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I stopped by the booth last week and had about a 20 minute conversation with the CEO about all sorts of stuff during my "me-time" on Friday morning. He had me listen to the AF140, 160, and 180. All three were very good, but I think the 140 is the one that stood out to me the most due to the hybrid design. The 160 and 180 reminded of most other 3 and 4 armature sets, but I definitely like their version of memory wire much better than the others I've tried.
Heh, yesterday morning was the highlight of my week there. Got to listen to both of the those, the IE800, HD700, HD800, and SR-009 for the first time. Man it was hard to leave. lol
I was at CES with work this week and had some me-time yesterday morning. I was at the Westone booth for about 30 minutes to chat with the sales reps and listen to the singer they had playing into the W40 and UM30's they had set up for auditioning. I jokingly asked if there was a W50 or W60 floating around to listen to, and over walks the VP with both available. I only got about 5 minutes with each pair, so I don't have too much I can really say. But I can tell you that the...
Hey gang. My wife has lost her job so we're now in financial crunch mode and I have top sell some toys.   FiiO E7 - $40 Includes everything including packaging.   FiiO E9 - $65 Again includes everything including packaging.   iBasso D4 - $125 SOLD   Anyone interested in the E7/E9 combo let's call it $95. Above prices do not include shipping (I'm working to get shipping costs for each). I will hopefully get pictures posted tonight.   Cheers.
Hey guys. My wife has lost her job and we're in financial crunch mode which means it's time to sell some toys. Everything listed here I am the original owner of, and unless noted have all the original accessories.   DT880 600 OHM - $200 SOLD ATH-M50 - $90 SOLD Etymotic ER-4S - $150 SOLD Hifiman RE0 - $50 (note: will include all sizes of Monster SuperTips as that is all I have for them as well as a Shure case, and I'm not sure if I have the packaging)   All prices are USD...
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All music is in FLAC through Foobar to the E7/E9. Sorry, should've mentioned that.
So I've been using and really enjoying my current setup (E7/E9 -> M50/DT880 600 OHM) for a while now, but I feel the need to move up. I have a variety of ideas, but I'm looking for some advice on both what options to go with AND which piece to upgrade first. I enjoy most types of music, but prefer highly detailed, clear reproduction. Current thoughts for headphone upgrades are HD600/650, K701 (I've heard and really like the 701, but is it an upgrade or side-grade?),...
Posting this for a friend who wants to sell his Coppers to fund a pair of Westone 4. They are 1 year old, gently used, in lude the box and all tips (he got additional supertips when he got the earphones). Only potential hitching point is there is no receipt because he won them in a drawing with Monster at our store. Looking for $225 if he can, but is willing to negotiate. Pics will be posted later.
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