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Get in touch with amazon.  Sure they would be willing to work with you.
"Good things come to he who waits" :P
First I've heard of that.  Had rockbox on my ipod video most of this week and it's been fine.
Also regarding the drop any better pictures of the universals?
 Do you mind, I resemble that remark       I have since narrowed it down to a couple of things though.  One was impressions, so know what to do in future when getting them taken.  The other is slightly more odd.  In most pictures/videos I've seen of inserting the ciem they've had the cable prong pointing diagonally down.  If I do it that way, no dice particularly the right ear.  If I have the cable prong pointing almost straight down and rotate it in it locks into place...
Msata's are fine to use with a couple of gotcha's.  The main one being that whilst transferring files over to the msata unit the ipod will get quite hot so best to do it in batches (or to use an external enclosure if using rockbox).  The second one is that the 1 terabyte msata is quite unstable and can cause issues whilst using.  Using them once modded is fine, so long as you keep an eye on the battery as msata tends to drain the battery quite a bit anyway.  Hence the use...
Today's weapon of choice at work was my supra II's and an ipod video 5th gen rockboxed.  Enjoyable sounds (even if I'm not convinced I'm putting them in right, they still seem to stick out quite a bit compared to some photo's I've seen).  Music was pretty much progressive and melodic rock.  Shotgunshane and Jack might want to check out the new album by english rocker's Magnum.  Sacred Blood "Divine" Lies.
Still wondering if a 128 card would work in the Imp.  Nice Shots.  I need a replacement backup for my clip plus that died.
Hi Might help if you state your age.  Between the ages of 15-20 or so as I understand there is a bit of change going on.
Are you clicking on the bar itself or where it say's what the disk number is?  Can be a little confusing at times.
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