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 Did you use rush or not? thanks to the ssd mod thread. Not in europe but will ship.
Checked for wax blockage?
Not sure if you have seen but there are now rockboxed 480 gig msata ipod 5th gen's doable.  Testing on the 1tb has started and seems promising apparantly.
Might need to give the mmx connectors a quick clean, it seems to be a common problem.
One of the best seals I had was with a pair of olives on the end of a pair of lowly klipsch x1's.  Funnily enough never got that seal with olives and the x10's though.  Not had good experiences with the olives on the end of the westone range either (getting it back ot!).
Those the ortofon tips?
Hmm, could be wax blockage.
Study?  Good lad... :P
Even more ot, the discount for universal 1964's is about $25.00  Need to email them.
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