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It's been sent back. Of course it's not gonna stack up to the TH900.
I'll be on in a 1 1/2 hours Firedawg. Gotta update this game at work... Which isn't the best speed. Is it the inventory patch? And I wonder if they fix the cheeses during the Crota raid at the bridge...
Gotta wait for Headphone.guru to post it. It's in their hands.
I have that exact same laptop as my PC gaming setup. You'll go from THX Tru Studio on the R4 to SBX on the X7. They're VERY similiar. The SBX is like a more accurate version of THX Tru Studio, which is a good thing, and the amp and dac are much better for headphones.680m, or 7970? Got the 680m.
I have never in any game have enjoyed Horde Mode. This game is already horde mode-y enough during the strory missions. To enhnace the worst aspect of the game outside of PVP is not my idea of a good time. Vault? Why, let's run Crota normal! I need gear!
FINALLY, FINALLY got my 3rd Revenant shader! I can FINALLY start using COOL Class Items instead of leaving all the Dead Orbit stuff on. Due to always having Dead Orbit stuff on, I have accumulated 25 USELESS Crucible Commendations. Now I can get some Vanguard Commendations for things I may actually touch...
OMG Sepiks Prime Weekly/Nightfall? I can solo this... thank god. Randoms not needed, yay. Crap, Weeklies have matchmaking, and I have a feeling the randoms are gonna mess up the Sepiks Prime no add spawn trick.
Graphs do not show everything. It was obvious that the mids were recessed relative to the bass and treble. Didn't need graphs to prove this to me. I tend to agree with Tyll's graphs most of the time. This was not one of them. (Just as that infamous D7000 graph that doesn't look remotely close to how the D7000 actually sounds) Had the 1540 next to the X2 (side by side comparison) which the graphs looked even more recessed, yet anyone who'd say the X2 has recessed mids...
X1 for more immersion, X2 for better all rounder, yet still immersive.
990 with X7 = not a good idea. the X7 sounds a bit lean and bright by default. The 990 is lean and SUPER bright. You're emphasizing the worst traits of the 990 with the X7. I would suggest some really smooth/warm/thick op-amps if you're gonna get an X7. Also, I still don't think the X7 makes a good amp for 600ohm headphones. The Fiio E9 is more powerful than the X7 at 600ohms, and it sounded bottlenecked with the 990/600ohm. I expect worst results with the X7. There is no...
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