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I concur. Radio is something that will make this a MUST have!
Thanks. I assumed as much and did not remember that it did that before. I think one of the caps might be bad. It is silent when you switch it on after a while, but when you switch it off and on again it makes the 3x thump, which seem to indicated that there is some DC voltage at the amp. Probably better to have it checked under warranty.
Hello! My Essence One puts  out 3 quite loud thump through the headphones when I switch it one and it cycles through the inputs. Anyone else experiencing this? Is this normal`?
I had the O2+ODAC. Prefer the E1. This  depends on your headphones. Both are fine DAC/AMPS. The E1 can do lot more than the ODAC/O2. (inputs and outputs).
 It has been rather peculiar yes. Here in Finland its available to order rather freely, although no one seems to have any in stock or even a shipping date. The average I could find it for here is about 300 € while the average for the E1 is 400€. They have had them for review here in local magazines as well (E1), but availability is very scarce. Indeed very strange considering that the E1 has been on the market for quite a while and there has been 2 never launches after...
Thank you for your suggestions. I started looking around for STU her and seems rather hard to find and the price is not that far from the original Essence One, so I took the Essence One. Lets see if there is need to upgrade or roll opamps.
These are still being manufactured right? No replacement rumours yet?   I just order one so I am hoping that the replacement will is not just around the corner. Bought this to replace an ODAC/O2 stack....
Which one: the STU or Essence One is the better value for money? How does there sound signature differ from each other?  I am looking for a neat all -in- one unity for my trusty HD650 and Philips Fidelio X1.
Audio-gd Reference 5 DAC  in excellent condition. The Dac sounds slightly dark,smooth organic sound while still digging deep into the recording. Its character is neutral with just a hint of warmth.      Features are as follows: •Uses 4x Burr Brown PCM1704-UK chips - this is likely the cheapest PCM1704 R2R DAC on the market! •3 digital inputs (coax, 2x Toslink,) There is no USB input. •Fully balanced and single-ended outputs (XLR, RCA ja ACCS) •Choice of oversampling modes...
I really enjoy the O2+ODAC+X1.
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