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Did anyone else keep an eye on the memory usage for Audirvana Plus? It creeps up to 4GB while upsampling to DSD, which is just horrible. 
I kinda like the DSD upsampling introduced in the last version of Audirvana. A few crashes here and there, but otherwise quite stable for a experimental feature. 
So I got the HD-DAC1 in a few days ago and my god, what a beauty it is. Matches up really well with my ATH-W1000x!
Selling my M-Stage HPA-1 in excellent condition. Originally bought from Rozenberg here, includes the class A biasing mod and changeable gain. I will ship the HPA-1 safe and secure within the EU.
I've been thinking about buying a HA-1, but did anyone else try it with a ATH-W1000x?
Looking for a used HA-1 in good condition, preferably you're located in Europe. Shoot me your offers via PM.
Selling my NA6005 in absolutely perfect condition as I barely used it. Comes with everything that the previous owner included (power cable, Wifi-Antennas and so on).    Asking 450€ shipping within Europe.
Selling my W1000x as I'm leaving this hobby behind me. It's in excellent condition and has been rarely used. Still has roughly one year of warranty left and comes with the original box and purchase receipt. Pictures on request. 
Almost pulled the trigger on this one, but considering all the hype about these - there has to be a catch. Will await more reviews.
Yeah, I guessed so. Seems like they're more focused on the appearance than sound.
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