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I tried the complys today but they muffle up the sound, I would prefer not to use them. Are there any other recommendations?
Hi Guys, Despite the millions of tips that come with these IEM's none of them seem to be doing the job well. The best ones for me seem to be the small foam tips but they come off way too easily, every time I shake my head or move around (I wear these over the ear). Do you guys have any other recommendations? I know that the Sony hybrid's were a popular choice for the IE8's, is the general consensus still the same?   Thanks
The receiver I am planning to get is the Yamaha RX-V373. I have decided that it makes more sense to connect everything to the receiver and then connect the receiver to the TV. So I will be connecting the IEM's to the receiver, will I get decent surround sound?    
Ok at the risk of sounding really stupid here goes: I am setting up a home theater in my living room and here is my probable setup: Roku player ->( HDMI )-> HDTV -> (digital audio out) -> 5.1 stereo receiver -> IEM ( Senn IE80) So my question is will I get surround sound on my ie80's?
Looking for an amp that will increase the soundstage and bass response.
Now that most of you guys have had the ie80's for a while how is the sibilance after burn in? My ears are very sensitive to it and could not stand the ie8 for that reason.
I was just about to buy them for $450 on Amazon but read that people were getting them for a paltry $330. Where did you buy your pair?
Hi fellow head-fi'ers it's that time of the year where I spoil myself, my ears actually. I am writing this after finally settling my divorce with the senn ie8's (boy, she really fought for custody of our comply foam tips). Ok, on a more serious note I really wanted to love them, they were my first experience with high end iem's but one thing really bothered me, whenever I listened to a song where the singer placed emphasis on the 's' letter in any word (almost like a...
Hi Guys,  I am looking for more oomph from my ie8's and decided that buying an amp would be the best way to go. I was reading threads about this and the "good" amps cost over $300!!!! (Almost as much as I paid for these earphones). Does anyone have any recommendations for a good amp in the $50-$150 price range?    Much appreciated!
Believe me, i don't usually make (actually never) threads talking about customer service but I just felt like I had to make one. I am also not the person to usually mail in broken products still covered under warranty to companies because I am very skeptical, having read a lot of horror stories. However, the day came when I had a nagging problem with my Sennheiser IE8's (exposed wire) and really wanted them repaired because, yes, I loved them too much. I read a few...
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