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It's gone up to £125 recently.
 Speaking of which has anybody had a response via email recently?
Few questions if that's ok?  Not really been following this player mainly due to price, but some of the special offers atm is making it more intriguing.   a)does this do gapless ok?   b)Will they drive a pair of sennheiser hd25-II's ok?   c)Is the price difference worth it over say the ibasso dx50 or sony zx1 (yes I know, opinion but hey)   d)Does this player play nicely with a mac?   Cheers
If you can hang on fiio x1 is right round the corner, though could be too big.   Otherwise, clip plus or zip is way to go!
Sounds like Sony is going to be releasing a new "A" series in the coming months, most likely september time.
Hi With a budget of up to £400 which models should I be looking at for progressive rock and metal? I'm coming from a minerva mi1 (single ba) so would like a bit more bass, thanks.
There's going to be a difference in sound to the 215's as they are dynamic and the 846 are ba.  Where abouts are you?  If europe you could order them from who have a good returns policy.
HiAny idea if they would ship to uk? Thanks
How much were the universal merlins, and how did you order them? Thanks
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