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5th gens were more expensive due to the reputation of the wolfson dac.  Also with the 6th gen there are limits of file size unless you rockbox.  I was happy with the price with what was available at the time of purchasing.
Well finally bit the bullet on a second hand ipod classic 5th gen 30 gig.  Not too bad for the uk on ebay atm (we don't seem to get the bargains you do :( ).  Paid £45 including 2nd (!) class delivery. The going rate is around £65 or so. Little scuffed up (going to replace the battery and cover anyway)and the battery down to 35 minutes or so.  Now to decide what to do with it.   If I want to use the 2000mah battery are there any limits as to what card I can use?   As I...
Welcome to the world of supply and demand.  If someone wants it badly enough they'll pay that extra $6 without too much thought. 
Have a search on youtube, there should be several guides on there on how to disconnect a battery.
Thanks for the invitation but it would probably work out cheaper for me to purchase a pair of shures to check out rather than fly over :P  I do have a pair of Custom art's (silicone) Music One's being built and a demo pair of Cosmic Ears CE6E on the way to me hopefully this week so I think that's me set for the foreseeable anyway :)
Try emailing tarkan about that, though I have read in the past about filing down adapters.
Tried the shure 215's back when they came out but got two faulty pairs in a row (the infamous connection issue).  I'd like to try Shure again at some point but I also a)hated the stupid swivel connecter and b) had the issue that some had with the relief preventing decent fitting.
I had a three day (2 days to make, one for next day shipping) turnaround from a company called minerva in the uk.  That was extra on top (£50 so $79 for rush) though and they did already have my impressions on file from a much earlier order.  7 days for a standard order is very good indeed.
With Cosmic Ears setting up in the uk, and now have a demo request page on the website it may well be worth firing Phil the ceo at Cosmic an email describing your requirements.  I'm sure that they could have something up your street.  I've a sneaking suspicion based on what I've read (warning, recommending things not heard is dangerous so take this with a pinch of salt!)that the neutral BA4 could be what you are after.  Again shoot them an email explaining your situation...
How about sd slots instead of micro sd slots?  With 512 cards out now and 256 cards falling rapidly (or not in the uk :( ) it would make a nice change.
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