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Wondering if anyone is interested in swapping my mint K7xx for a Canon lens.  I gave my 24-105 to my parents. Looking for something simple like an 28-135mm or Tamrom 28-75.  Must be in excellent working and cosmetic condition with no fungus, scratches, and no to minimal dust, must have original receipt but its okay if its a white box.  Open to other lenses but those are my targets.  PM with any questions.  
 I have been an upgrade-o-holic since getting into this hobby maybe 7 years ago and this is the first time I have owned one IEM/headphone this long and now have zero urge to upgrade. Its sad that these dont get more attention.  
 sorry that you backed the CF perk.  I have a feeling it will be like those "hybrid" cell phone cases where the actual body will be 3D print plastic and have CF and or Titanium snap in cover layers. I hope I am wrong for all the backers sake because that is not what was promised.  
price reduced $10
Very happy with my Vanatoo T1.
All I can say is that you're in for a treat.. Enjoy.
2nd owner, color is green. Will come with stock extension cord, pouch, unit and paperwork.  Pictures to follow. I briefly put maybe 5-10 hours on it at work. iBasso finally fixed their DAC function so I no longer have a need for this at work.     Add $5 shipping in the USA.  pm any questions.  
@connieflyer I havent been following this thread much since I am happy with my 6SN7 but what do you have going on up top??  haha
 That should be a great comparison.  I wish you had access to a Project Ember with the 6SN7 adapter to compare to those.  I am completely satisfied with the Ember but having owned both the WA2 and the BHC w/ SB, it would be interest to see how the 3 fare against each other.  The WA2 is truly a piece of artwork both on the outside and inside with its point to point wiring but is also the most expensive out of the 3.  The BHC is cheaper and you can customize the look....
Just received my warranty replacement X5 today and since I originally sent it in, I changed my setup and will go amp/dac instead of DAP.  Will consider trades for amp/dacs (+ cash where needed) like the GO 450.  Single unit desktop amp/dacs also considered.   Comes with the silicon case, also mint condition.   Price includes shipping in the US but PayPal fees are not included.  International buyers inquire via pm.
New Posts  All Forums: