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Each gen needs it's own patch for the msata to work.  A 6th gen patch would be no good for a 5th gen ipod.  Basically you install rockbox as normal, and then copy the appropriate msata gen patch.rockbox folder over the original .rockbox folder.   Without that patch rockbox would not work with msata based ipods.  Not too sure what the situation is with emcore however.   Ask in the main modding thread, you may get more answers there.
If you don't mind modding ipod classics can now take up to 1 terabyte msata cards (with a few gotchas, see the modding thread).  480/512 gigs are also available with less issues.
That's a real shame as the lexar card prices have really fallen in the uk lately for some reason.  Just a shame the cf cards haven't dropped as much!
Just an excuse to get them reshelled into customs :P
Topping NX1 amp, large thread over in the portable amp section!
For a laugh how about trying that 512 in the mini? I assume that if you rockboxed it it would be fine.  Of course that said that's no use if you want to use apple firmware.
My ipod video 256 gig has been working well but now doesn't feel very solid.  Bit of flex in the case side ways and feels a bit plasticky.  Anything I can do to improve this?  In the end I secured the msata adapter with a little Velcro and seems to be fine.
  Ipods with 240 gig hard drives I'm guessing.  Aside from my rockbox booting into original apple firmware every so often so has my 256 ipod.
It was too include the new linum cables that they have started using.
If money no object then perhaps the stagediver sd3s might suit.  Failing that (or cheaper) how about the sennheiser ie80 range?
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