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Having to pay for the power supply? I opened a PayPal case right away as I've bought from Audiophonics and not directly from Aune.
I bought my Aune from Audiophonics in France, time to see how they handle customer service.
Well, the problem is that the tube itself isn't even heating up, so I guess either broken unit or broken AC adapter (probably the later.) Edit: I'm pretty sure the unit that I received is a DOA one. No lights, no heater, nothing. Also, the ac cords are sticky as hell for some reason.
Just got my Aune T1 MKII in, looking nice so far. Any tubes in the the price range of 30-40 euros that are a definite "must have"?   Edit: Disregard that, doesn't turn on, there seems to be a loose screw in the AC adapter.
This SR-202 is now for sale again.
Now on eBay:
Selling my C5 amp, barely used and in good condition. You can see pictures and the original ad here: Nothing has changed and people that buy from me know that I handle my equipment like a baby.   Original description:   "This is a great portable headphone amplifier, and a great match in size and ability for the iBasso DX50. Due to upgrading to the DX90, I no longer have need for this amplifier or the...
The X3 is for sale again.
For sale is a mint condition SD-1 from InEar. I'm selling this pair as I'm just not giving them enough listen time as of lately. Comes with the soft pouch, Ortofon tips in S M L and one pair of double flanged tips. These are like new, only used for a few minutes a day on bus. I will add pictures tomorrow.   I will ship these internationally, however, you'll pay for the shipping. Shipping within the EU is free of charge.
The expectiations of some people on here are just ridiculous. 
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