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price reduced
Selling my Sennheiser IE800 with all retail contents including all the tips.  Was hoping to use these as on the go but dont think it makes sense since I have the K10.   PayPal and US Shipping Priority is included in the price. PM with any questions.  Thanks.
For sale is a 15' Moon Audio Black Dragon v2 cable with Sennheiser HD6x0 connectors and a 3.5mm single ended connector + Furutech 6.5mm adapter.     US Shipping and PayPal is included in the price.     Open to trades.
Selling my Etymotic ER-4S. Mint condition with retail contents.    Price does not include shipping or paypal.  Pm any questions. 
Picked up one of these gems to try out until my  Noble K10 cable was done.  The cable got here faster than expected so selling these now.     I was pleasantly surprised by the sound on these.  If I didnt have the K10, these would be strong contenders to stick around.     Shipping in the US is included in the price but Paypal fees are not.     Ill have some pictures up later.  
 Probably one of the best replies I have read on HF in quite some time.  
This thread is like a rollercoaster.
Thanks, cant wait to see how bad they are.
Curious, is anyone here up for re-terminating my IEM cable?  Not sure if this is okay to post here but I am looking to see if I can get my current cable reterminated to a 2.5mm balanced plug.  Please PM if anyone can do that for me.
Can anyone shed some more light on the differences between the Pioneer and Onkyo? I know on paper, they should be basically the same in sound quality via single ended but as is often the case, I am wondering if the Onkyo still sounds better.  I have no plans to go balanced at the moment so I am considering returning the Onkyo for the lower priced Pioneer.  Has anyone had and tested both?  Any other differences between the two that I should be aware of?  Anything that the...
New Posts  All Forums: