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This may be better in another topic, but one of the things that was found in the ipod modding section was that a 1tb modded ipod didn't have the battery capacity to handle large transfers and resulted in a corruption of the drive once a certain amount had been copied over that meant a reformat before carrying on.  Either transferring the files from the mainboard of the pc direct or using a firewire and usb charger was necessary to complete the transfer.  Under 1tb doesn't...
Hopefully someone will be in to sign for them on Monday.  If the last couple of days at work are anything to go by I'm really going to need the isolation the last couple of days!
Well the Music Ones have arrived in the uk, and left the midlands last night.  Won't get them till monday (which is the est), but just hope someone's in as I'm at work all day.  Good job we have limited internet access at work (break times only) or I'd be doing the f5 thing all day.   Fingers crossed for a good fit (though historically I always seem to fare better with silicone then acrylic!).
Is that normal apple firmware or rockbox?  Also is it slim battery or the 2000mah (tarkan mentions using the slim battery in an email and getting over a days use from it)?
The main problem for msata drives is heat build up on larger file transfers.  Over in the ipod modding section there are consistent reports of heat build up during 30-40 gig transfers.
With regards to battery life just stick on a wall charger over night and it'll be fine.  I use mine at work most of the day (at least 5-6 hours minimum) and barely gets halfway.
Any reason you are not going for msata?  Works out MUCH cheaper than cf here in the uk.  A 240 gig msata from amazon is £100 which is much more sensible.  A 256 is only a little bit more.  A 850 mah battery (available in uk, or order 2000mah)gives a good life on a 5th gen on stock firmware. Last friday amazon had a 256 komputer bay cf down to £160 for one day only.  I was so tempted to get it for the ipod mini but the last time I had one (a 128) it really didn't work that...
The isolation of the micros has been a god-send for use at work.  Who want's to sit and listen to a load of people talking all day when I don't have to?  Best bit is since my job's changed at work I very rarely get interrupted these days.  Going to wait until the new year to a)get my westones reshelled (was thinking black face plate, red shells)and b)get the cable reterminated on my micros.  Fits fine, it's just the cable rubs against the ear, meaning I have to adjust it...
Do you have a 6th gen ipod?  If so you will need to rockbox it to go over 128 so that Lexar card would probably have worked.
Heh, I sent my Westone 3's in for a reshell when I returned the demos, but am going to place the order after christmas when things have settled a bit.  I liked the sound well enough but could never get a decent fit due to the short nozzle length.
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