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not saying its anti audeze, I am saying the culture on HeadFi has turned into a super elitist, only comment if you have hi end gear, type culture.  Maybe its just society and/or this generation... 
 okay....... seriously?  I cant say I agree with anything you wrote there. 
 this guy gives a good, thought out review and its just skipped over for talk about burn in.  Yet if someone posts a negative review, everyone jumps on it and takes it as fact.. 
 well put. I agree.
 Because there is no tuning that will make everyone happy. All people have difference preferences.  
 Project Ember > 6SN7 adapter > JAN brown base 6SN7.
 For me, this was more of the sound being presented in a different way than I was used to. Even when I had the T1, HD650 and may other headphones up and down the price spectrum, the HD700 presents the music differently.  It took me almost a month to get used to it. I almost sold them during that time but now, its a joy listening to them.  When the EL8 was announced, I was sure it was going to blow the HD700 out of the water and I would be done upgrading, but since I...
Interesting, thank you for your thoughts. I hope to have mine by weds next week!
Great impressions. I felt the same at first but over time, I felt the 650 was outmatched In imaging and separation. I love the 700 now and waiting to go head to head with the el8. Only one can stay.
If anyone was curious, razor dog is getting their shipment Friday according to their facebook.
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