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How long do the Crystal tips last compared to Comply?
Indeed! I just noticed the dates...
I was late to the party!
Would Shure olives fit these?
Thanks. Not sure if needed, but I usually end up putting on the Shures as they stay in my ears..How sensitive are these for general usage? I have noticed that it has quite low sensitivity and I plan to use it with my Sony A15/A17 which is not know to be any monster DAP with the poweroutputAny one experience problems with it?I have also read somewhere that there might be hiss with some sources. What has been T20 users experience with this?I am looking to replace/upgrade...
Do Shure Olives fit the T20?
Where can these be bought in Europe? Any need on some upgrade plan from the M100 to the wireless version?
Its not...:) I was thinking to use these while shoveling snow, but heard from V-Moda support that they are good till 0 degrees. Probably better to use IEM in that case.
Val, how will this unit hold up in extreme temperatures, say -20degrees Celsius? I assume battery will take a hit, but there should be no permanent damage right? I assume the normal M100 has no problems at that tempratures?
When will these be available in Europe? The import prices are WAY too steep to get it from the States.
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