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Ah yes the X2 clamps quite a bit more than the 712. The tonality is different though, but I still wholeheartedly recommend it as an alternative. It's a great sounding headphone, period. It will still have a large soundstage, great tonal balance, and all rounded nature. Bass is fantastic for an open headphone too. Lots of energy, with great minds, and treble.
Sennheiser HD650. Those clamp like a beast at first. Unfortunately not many headphones like the K712s in signature AND soundstage. 650, MA900 (as a cheaper alternative).
Not so much of a jump as much as a cleansing in the bass, which was the X1's problem. I believe that is their main difference. I love this headphone, but damn if it doesn't like like a damn planar magnetic.
Not well. The controller is too weak for it, and you'll get moderately low volume.The X2 is easy to drive from basically most sources, but the DS4 output is pathetic.BTW, the X2 may be easy to drive to loud volumes, but it is very sensitive to whatever is amping it. It's neutral tone will change depending on source and amp. So I recommend something at least decent.
Mid fi is a great stopping point. I've owned stuff like the LCD2 and D7000, yet it doesn't stop the X2 from being one of my absolute fave headphones, and one I can happily live with if it was the only headphone.
No, but I have owned the K701, Q701, Annie, and borrowed a K712, as well as a 612. Considering Massdrop clearly said the 7XX is based on the Annie, and it has been mentioned SEVERAL times that the 7XX sounds the same as the Annie. That's enough to tell me that the 7XX = Annie = Q701 with Annie pads. Also having heard and knowing the 712 isn't exactly the same as a Q701 with 712 pads, also lets me know that the 7XX is not the same as the 712. It's not hard to conclude the...
Yeah, it hurts that I missed it, but I can't exactly afford even that price right now.
Finally, someone that gets it. This is probably the first post I've seen on here that understands the very minor differences between them.As someone just stated a few posts ago, swapping the Q701 pads onto the K7XX SHOULD presumably make the 7XX sound basically like the Q701, meaning that the 7XX is undeniably based on the Annie as it has so obviously been stated by Massdrop themselves.Whomever said the 7XX and 712 sounds the same, I feel isn't as sensitive to differences,...
I wouldn't spend so much for a headset, no matter how good it is. I prefer just getting a headphone I can use mics with. That being said, closed headphones with mic capabilities... I'm still not tooooo experienced with many, especially on the higher end side.
I don't see the Beyer pads being good for the X2, at all. First, if you're speaking of 880/990 velour pads, those leak horribly through the pads, while the X2 pads function almost as well as a leather pad in seal. The 880/990 pads are HORRIBLE for headphones that rely on seal between the driver and the ear (i.e. putting those pads on closed headphones = sucked out bass, super tinny treble). This is why I'm super skeptical on pad mods. I don't trust anything that isn't...
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