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Anyone tried it with a LCD-2 yet?
Wonder how the LCD-2 would go with the 600i. Kinda looking for a new combo that I can stack my monitor on. Sub'd.
Still available and ready to go! Free shipping within Europe.
Selling my Marantz HD-DAC1: Bought roughly three months ago, in excellent condition - used about 150 hours total. This particular unit has a slight hum when using really sensitive cans like the ATH-W1000x. I haven't noticed any with the MDR-Z7, LCD-2 and DT770 though.    PM if you're interested. I can ship this unit worldwide, but please be aware that due to the weight, it'll cost a bit.    Selling because I want to upgrade to the Questyle CMA600i.
So would I. Still going strong, a bit of humming with really sensitive cans like my W1000x, but I can live with that. I have a LCD-2 Rev2 on it's way, so I can't wait how they'll play together   Edit: The LCD-2s pair amazingly well with the DAC1, Mid-Gain is fairly enough to reach ear damaging levels.
I will not respond to lowballers. 
I've switched back to no DSD upsampling for now. Audirvana now sits at a good 300mb, not what I would call efficient, but way better. Well, it sure is a experimental feature. 
Did anyone else keep an eye on the memory usage for Audirvana Plus? It creeps up to 4GB while upsampling to DSD, which is just horrible. 
I kinda like the DSD upsampling introduced in the last version of Audirvana. A few crashes here and there, but otherwise quite stable for a experimental feature. 
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