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HiWas just wondering how long it took?Thanks
May I ask where you ordered from please?
Well quite, particularly about the info thing.  I go from one end of the budget spectrum to the other and somewhere in between. 
Another uk stockist has shown up with amp3 showing it now.  Main reason to possibly order it from there instead of hifheadphones is that they regularly have a 10% off code. Not in stock atm.
Amp3 have Westone w60 for £650 today only. 
Maybe an ex dem or box opened unit perhaps. 
Yep, south of england.
Thanks, but still just see the normal price now.  Perhaps it was a limited time offer?
Nice one!  Got a link to that?  Just see £398 when I look?
Ha, and over here in the uk it's £449!
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