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Now you know why the standard greeting on headfi is "welcome to headfi, sorry about your wallet!'. The only reason I have not ordered a v6 universal by now is the thought of paying import on top.
Have you tried copying the music over with the drive outside of the ipod, ie via a motherboard or external adapter?  I'll leave it to Dminor and others to chip in but I think they had problems when they had tried to copy over more than 137 or so gig via usb or itunes.  I think it's been discussed fairly recently so try going back a few pages.
Good info to know thanks for posting.  Mind you 20-22 isn't half bad when you compare it to the likes of the ak's and such that have a quoted 11-12!
I'm on a mac mini if that makes any difference.  I just pop the microsdxc card in the clip, two folders come on the home screen, clipp (hah!) and sdxc and then just copy over into them.  No fuss no drama.
Well where did you see it?  If there is a contact address on there, email them and ask.  I imagine a few people on here would like a 1tb ipod back as well if possible.
Didn't know that, normally afaik it's been the 2nd gen that get's recommended for the cf mod!
I just connect my rockboxed clip plus with 128 gig micro sd card to the mac and copy over what I want.  No crashing involved.
On a slightly different note, for once crucial uk have a sale on msata drives.  The details are :-   M500 Unit Details ======================== 120GB MSATA SSD - £40.84p 240GB MSATA SSD - £67.99p 480GB MSATA SSD - £138.90p 240GB SSD - £67.99p 960GB SSD - £272.77p M550 Unit Details ======================== 128GB MSATA SSD - £55.93p 256GB MSATA SSD - £92.96p 512GB MSATA SSD - £161.83p   Free p+p as well!  With thanks to the post over at Hotukdeals.  That 480 gig one...
One concern about the 2000mah I would have is it's life expectancy.  Whilst it's quite something to keep going for over 40 hours it's not much use if it craps out after 3 months or whatever.  Just something to consider.
I'd imagine it'll either be comply, or the star/tru fit tips.  Either that or got them reshelled.
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