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Would be interesting if anyone tried to pair the Element with the ATH-W1000x. Any thoughts on this particular combo?
Excuse me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't you be able to fix this with disabling the "rootless" mode? (Whoever thought that was a good idea to introduce.)
It will always have the clicking relays. 
No problems here. Running GM.
Selling my Brainwavz HM5 in excellent condition. I've been using them for a year and they roughly have around 200 hours on them. They come with everything they shipped with, including a set of angled pleather memory foam pads.   Looking at 80€ + shipping.  
HDVD800 / Balanced
Just came back from CanJam Europe where I gave the HD700 with the HDVD 800 a listen. I didn't notice the so called "treble spike" at all? Sounded quite wide and warm to me.
  Sounds promising! Hopefully I'll have the chance to try one at CanJam Europe tomorrow!
Would love to hear more impressions, as I still can't decide between the HD-DAC1 and U-05.
Glad to hear it arrived safely. 
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