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I have a degree in EE.  In order to obtain an EE degree, you must have Calculus based Physics background, and basic level of Chemistry.  EE covers many disciplines such as Power electronics, Wireless communications, Analog circuitry, Digital circuitry, Signal processing, Semiconductors.  So an EE may know a lot about Power electronics, and may have weak Signal processing back ground.  What you know, depends on what you focus on.  Like any other Engineering disciplines,...
Does not conduct because electrons are not on the conduction band.    
I keep running into this site.  Does this site have any relations to Head-Fi?  If not, who runs this site?
You had to bring it up didn't you?   And where did you pop out of?   You should stay in the DIY cage.    
To me, the numbers makes it seams like a short(negligable resistance) cable no matter what. Compared to the source and load.  Those values are sooooo small, oxidation or not it's not gonna matter compared to source and load.    
I did a check on inductance for a 65cm, 22 guage cable and it is  0.000000984H.  If you think this value would reduce the SQ of the cable, it's your call. Resistance is 0.0351871 ohms, and reactace is 0.006182394ohms  These calculators are all over the net, if you want to look up values.  
The insulating material could be derivative of acetic acid. Acetate is in fact derivative of acetic acid.  I think what 3602 states could make sense, but that does not explain why mine forms much greater green pigmint around the ear hook.   Edit:  It is right under the ear hook where it changes color the most, I doubt it is sweat causing it.
That does make sense because on my cable, the green area is the strongest around where it touches my skin. And if the skin oil is ph'd around that level, it should be acidic.  That's the part I didn't get when I was wondering how the pigmint was the strongest around the piece that hooks to my ears.  Now it makes sense.      
^Good.  Instead of simply stating that cables make a difference because of resistance or whatever.  You actually investegated the physics, got a real value, and have made a conclusion based on a fact.
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