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price reduced
For sale is a mint JH Audio Roxanne Universal.  Comes with the retail box and metal case.  I have the old style cable and the new one they just released.     Roxanne with old stock cable *Unused* - $725   Roxanne with new upgraded cable from JH *Used maybe 5 times*- $799   Paypal fees not included but USPS Priority shipping is. US only.     Not interested in any trades.
Only used once. Replacement cable purchased from JH.  It is the original style. Pictures to follow.
Totally understandable. My company's biggest supplier is from China so I get it. Had to scramble just to get a container shipped before their vacation. I waited 35 years for the k10, another 3 weeks won't kill me.
John, will current ciem orders be delayed 2-3 weeks due to the holiday?
Since @dergabe decided to scam me and a few others, I am still in need of a short mini coaxial cable. Pm me with questions Must be from the US and must have feedback.
sorry for being off topic, but has anyone received their cable from @derGabe from his batch shipment on January 4th?  I havent received anything and hes not responding.  Im thinking 3 week postage time is completely possible depending on what type of service he used but a simple response from him would help.
price reduced
Doesn't sound stupid at all. Haha it was the first thing I tried. Still no go.
Just got my Mojo in and was hoping to listen to some Spotify via my note 4 but my phone isn't recognizing the Mojo (using a moon audio otg cable). I wen to post 3 and clicked on almost every link and the only thing that I can find is that I would have to pay $8 for an app to enable usb audio? I know that I have used usb audio in the past with a cheap otg cable and it worked fine. Sorry I know this has come up but couldn't figure it out.
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