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Thanks. This is very helpful. Now I can't wait for my 3.5 mm jacks arrive.  
How did the cable look like inside? was it pure copper strains or steel mixed with cotton? I ask because I were to repair a PC 360 cable once and that was a no go since the cable was such a mess inside. Also which was right, left and ground?    
Hej   ... oh btw just got my M2 and loving them already
That is really generously done. Count me in, thanks.
At first i hated my Grado SR80i with comfies, my ears got soar after an hour of listening and I had to take brakes from wearing them. After about 2 moths or so were I had worn them for a few hours a day, they started to feel like a pair of pillows pressing lightly on my head and they really are comfortable. I can wear them for hours without getting soar ears. I don't know if it's the pads or my ears that have changed, I guess it's a bit of both.
I don't own any $150+ headphones, but I have owned a lot of cheaper headphones. In my opinion sound quality depends on how much you listen to your music. My earbuds that came with my MP3 player is perfectly fine on the run (biking, running etc.) but I would never for the love of God listen to them at home. what I'm saying is, if you "listen" to your music, instead of just having it as background noise, you know what the difference is. That said, more expensive...
Having seen none of these HPs IRL, I'd have to vote for the RS1, although I don't like their plastic hinge. The only other HPs I like of them is the HP-1000 and the K-702. The RS1 wins my vote because it's woody, yet it doesn't has that large area of wood like the W5000 or the GS-1000 for that matter.
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