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Ran Normal Crota twice today, got the last weapon i needed for the set, the machine gun. Absolutely no armor though, except one duplicate. Ugh. I just wanna hit 32 already.
Don't be mad, but the game gave me my 2nd Gjallarhorn when I ACCIDENTALLY decrypted a legendary I was saving up for the DLC. XD
That's gonna be quite a wait too. It's in their hands when it gets published.
To be fair, I'm the same. I don't want to put up reviews of headphones that aren't suited to my taste. It's bhard to judge, since obviously othersbwill find it better than I do. As for the TH600 review, that will be quite a wait. In short, yes its awesome, and yes the TH900 is even better. Both are stellar for gaming with bass that goes deep but does not detract from soundwhoring due to a sense of separation between bass and mids (more so on the TH900 by a stretch). Both...
Razordog sells it for $500 total with their coupon code.If you got $500 to spare, the TH600 is the closed headphone to get, especially if you want a huge soundstage for gaming, and some massive depth in bass.
After you left, we played a bunch of Roc strikes. Axel was able to upgrade some gear from Xur, as well as buy some engram's that panned out. He's on his way. Hopefully this week we can tackle Crota and get him some good gear. Axel, just finish those DLC, and Eris missions though.
More akin to the E9k power with Magni-like sound
OK let's not get go all crazy here. The X2 is a magnificent headphone, even next to the TH900.
Heard various times that the 900 variants have worse positional accuracy.
Played with Axel, who jumped straight to Atheon Hard, under leveled, having not played since before DLC, and managing to do better than any randos we tend to pick up That man is a boss.
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