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The type of female connector u use shouldn't really matter as long as it has its 3 prongs, the real issue with something like this is getting the female connector sit in the cup nicely without looking like trash. The second thing is u have to have a plan on how your getting ur + and - over to the other side since u want it single entry, which in my mind is the harder part to do (well do it nicely). As far as cabling goes it's what ur comfortable using, ie the 2534 is...
Same thing happened to mine, if u have the receipt they will send a brand new pair.
Because I don't have a price, im taking offers. 
If anyone takes that price seriously and doesn't get the joke then they might need to get off the internet :P   hint: 9001 is over 9000.
Want some offers D:  Im also selling my oakley x squared on another forum if ur intrested, 2 sets of lenses both have a scratch on one lense. and 1 cm scratch on the frame. Pm me for the link. 
There in good condition, with a few scratches on the cups/body but work great. The cap at the end where the plastic is separated from the clothe came unglued (pics if u want) I have it fixed with a zip tie, barely can tell. They come with the extra earpads, bag and 6.5 adapter.  Pics up soon.   Make me an offer. Yes i have the cord the ear pads and adapter, there just not...
By chance  are u fixing ur own or looking for others to fix? I might be intrested in ur broken pair. Esp. if its just ur cord broken.
No, that is why the add is closed.
xhowevermany on the 840's. There not boring at all unless ur listening to 64kbs mp3's then they can get anoying. I'd def. throw in a small amp with them though like a cmoy or e3/5.  
Finding the 701's under 250 new is about impossible if im not mistaken, used u might have a chance. Second problem with the 701's is that they'll need a nice amp to go with it which will cost around 200-250 by itself. Theres alot of praise for the shure 840's around, theres some others if you search around. I love my shure 840's for all-rounders.  
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