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Does gapless not work properly then?
Can you keep the rockbox folder on the same card as your music, or does it have to be on a separate card?   Thanks
I think they call that "go big or go home" :)  Also "welcome to headfi, sorry about your wallet".  Run now while you can :P
Had an email from hifiheadphones uk to say they now have plenty of stock in if anyone wants to order.
How's the volume issue these days?  Still too high on lowest settings or ok?   Think I'm ready to move on from apple right now (if the touch 128 gig didn't have a camera I would have bought that but it does so I cant, as not allowed cameras in work place).  It's between the plenue D and opus bit one.  £250 difference in it.
Ouch.  Makes me appreciate the fact I live about 20 minutes from work :P
Nice review, except that according to the main thread no alac (apple loss loss).  If any one has much of that they'll have to batch convert to flac.
Which adapter are you using?  Tarkans or an other? Try restoring the ipod to normal firmware using itunes and then reinstalling rockbox over that. I've had to resort to using media monkey to transfer songs over onto the ipod as rockbox would just give errors half way through on random files.  Annoying.
Nice review twister.  One question about library management though.  Does it see the (potential) three libraries as separate or is it merged into one?  Also would you describe the player as being "pocketable"?  I tend to do most of my listening at work where I have the player (atm a humble ipod touch 3rd gen!) in my pocket most of the time.   Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: