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 Thanks, as long as it's the same or better that's fine by me!Found out about that head clamp today!  Normally use the hd25's at work where I need isolation.  Hd'25's are the headphones I use in the main when not using IEM's, which I'm not doing atm.  Fancied a change of pace today so used my b&w p5's.  Not so good isolation (obviously) but didn't sound too bad out of a humble clip plus.  Result?  Ears are a lot less fatigued than using the hd 25's! Both designed for the...
For those that had the hd25-II's, how does the isolation compare?  Thanks.
You can also send Piotrus photos of your impressions before hand which will be a good indicator as well :) In other news :- http://www.head-fi.org/t/775850/custom-art-music-one-ciem Too many iems so having a bit of a clear out (plus got two's on order so not much point :( ) Thanks
Hi   Up for sale is my Music One's by Custom Art.  £55.00 including tracked postage to poland.  You will also need to factor in the transfer fee with them.  Black, non removeable cables, but come with peli case and blue soft case as well.   Only willing to send to CA at this time.   Thanks
Still time if you want to pay rush :P
 1964 ears will do universals (amazon jp had the 6 listed for a short time), but you have to email them and ask.How much were they and what was the wait time like?
Yet here in the uk the cheapest is £336 (£290 in a straight $-£ conversion, and a special offer at that!).  I've really been on the fence about getting one of these.
Announcement on fb.
So Piotr, it's a dull wet windy sunday afternoon (in the uk anyway, so much for the great british summer!).  How about some hints on the "BIG" announcement (well it doesn't hurt to ask does it:P )?
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