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Pm replied. Thanks
Bump with revised price, now going for $500/£320 including all fee shipped anywhere in the world ! Remember that this one come with a mic adapter and an extra cable, with you don't get with the Euro or US or Asian version  not to mention that it is the Japanese version, which might get better manufacturing from Sony 
I'm probably gonna regret this, but still, I'm putting my EX1000 up for sale    I'm the original owner, bought it 2 months ago from japan, so these still have 10 month warranty left. I will provide receipt to buyer for warranty purpose    Only the iem and the short cable is used, the carrying case, long cable and all the tips have not even been taken out of the box    I'm also giving the AT335i mic adapter along with the EX1000, which is perfect for use with...
MD sent, please check your PM for the tracking number 
just want to confirm that I'm trading my MDs for these Beats :) 
Actually I'm interested if you can ship to uk Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk
Still available :)
Long story short, I lost my wallet, along with quite a bit of cash, so I need to sell these to recover the loss :)   I got those Miles Davis from candc07 :   I received my Sony EX1000 before these come, so I never used it.   candc07 put 10 minutes on them, and I put another 10, and that's it. I could easily just say that these are brand new, but I don't want to lie, so these are almost...
you thought wrong, my friend. pk2 retail for $79 from head-direct
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