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Available in the uk as well for £60.00
No idea why but audio sanctuary in the uk (formerly custom cable) have the ak70 listed as £399.99!  That's at least £100 cheaper than amazon and the like.  Almost (almost!) tempted at that price.  Wonder if it's a glitch though (says in stock).
Steady on there!  Besides until this Article 50 thingy that I'm sick to death of hearing about is invoked the uk is still technically part of the EU.   Anyway in case people have not seen it, it seems that the 200gig microsd card is a price of £59 now on amazon uk.
 Can you stack codes and get 20%  off that way?
Very nice!
Bummer, at least Jack and Empire Ears have a quick turn around though.  Thing for us Uk'ers is the ship time that's a killer.  For me it was about a week out (me refresh the tracking number every day, surely not!).  Hope it gets sorted quickly and easily. Fingers crossed that my Supra turns out ok.
Noble can't be paying him enough so he has to make do and mend.... 
Hi Welcome to headfi, sorry about your wallet (standard greeting around here). That link looks legit (I take no responsibility if it turns out there's hassle down the road :P :) ). That said I'm not sure on amazon's turns and conditions when it comes to returning something like iems.
Ouch.  Not sure on how long you had your impressions taken but it might be worth giving Noble a shout via email to see if they have them on file.  May be able to avoid that step again.
On a similar note I assume that there would be no problem using a micro sd card in an adapter (to make it full size) in the original iflash?
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