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No idea what your sd2 reshell turn around time was but Phil has quoted me 5-6 weeks atm.  Obviously that can and will vary down to how busy they are.
Just curious, how many dd based ciems are there?  I know of the hybrid Merlin from UM and the soon to be re released pure from cosmic.  Anything else out there?  Talking of which my Cosmic Ears micros are doing well atm.
Gutted.  Looks like my Minerva mi1's have developed a fault on the left.  Everything seems hard shifted to right.  Tried it out on other sources and it still happens.  My other headphones are fine so it looks like it's the mi's :(.  Considering I use them as earplugs as well to block 90% of the **** at work it's going to be annoying.
No idea if it's any use but in the main ie800 thread it's been mentioned that ACS will do custom tips for them. 
Back in stock on amazon uk, £510 which isn't too bad (relatively speaking of course).  Would one of these be able to drive a pair of sennheiser hd25-II's on it's own?   Thanks
I'd imagine you would probably be better off selling the universal and ordering the custom from scratch tbh.   Or you could get the custom and then sell the universal, so you would have something to listen to while you w-a-i-t... in germany have the um50's in stock and have 3-4 day free shipping to the uk.  They also have a decent returns (even for iems for once) so you could always try the um50 first to see if you like it.  The only other thought is to try the w50 first as I would of thought (rightly or wrongly) that bass would have been easier to eq in than treble.
CE6P now available to order from the website.
Courtesy of Cymbacavum on facebook details of new acs universals including a single and 5 driver units.
Inearz do custom fit for motorcycle users if that's any use
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