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Custom Art's Music One's get a lot of respect from reviewer's and owner's alike. 
AMP3 in the uk have it on sale now.
Not sure whether to be irritated or relieved that there's been a change in policy at work regarding headphones in certain areas.  Atm I am now only allowed to use one ear piece in my right ear and one ear plug in the left.  Irritated because listening to music like this sucks (and pretty much rules out audiobooks :( ) but relieved as the temptation to spend has seriously been reduced.  If the policy hadn't come in I'm fairly sure I would of gone for the new massdrop from CA.
Hi   These have now been sold.  Thanks for the interest.
No idea, but if you are that curious about it how about emailing his site and see if you get a response?   http://bobbymcferrin.com/whos-bobby/press-kit/
So get the fiio m3 to tide you over before the x7 :P
Afraid I'm not the best person to ask on cable difference (think the differences are small at best).  Piotr would be a better person to ask (obviously!).  As for comfort they are second to none.  I wear glasses when using these and memory wire used to be a PITA.  With the linum that issue is gone.  Durability so far seems to be fine for the cable as I'm none too gentle with things at the best of times.  Really the only downside is how much they tangle.
 I've got a set of Two Pin Linum Bax that doesn't have memory wire.  Fit well with the music two's. 
No Alac support then?
Head's up for uk headfier's.  Amp3 have the zx2 'down' to £749 for today's deal of the day.  Still stupidly expensive, but less so.  If you were thinking about it this is probably the cheapest it's going to get from a reliable seller.
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