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yeah theyre the same haha 
Will ship
I would ship but unfortunately i dont have online accounts like paypal set up and im not sure how it really works so just local..  if anyone wants it local though pm
Yeah I meant San Diego, and shucks 300 is just a little more than walkings distance 
Hi hi  I bought this set around march/april last year brand new.  8.5/10 im gonna say  I have original box.  I like them, but i use them like once a month and now that im 16 i need to save for a car haha Pm me w/offer if interested!   There's a mini blemish on the headband near the r of sennheiser, however it was there when i bought it (new) and its really only noticable in direct lighting.    Payment by money order
Are you in SD? Sell you my HD600s :)   
Age: __________16_______________        Gender: ___________M________________ 1.    What is the favorite/most important part of your grill? I dont understand 2.    Where do you typically use a grill? outside 3.    How often do you grill? (Once a week, once a month, etc.) 1/month 4.    What is your least favorite part of the grill? coals 5.    How much would you be willing to pay for your dream grill? 500 6.    What is your preferred heat...
stepped on my HD600s o_o
As far as I know it's illegal here in CA.  I have a problem with it if people are listening to music with it because it's just too distracting and you cant hear the outside world around you. Deaf people can get an unrestricted license because they rely on their eyes more but its not worth lives over listening to music when theres speakers in your car 
I dont like hotdogs :(  I'm kinda picky I dont even eat fish
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