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Which would be better for rock and metal out of the w60 or 50?  I can get the w60 for a good price (note still not cheap) so was just wondering?
Or in other words, beware the emperors new clothes!
If I were you I'd keep an eye out for a decent cheap clip, and use the rest towards headphones.  The clip can sound pretty good, and you can add a cheap micro sd card later on.   That said it seems amp3 have a 10 % off atm, no idea how long it will last though!  Code is AMP14      Might not work on a mobile though, and not on all products.  
So I've been using the music ones as my main iems at work lately.  Getting the hang of the sound now, and as others have said whilst they are not a warm sound they have plenty of bass when required.  Sitting there thinking 'hmm this is a little bass light right now' and then either a bass part or kick drum hits and you know it's there.  Tried it at first with a topping nx1 and ipod touch, but found that a little strident.  Swopped to an msata modded ipod 5th gen ipod and...
I'd say themain worry would be the thickness of the cf to sd adapter inside the other adapter.
Any chance of rockbox on this player?
Hi Which site did you order this from please?  Also how long did it take to get to the uk and were there any taxes/duties to pay? Thanks!
Hi Sorry to hear you are having trouble with customs.First try searching youtube for how to insert custom headphones.  There are a couple of them on there, so that at least will tell you if you are in the right area at least. I also found this page to be helpful as well :- So maybe worth a read.From the sound of it though, it does sound as if the impressions were...
Do you have a link for that please?  Most sites turn up either sd or the 128 card. Thanks.
Then in that case I would say it IS Fiio's fault.
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