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CE have already identified that there is a problem with the t2 connectors and acted accordingly.  That is no longer an order option as the 2 pin connector is the only option atm.  Also when I enquired about having my micro's recabled with the same connectors they said it wasn't possible due to the aforementioned issues with them.  Anyone ordering now shouldn't have a problem on that side (hopefully).
Still Available.
You could probably send that pic over to hidition and see if they think it's ok before sending?
I should point out that I used that service in the past to send impressions which were worth £30 so that part wasn't an issue for me. Have used it a few times however and not had an issue.
Should be no more than £12 for ISF from your local post office. Takes about 5-6 days to get there and comes with tracking number.
Fixed that for you :P
Yes, that's the one.  Would have got a newer ipod touch but camera's are banned where I work so no go on the 128 unfortunately.
Would a 3rd gen ipod touch be ok with this amp?
Looking good.
Fair enough, that wasn't there the first time I looked.  New to this massdrop thing.
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