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According to Piotr they are big enough for the harmony,  though I'll most likely end up at the music one as I use them at work. Just got to decide what I'm doing with the other set now.  Normally they'd be straight off to Cosmic Ears as in eu but they are not accepting new orders right now.  I'm tempted by 1964 ears but there are other things to consider.  Week out (minimum) to the states, 2-3 week turn around (fair enough) then another week back.  Then there's the thought...
I thought it was either custom art or logo not both?  Might be wrong.  Could have one one side etc.
Back from the audiologist, scary thing was that it was almost two years to the day that I had last been in!  Got two sets done, had to pay for both but that was fair enough.
Did the label have your name on it though?
Very nice.  Had been thinking along the lines of black body and icewood faceplates.  Thing is I wear iems at work mainly so have to keep it discrete.    I'm sure the wait will be worth it!
Nice, looks like you have better weather there then here in the uk where it's overcast, grey and miserable (again)...
Well got an audiologist appointment this afternoon and I'm still on the fence with who I want to go with this time.  It's between Cosmic Ears (who I am very familiar with) and Custom Art right now.  Final decider will be if I want acryllic or silicone.  Wonder if I can be cheeky and ask for a second set to be done at the same appointment? 
The tarkan adapter has been available for a short while from his store, seems delivery is about 10 days from order give or take where you are. 2000mah battery is available through ebay, though if you trawl back through the last couple of pages you should see the contact details where you can email and possibly buy direct if you are happy that way. 1tb seems to be a bit hit and miss.  480 and below 'seem' to be stable right now.  The sweet point still seems to be a 256...
I didn't mean that they would be tuned like the 3-4 just that type of difference.  Ie if people were expecting a bass monster from inear they might be dissapointed.
There were some small impressions on the inear face book page iirc correctly.  I assume that it'll be akin to the westone w3/4 tuning, ie not as much bass as people might expect.
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