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Works fine, need to format using (figured it wouldn't hurt) and it's fine.
Sadly that pny 256 sdxc card is not available in the uk, don't know why :(
Got an appointment on friday, not my first time but something I'm curious about.  Which way is the 'correct way' to have the bite block?   ^       or    <---->    ?  (sorry for the rubbish icons, but just want to check).                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ...
Available on pre-order now for release end of september. EDIT to add from amazon uk
There's always something isn't there. 
If they are dealers can they not order a pair in for you?
Do you need itunes at all if you are using rockbox?  I'm no expert but I would have thought that formatting the card with the aomei card, install rockbox and then copy over would have been the way to go.  Might be worth a try, or I could be talking ****!   Edit to say that someone somewhere really needs to create a how to page and link to this mahoosive thread.  There's a lot of good stuff in here but it's scattered all over the place.  Either the front page needs...
Oh good, more waiting :(
Sorry for not keeping up with the thread, but what battery life are people getting with the msata's now?
Thanks.  At this point seriously considering the custom art music ones, possibly the twos.  Lots of encouraging reviews around.  I tend to use c/iems as earplugs at work to block out all the talking so I can actually, you know concentrate on what I'm paid to be doing! 
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