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Would it be timely to post this from tarkans page :-
Thanks for the effort :)  They are listed on page but not on acs site.  Mind you I don't think (what a mouthful!) has been updated in forever anyway!
Do acs still make custom tips?  Can't find them on the site.
Would there be any difference in compact flash card quality wise?  The komputerbay one is readily available on amazon uk for £199 which whilst not cheap is certainly cheaper than the lexar one at £319!  The irony being is that I can import from the 512 and it would cost the same as the 256 but by the time I got done for tax and import it wouldn't be worth it :(
The sandisk 512 sdxc card is available now from amazon uk for around £600 (!)
Just cut a little piece of paper to the size of the battery icon and super glue it over.  Job done, or maybe not :P
That battery would last me an entire weeks worth of listening at work on one charge!  Should last most flights I reckon....
Do sdxc cards offer the same sort of battery life? I never had a problem with the hard drive and battery life on my 7th gen ipod.  I'm loath to use that one as experimenting on as I need something reliable to listen to at work!
According to Piotr they are big enough for the harmony,  though I'll most likely end up at the music one as I use them at work. Just got to decide what I'm doing with the other set now.  Normally they'd be straight off to Cosmic Ears as in eu but they are not accepting new orders right now.  I'm tempted by 1964 ears but there are other things to consider.  Week out (minimum) to the states, 2-3 week turn around (fair enough) then another week back.  Then there's the thought...
I thought it was either custom art or logo not both?  Might be wrong.  Could have one one side etc.
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