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I wouldn't use the Magni with the K702 simply because the Magni is a lean/bright-ish amp which I feel suit warm headphones best, not dryish more analytical headphones like the K702. I don't know about the Vali however. The Vali will probably be my next amp... though judging from it's specs, is more suited for medium to higher impedances (I assume the 300ohm range is where it does it's best). The Magni has about 2x the power at lower impedance, and they're comparable at...
Absolutely not. The E07k is much too weak. The K702 is a ***** to drive, and needs a proper DESKTOP amp to power. One thing to understand, power doesn't stack. You need a substantial boost in power to drive a headphone past what the Mixamp does. Simply chaining two portable amps (Mixamp+E07k) does not equate to twice the power. Don't bother with the K702 unless you have at LEAST the E9K (and that's not even what I consider a proper pairing). More powerful would be even...
Worst case scenario, you can play with the K702 and Mixamp alone without voice chat, but if you're just gonna do that, don't bother with the K702, as you're effectively throwing your money away and barely tapping into the K702 potential. You'd do better with a 598+Mixamp alone if not getting an external amp. The 2013 Mixamp also tends to be a little hissy.
Yes. The speed and attack on the Alpha Dog is top notch. Plenty of bite up top too. Loving some Lacuna Coil on the Alpha Dog.
There's a documentary about Phil Fish and his making of fez. He came of as a sort of a jerk for lack of a better word, FWIH. I haven't watched it, though it turned off a lot of people from supporting his games. Then there is also the fact that he basically complained about the hate that he says he's never again making another video game.
Cheapest would be something like the E9k/E12. It can get loud off less power, but seriously, if you're gonna use the 990 Pro as a main headphone, don't skimp out on powering them properly.
I love, LOVE the Alpha Dog, and it's gonna suck, badly to have to send them away. Oh, the pains of being lower class. BTW, my review is coming along nicely, and it's overwhelmingly positive. No bias here, just my own taste of the truth to my ears.
Yes. Just be prepared for quite a bit more treble, and less, thinner mids.
I would still recommend giving the Md and AD some beefy desktop power. They are of the breed to noticeably improve with better, stronger, cleaner power.
Agreed. The bass decays a little slower and is more prominent on the MD, making it more immersive for those genres. That being said, the Alpha Dog does a great job with any genre you can throw at it.
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