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I think I went with a westone reshell in the end (westone 3)
Not much I'm afraid.  I did listen to a 6p awhile ago but don't think I had a good enough seal.  From what I could tell (and take this with a massive pinch of salt) I think I would have gone the bass version, in the end I didn't get either.
Did you ask CE for any demo models?
They might have withdrawn that option though.  I enquired about a recable for my micro's and CE said they were having a few problems with that type of connection.  Your best best as ever is to get in touch with them to see what's up.
Hi Well it wouldn't hurt to pm the organiser of the tour (barra) but either way I'm sure you won't go wrong with the M2's.
Not sure if it is still going but there is a Custom Art demo tour going round the states atm.  Detail's are   Maybe it's not too late to put your name on the list and have a listen to the models. 
Anyone tried a 128 gig microsdxc card in one of these?
If you are not happy shoot acs an e-mail, sure they will put them right for you if there's a problem.  How's the fit other wise?   Also how long is the turn around time at the moment for acs?
Just got mine today as well.  For the record they fit the sennheiser ie7 if anyone still has those and also the new acs evoke universal.  
Got my music one's back today from 3rd refit.  Will be able to let you know about rock (Magnum, Marillion, Pendragon) and metal (gandalf's fist and Alestorm) later in the week if you are still interested.
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