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With Cosmic Ears setting up in the uk, and now have a demo request page on the website it may well be worth firing Phil the ceo at Cosmic an email describing your requirements.  I'm sure that they could have something up your street.  I've a sneaking suspicion based on what I've read (warning, recommending things not heard is dangerous so take this with a pinch of salt!)that the neutral BA4 could be what you are after.  Again shoot them an email explaining your situation...
How about sd slots instead of micro sd slots?  With 512 cards out now and 256 cards falling rapidly (or not in the uk :( ) it would make a nice change.
Good luck either way.  Sure you'll find something you'll like I've heard nothing but good things about 1964 ears and CA (ordered the music one in the main thread) services.
Flipping through The Invisible Man - 1991-1997.  First of two volumes of Steve Hogarth of Marillions diary's.
Your best bet would probably be the deals thread over in the portable iems section, or start a new thread in general members area.
Depending on how easy it is for you to get there I would of thought 1964 ears would have been only too happy for you to drop in on appointment to try out the demo's they have.  Mind you you could still prefer silicone to acrylic so this is a good way to compare anyway.  If you do end up ordering from piotrus do you not run the risk of taxes etc on delivery?
I gotta say that I do remember the constant 'bass hump' comments on the forums at the time.  Also one of the reasons the tf10 suddenly became a huge hit was partly because of the $99 amazon black friday sales.
Pretty much, but it might be worth emailing them to see if something can be worked out if you have something specific in mind. Mind you it's better than Minerva who charge an extra £10 for any colour aside from clear!  In other news I should be getting my prefit shells this week, along with the ce6e demo for the weekend (deposit left, ouch).  Bad news is I have to get the demos back off in the post monday.  Still should give me time enough to see if I like them or not.  I...
This is one of the better audio impulse choices I have made.  Loving this little amp.  For a long time I was leary of the differences an amp would make but I'm a believer.   I did swop out the cable supplied with a fiio one though.  What price point would I have to go to get an improvement on it?   Thanks
Could try a leightons if you have one near you.  Mine cost £30.00
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