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The little black ones are bombproof (though I wouldn't try it myself!).  Seriously though, for just chucking them in the bag when not using them it will be fine.
Rockbox it or set the firmware for rest of the world if you have not done so already.  Still got mine and keep it in the drawer at work for emergency back up use!   Have a good bank holiday everyone!
Hi   Welcome to Headfi, sorry about your wallet.   It would help if we knew your rough location and budget as that would help narrow things down more.  For general questions on ciems you may be better off going here :-
Rears or ears? :P :) Just got my Music Ones back from refit today.  Not had chance to try them out yet though. Seem's my ear's are too small for Harmony :(  Still at least my wallet is happy :)
Nope just chuck em in the pocket and have done with it.  Only time I left a pair of klipsch's in the bag (luckily they were only x2)a can of coke went pop and soaked them.
Blonde receptionist starts at her new job.  It isn't long before the boss notices that she's wearing headphones (see it is related, just!) and ask's her politely to take them off.  The receptionist refuses saying that she'll die if she take's them off.  The boss eventually persuades her to take the headphones off.  Instantly drop's dead on the spot.  The boss then picks up the headphones to have a listen to what's being played.  "Breath in, Breath out, Breath in, Breath...
If you need more space can you not get one of those micro sd to sd card extenders and just have the card of your choice in there? Not sure which one is current but that should keep you going!
Well the good news is I can listen to headphones at work again.  So looking to replace the steel cable.  Am in the uk so don't want to spend too much so was wondering what are some decent alternatives?  Preferably from amazon, though if it's a reputed seller I won't mind too much thanks.  I have the addidas version fwiw!
If this is for ciems, then the procedure is whatever is listed on the chosen manufacturers site.  As a rule, it is open mouth with bite block for acryllic, and closed for silicone.  This is not always the case though.   To the op, if you are not sure of the quality of the impressions take a photo of them and send them to the company you wish to use.  They may or may not be able to tell if they are going to be ok.   Good luck!
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