are different values between the rigid and mesh. They have a very different presentation then the other rectifiers I've used. You can hear front to back very well and you seem to be able to hear more into the harmony of cords, not just the highest and lowest sounds. On the down side the bass is not as good as a 5AR4. The high end is very clean but can be bright. If I had to go with one I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lee Brindley Hi These upgrades - did Jack offer these to you by as in this is the max he could do - or was it part of a bigger menu? On the Woo web site there are no upgrades listed for the WA5 - so you dont know how big a list of potentials there is ! Regards Lee The upgrades were the max he could do. If you have questions about them email Jack. I love my WA5 LE!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by takezo very nice acquisition...i'm thinking of selling my wa-6maxed and mpx3 slam se and getting the wa-5le maxed...just not sure if my wife may blow a fuse...LOL if you don't mind, how much did the upgrades cost you? please post your impressions when you feel the amp has stabilized in sound signature. you may want to try a pair of mullard gz30 for provides the most neutral and transparent SQ of all the gz...
Quote: Originally Posted by jamato8 That is the only way to really do it right with output transformers. That is a nice line up of tubes. The WE's should be a very good addition. Are they NOS or new WE's? The WE's will be new.
I ordered the 300B's from Galen Carol Audio, Galen Carol Audio Homepage. WE closed down for maintenance and will close down from Xmas to new years.
I've had the WA5-LE for about 6 weeks. First the difference between the LE and the WA5. This amp is only for headphones, no speakers and no AKG 1000! The money I saved by doing this I put into upgraded parts. These are the parts upgrade: V-cap 0.15/600V Jensen 220u/450V BG vk 150u/350V BG std 220u/16V BG std 470u/160V Mills-mrc50 750ohms/50W Mills-mra12 22k/12W Mills-mra5 7.5k/5W Mills-mra5 15k/5W Mills-mra12 62k/12W Audio Note tantalum 330/1W Audio...
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