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Not 100% sure I want to do this yet but just gauging interest, if any.  
 Theyre probably discussing my ban now.  
 haha, I would as I was always interested in them but my budget is less than half that.  :(  I usually do not limit myself so much but I need to live within my means.
 Thank you, I will look into them.  Anyone else have any experience with pairing the HD700 with anything Garage1217 makes?
 Great review.  Your experience matches mine exactly.
 interesting, thank you.  I would have no reason for a portable solution but the 720 seems interesting. 
anyone have some real budget amping recommendations?  For the next year or so, I am on a tight budget and only have the Aune T1 to use.  I dislike annoying treble spikes so I will stay away from the Schiit stack.  Any other insight, would be greatly appreciated.
Wanted to buy these off Amazon but wasnt available. I decided to try out the HD700 but will be trying these out next if I do not like the HD700.  I hope Amazon gets them in soon.
Mint K712 maybe 2 or 3 weeks old.  Purchased directly from amazon, non-3rd party seller. Comes with all retail contents and box.  Receipt from Amazon included. Looking to trade it for these in MINT condition with +/- cash where necessary.     HD650  HD700 HE400i LCD2   pm me questions.  US only please.
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