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The noise went away after changing the tube, the smell's still in my nose though. I'm not leaving this unit alone for a while, don't want my house under fire.
So all of a sudden my Aune has distorted noises and smells like a cap blew up, what gives? The QC on these things are ******* horrible.
Had the exact same problem.
Sad to hear that the QC on the T1s have dropped. Thank god my second unit is working fine (besides the supplied usb cable being broken as well).
Got the refund, yeah.
They said that I'll be getting a full refund. That was on Wednesday though, nothing on my PayPal yet.
Currently at my gf's place.  
I'm directly trying it from my main usb ports. Edit: It was the usb cable, tried another one and it works fine now.
So my Mac won't see my MK II T1, what do?
Just got word from Audiophonics that I'll be getting a full refund. I already ordered a new T1 from the UK, should be here tomorrow and hopefully not DOA.
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