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 Linking full quote so that it isnt missed on the last page.  I have had all 3 amps (but the Lyr 1) and his thoughts sound about right for everyone that asked.  Thank you DavidA
I also thought the EL8 was better than the HD700.  I enjoyed the HD700 but in the end, I felt it did something to the music that it shouldnt.  I dont know what that thing is but it made using other headphones sound weird to me.  
still available.
Im really not in a good position to do so.  Its been a while since I had the crack.  I do know that when I had it, I though it was my end game but due to some financial reasons, I had to sell it last year... I think it was.  I now have the same feeling with the Ember.  I had thought of the Ember as a stepping stone to moving back up to the WA2 or WA7 or something in that ballpark but I no longer have any urge to upgrade (as of 5/14/15).  My desk space is very limited so...
I have owned the Crack and it is wonderful but I am thoroughly enjoying my Project Ember now.  Smaller size, one tube, plenty of power.     As for having tubes around kids, I have had tubes since before my first was born and almost always had some sort of tube amp since.  First, I tend to keep them away from my computer in general but two, right now I have my Ember and DAC under a monitor stand so its pretty difficult to get to for them.  I guess other kids might be...
 I had the LCD2 but none of the HiFiMan headphones. LCD2 sound was great, even better in some aspects than the HD650 but the comfort was not worth the slightly better sound, in my opinion. I have not tried the LCD3s as my wallet is no long as flexible as it used to be (3 kids).
 Exactly what I went through as well. I kept thinking, there has to be one of these more expensive headphones that I would like more so I kept buying more expensive ones.  They were nice at first... a nice change but in the end, I always came back to the HD650.  I literally think I have purchased the HD650 6 or 7 times.  I think this is the last time though.  Its here to stay.
price reduced.
perfect, thank you.   Awesome, thank you again for your time.  You have eased my mind!
Thank you!  That was perfect.  We shall see if I can get around that soundstage issue on the K7XX.  Ive felt the same about the AKG line but couldnt justify spending on the Anni.  Ive had the HD800 and thought they were an amazing headphone but I have become less interested in micro details and super huge soundstage and more focused on how it sounds as a whole, does it sound right (not accurate but natural right)... if that makes any sense.
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