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Done deal. Thanks for the interest.
Back on the market with new pictures!
Deal Pending..
/\ +1 actually having something tangable.    CD's are perfect for when you crash your computer too. Once, I lost all of my music to one clumsy guest. No more! (I also backup my computer now.) 
Hey Everyone,   I've got a pair of Grado 325i Goldies (with the case and  detachable cable mod) and would like to trade for a HIFIMAN player or iPod of similar value. PM for pics or offers please. Thanks!
gorgeous amp!
How do I find out more about this? I'd love to check out some gear and talk with folks who understand the headphone impulse.
    Sorry about the quality, it's a phone pic. 
Wondering if anyone would be interested in my UE TF10 stock cable (black). I'd like to trade for a nicer LOD. I can send you pics if you'd like, just PM me. Everything is in perfect working condition, I just think my new cable (from fisher) fits nicer in my reshells. 
New Posts  All Forums: