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Even more ot, the discount for universal 1964's is about $25.00  Need to email them.
Fwiw I asked the other day about times to the uk for universal mentor and it's about 3-4 weeks atm. Might be of interest, but it could be better for you to create a new thread, perhaps in computer audio as we are now going ot!
Fwiw there's someone I work with who pretty much exclusively uses px 100's.  Asked me the other day if there were any others in that price range to which I replied "not really, for what you want" and he was more than happy to just go and get another set!  Must be doing something right then.  I'd have been happy but the isolation sucks sadly, so can't use them. 
    :) God I'm so close to cracking over one of these....
Was just wondering if anyone had come to the sd2/3 range via a westone 3 and what they thought the main differences were ?   The W3 is the bassiest ba iem I have (had the monster turbine and pretty much hated it, the bass was too prominent and swamped the vocals a bit, tried turning up the volume and just gave myself a headache!) fwiw so just trying to get a handle on the differences.   Mind you I have not tried the w3's with the star tips yet so that could be another...
 Ouch, talk about bad luck.  Hope you get it sorted soon.  Do you have any other gear to listen to in the mean time?
I've been umming and ahhing for ages now.  I've tried customs in the past and they just have not worked for me for whatever reason despite the valiant efforts of a few individuals (CE take a bow).  I do wonder on how the 2 or 3 would fit in my ear (and it's the right that is the problem on universals and customs alike).  After trying customs it seems a retro step back to universals.  Plus at this price point they are not that far off (in headfi terms) of other custom in...
Ouch, that has to hurt.  How long ago did you have the impressions taken?  That might be a determining factor on whether you'll need new molds.
Best bet would be to email Cosmic Ears with your requirements and see what they say.  Without hearing the shures or the CE but with a lot of reading I would figure the ba4 would be the bare minimum, with possibly the as yet unreleased BA5 or 6 coming closest.
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