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It won't be any time soon as the X1 is next up out the door.  Estimated around september Fiio will be focusing on that for the time being with x7 development on the back burner for now.
Just asked a similar question in the dx50 thread so apologies for similar one, but what sort of battery life are people getting on the 90, and is the price difference worth it over the 50?   Thanks
The battery hit will be down to the wifi draining it.  Wifi just sucks battery life plain and simple.  The few times we had a open network at work my ipod touch would barely last the day fully charged.  Without the streaming I could go 2 days easily.
What sort of battery life are people getting using rockbox on the dx50?  I'm considering either this, the 90 or the (god help me AND my wallet) the special offers on the Iriver ak120 atm.  The Ibasso's currently have the edge due to rockbox mainly (and price).  I use mp3 players at work mainly so ease of use is paramount.  The 50 appeals more than the 90 due to price (sub £200 = good!) and the fact that as I'll be working (ho ho) I wouldn't be giving it the full...
Yes (sent email sunday 9:25pm went to bed, got up next day to find a reply 5 minutes after the email had been sent!).
I suppose it's possible there might be a model between the 535 and the 846 but would shure want to affect sales of the flagship in that way?
Nice and eye catching! Which ciems are they?
Someone on here once said they sellotaped his name and contact details with a promise of reward if returned to the inside lid of the case they were using.  Also made a mention of how they were custom made and so would be useless to anyone but the original owner.
The price difference will be down to the change in wire and socket configuration.  CE have recently swopped from the standard westone 2 pin socket/cable that we all know and love to the newer t2 (like mmx ala shure but better apparantly) and linum (thinner with no memory wire, thank god) cable. Have you made an account with CE yet and requested the shop to be opened?  If not that's the next step that you'll have to take before ordering.  I still see BA2 on my order page...
CE have just renamed their models.  It's a hangover until the new site goes up. This may be of some use :- "If we take the BA2 it will be the CE2C as it will fall into the classic range."
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