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The tarkan adapter has been available for a short while from his store, seems delivery is about 10 days from order give or take where you are. 2000mah battery is available through ebay, though if you trawl back through the last couple of pages you should see the contact details where you can email and possibly buy direct if you are happy that way. 1tb seems to be a bit hit and miss.  480 and below 'seem' to be stable right now.  The sweet point still seems to be a 256...
I didn't mean that they would be tuned like the 3-4 just that type of difference.  Ie if people were expecting a bass monster from inear they might be dissapointed.
There were some small impressions on the inear face book page iirc correctly.  I assume that it'll be akin to the westone w3/4 tuning, ie not as much bass as people might expect.
Welcome to headfi, sorry about your wallet and your issues!   If the sm3v1 has a detatchable cable then try swopping out for a spare if you have one, that should eliminate the cable and jack issue.  Also try in another mp3 player/phone if you have one.  Failing that get in touch with Jaben.
Now you know why the standard greeting on headfi is "welcome to headfi, sorry about your wallet!'. The only reason I have not ordered a v6 universal by now is the thought of paying import on top.
Have you tried copying the music over with the drive outside of the ipod, ie via a motherboard or external adapter?  I'll leave it to Dminor and others to chip in but I think they had problems when they had tried to copy over more than 137 or so gig via usb or itunes.  I think it's been discussed fairly recently so try going back a few pages.
Good info to know thanks for posting.  Mind you 20-22 isn't half bad when you compare it to the likes of the ak's and such that have a quoted 11-12!
I'm on a mac mini if that makes any difference.  I just pop the microsdxc card in the clip, two folders come on the home screen, clipp (hah!) and sdxc and then just copy over into them.  No fuss no drama.
Well where did you see it?  If there is a contact address on there, email them and ask.  I imagine a few people on here would like a 1tb ipod back as well if possible.
Didn't know that, normally afaik it's been the 2nd gen that get's recommended for the cf mod!
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