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I would change that to 'the LE is better at driving planar and e-stats through it's speaker output' because your posts still sounds like even through the headphone jack, it would better power planars, which is false.
Because it is false by standard headphone terms. The headphone output is not changed by the higher power adapter. And it's not like the Standard's speaker outputs can't adequately drive planars and e-stats. Just that the higher output on the speaker out will be better for those very particular situations. The way you worded made it sound like the LE always has more power all the time. It doesn't.
It's been replaced with the AD700x, which isn't, and has the same sound. Just different build quality and aesthetics. I wouldn't suggest that if youre into music though. Its a bit too lean sounding. For $160, I would suggests the K612 instead, though a Xonar DG won't cut it.
Driving more headphones is a false statement. The LE's headphone out has similar specs. Earfonia actually has them being just slightly WEAKER than the Standard X7.The higher power adapter is to drive SPEAKERS. Your statement is only true if you plan on using super hard to drive planars like the HE-6, or electrostatics through the speaker outs.Personally I bought the standard, because I think the LE color scheme is ugly, and I can always buy the higher power adapter later...
Well, me and Kaz have a Crota Hard Mode checkpoint. WE had him beat, but the final batch of sword strikes, he was immune. The guy wailed on him 7 times, no damage. It was ridiculous. Would've been my first HM loot. Sigh...
Hah. I hate frustrating games. Didn't care for stuff like Demon/Dark Souls. That's just rage quit inducing.
So you didn't finish? Kinda wanna try hard mode now, even though I'm still not fully grasping the steps for the second part. Probably because everyone does things differently. I'm a quick learner though.
Awesome. Glad you like it. It truly is a stellar pair of cans. Funny, I used the X2 today for awhile while playing Destiny. I went back to the TH900, and had a shock due to going from an open can to closed. The TH-900 sounded all kinds of terrible for a few minutes until my ears adjusted. This is a big reason why I do not like A/B comparisons of two headphones with completely different signatures AND open vs closed.
Apparently the reason i missed drops on Crota tonight was because I thought I didn't run with a Lock. But it was a Titan... This is what happens when you do the latter parts first, you forget...
It was obvious to me it was digital, but what isn't obvious is whether it's lowering bit data as you lower the volume. It would be crazy if the only way to get the most bit resolution would be to use it only as a dac for another amp, while leaving the volume maxed on the X7.
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