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Just got word from Audiophonics that I'll be getting a full refund. I already ordered a new T1 from the UK, should be here tomorrow and hopefully not DOA.
My T1 was just delivered back to Audiophonics in France, so it's time to cross fingers.   Also bought a nice set of tubes from stjj89. Looking forward to finally testing the T1.
DOA, but probably just a dead power brick though. Anyone else using the MKII here or will I be the first one?
So my T1 MKII is on it's way to France. Hopefully I'll have a working unit by the end of next week.
Did they ever fix the horrible power button? I remember mine breaking down after only two months and getting stuck.
You know, there's always this one guy who claims that he can't hear any difference. I wouldn't trust such biased posts. 
I highly advise to not buy from They might ship fast, but when it comes down to RMA they simply won't answer. Handing the case over to PayPal.
I just got these in. How can $100 cans sound so good? I'm driving them directly from my Macbook as my Aune T1 is dead and I literally didn't expect this.
No reply from yet in regards to my dead T1, will hand over the case to PayPal soon.   Edit: Seems like there's a national holiday in France today.
Haven't heard back from Audiophonics yet regarding my dead T1 MKII (probably due to the weekend), but will keep you guys posted.
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