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 I would think a set would be at any meets going on
 foam tips did that for me. I have never really used foam tips with any iem so I was quite surprised.  I didnt like the silicon tips at all and was going to sell the Answer.  
 Oh wow, good to know I wasnt just hearing things.  I think most here would enjoy it due to the clearer mids though.  
Got my battery in today.  I was skeptical about any SQ change but I feel there is some compared to stock.  Less bass, clearer mids, more treble.  Not sure if I like it like that or not.  I appreciate clearer mids but I liked how the treble and bass sounded from my Tenores.    Purchased from Jam's ebay link.
For sale is my Aune T1 in black.  Comes with the retail contents except for the plastic cross thing on top. Purchased from here about a year ago.  Everything seems to be in mint condition.   Shipping is $7 in the US. Paypal fees not included
 I agree. Fit and angle seems to matter a lot, in my opinion.  
 But better than my DX90?  DSD is great but not really necessary for me. I only had the stock 64 model, I doubt that will compete with the AK240, the 128XD? Maybe, probably.  I guess its all speculation and we shall see Q1 2015.
 I feel the same. I am hoping I can resist all perks, just get my 64 and accept it for what it is. 
 I agree with your thoughts @cn11 and it seems we are in the minority.  The Tenore needs more dynamics and depth, then its the giant killer everyone keeps proclaiming it to be, in my opinion.
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