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Hey guys,   It's been a long time since I've been here, but alas I'm back.   My situation is as follows: I have a new gaming computer, that has a great built in amp (burr brown) so I intend to use the optical output from it as my source. What I need is an amp. It would need optical in, and the ability to drive my headphones and bookshelf speakers. My chosen headphones are Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless (in wired mode) and the speakers are Kef Q10 (had them for a bit,...
Hey guys,   Clearing out a few headphones that I just don't use anymore. Note that I am in Canada, and although international shipping is allowed, it will be the buyers responsibility.   ____________________   First is my Sennheiser RS220 wireless headphones. Amazing quality, not so amazing range (it's the truth). I used these as my trusty living room headphones for some time and have always been blown away as to how capable they are. Comes with the headphones,...
Same for me.
  Not quite the same but I have the HD555 (modded to sound like HD595) which in this condition are said to be similar to the HD558/598 headphones, and they work well with the MX2. Everything tightens up, soundstage is improved ever so slightly (though the 555s are already notorious for a massive soundstage) and no issues with sibilance whatsoever which I've encountered with other amps.   Definitely seem to pair well to me.
  Same here, no added noise with external power at all.
In terms of shipping mine took about a week to arrive (I'm located in Canada). No customs charge either.
Ok so a little more on it.   I feel the sound has sharpened. The bass especially; impacts seem much more pronounced, I'm really glad about that! I mentioned that the highs were somehow bright before and they have definitely toned down. When I play my most sibilant song I can bare it without too much issue (Not possible on my E7 nor the original HUD-MX1). Unfortunately that's as far as my memory recalls of the original HUD-MX1 so I won't be able to compare the two...
Just got it. Immediate impressions are good, seems a detailed sound maybe a little bright, I won't say more on the sound until its burnt in (as it may well change).    Now on the packaging I'm beyond impressed. Very nicely packaged box, includes the power adapter, USB connector, RCA connector, tool to open it, 4 rubber "feet" and the documents. It looks to be a well constructed unit, and functions works well.   Ill be back in a couple days regarding how it plays...
Saw the email today of the discounted price and bought it right away. Had the MX1 before, sold it but in recent days have been thinking of going back, so I couldn't pass on this opportunity!   Really like the USB iPad capability.
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