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 Grizz, would you happen to be able to point me to the Anax mod for the HD700? I saw it for the 800 but was wondering if its different for the 700. I am def. going to give this a try because if we can get that in there, I may keep the 700 over the 650.  Im just not feeling the same love for the 650 as I have had in the past.  Thank you. edit: Im kinda getting the feeling that its the same size but that seems odd to me since the cups on the 800 are so much bigger.
For sale is a tube I just picked up as a pair. Only need one for my Ember so I have one for sale.     12190/12120 with 12500 as new.     pm with questions. Thank you!
I have both the 700 and 650 and to me, I feel like the 700 is like a listening to a CD and the 650 is like going to a small jazz club type setting and listening in person. 
 Giving these a try. Purchased a pair but will probably sell one here as I only need the one.
Just got these in today from this sale thread   Comes with exactly everything shown.  I was just curious to what AT was doing with their sound these days.  I am still happy with my DITAs. Pm in interested.  Thanks.
 thanks Gilly, your post makes me happier about my pre-order on the EL8.
 we should start a pool. dollar per entry. jk mods... jk...
Surprising, the IGG page says those with dual dacs still pay $22.  Might be the first good news since I backed this.
 Id like some clarification here.  Dual DAC options are included but does that mean included in the $22? I dont think that makes any sense.  Why would someone without the dual dac pay $22 when someone who needs two chips is also paying $22? I have a feeling dual dac will be $44.
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