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Well, he did, smartass.
Zombie_X makes some adapters for AKGs to use 3.5mm cables like the Boompro. However, AKGs will need some extra amping for the Mixamp. That means that with the Boompro, you'll need to use the accompanying splitter so you can separate vame and mic audio and attach an amp on the game audio side. I assume the X2 will be okay when using a mic and no amp. I'll know in a few days.
Bet it's gonna sound amazing. If it wasn't for the X2, I'd have dove headfirst into the K7XX. Lately all I have looked for is just something affordable that I could use for all purposes. The K7XX would've fit that bill quite easily, especially if it sounds like the Annie.
I haven't heard it. Personally, I'm assuming it's gonna sound closest to the first Annie run. The 3db change was done back then too. It's the pads.
K612. There's your recommendation.
Yes. The soundstage will be more intimate than the standard K70X. That's usually a byproduct of going from leaner and airy, to thicker, fuller sound. I've had the pleasure of testing all those K70X variations, and again can say the pad swap will most likely reduce soundstage in favor of fullness. The best compromise is the K712. It's thicker sounding than the standard K702, but not as thick as the original Anniversary run (prior to the Anniversary swapping to the angled ...
Depends though. The K612 is definitely more neutrally balanced.As for the ear pads.... they look like OG Annie pads before they were changed to use the K712 pads. I actually prefer the sound of the OG pads, as they were a tad bit warmer, and more intimate sounding. Perhaps that's where the stock went, the further differentiate the models.Before anyone asks... OG = shorthand for original generation, sigh.
$200 for some new 'Annies". Best deal of the century. The AE was my fave K7XX model (damn you Massdrop, I've used K7XX since FOREVER). Yes, the AE was just a K702 with Memory foam pads and a MUCH better headband, and I'd place bets that that is all they have done with the K7XX here. If you've heard the AE, then you know, that's all they needed. The K7XX will be warmer, more fuller sounding, and less glaring up top, if thr AE is any indication. Yes, something will be lost...
My X2 will be here Tuesday. Hype commencing in 3....2...
Mine will be here Tuesday apparently.
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