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 Probably one of the best replies I have read on HF in quite some time.  
This thread is like a rollercoaster.
Thanks, cant wait to see how bad they are.
Curious, is anyone here up for re-terminating my IEM cable?  Not sure if this is okay to post here but I am looking to see if I can get my current cable reterminated to a 2.5mm balanced plug.  Please PM if anyone can do that for me.
Can anyone shed some more light on the differences between the Pioneer and Onkyo? I know on paper, they should be basically the same in sound quality via single ended but as is often the case, I am wondering if the Onkyo still sounds better.  I have no plans to go balanced at the moment so I am considering returning the Onkyo for the lower priced Pioneer.  Has anyone had and tested both?  Any other differences between the two that I should be aware of?  Anything that the...
price reduced.
 I just got mine in today and it was plastic sealed.  Purchased via amazon from Electronics Expo.  On another note, are you guys just using the stock player or installing a different player?  Any cases that arent 60$+?
For sale is my DX90 + brown leather Dignis case and at least 1 extra battery.  I think I have maybe 2 or 3 though. I will send whatever I can find but you will get a minimum of 2 batteries.   First and only owner, purchased from an authorized dealer.   I should also have the original box and stuff that came in it.     If you want, I can throw in a SanDisk Ultra 64gb class 10 card for $10 as well.   US Shipping is included but paypal is not.     International buyers...
price reduced
For sale is a mint JH Audio Roxanne Universal.  Comes with the retail box and metal case.  I have the old style cable and the new one they just released.     Roxanne with old stock cable *Unused* - $725   Roxanne with new upgraded cable from JH *Used maybe 5 times*- $799   Paypal fees not included but USPS Priority shipping is. US only.     Not interested in any trades.
New Posts  All Forums: