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If the drivers are still ok you could always have it reshelled in to customs.
I've no idea I'm afraid.
If you rockbox the clip and/or select rest of the world or us for firmware you should be ok.  If you don't mind carrying an amp then the clip plus/topping nx1/hd25 make an excellent combo.
There you go!
When I enquired about a possible westone reshell a few weeks back he mentioned it would be acryllic if I went ahead (I chose not to at the time!).
Actually the nano's went up to 16 gig. 
Have you checked to see what size jpegs you've used for album art?  Maybe some are too big for the sony so it's having a hard time loading the screen cover.
I'd quite like to know about the 512 gb in a 5th gen ipod as well.  Fell foul of the msata heat issue at work today.  I'd paused it instead of switching it off due to having a meeting, went back to it and it was fairly warm to the touch and the battery nearly gone!   Good job I had my Clip plus as backup (main reason I keep it in the bag really!).
 If you want silicone with a bit of bling then take a look at Custom Art, as they offer differing colours and wooden faceplates. 
In a way it's been helpful, as it mean's right now there's very little point in getting decent audio gear for a while.  So that's one way off the upgrade path :P   The irony being it's the one room in the place where isolation would be very useful to have of course!
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