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Symphonia is on PSN right now. Took me a while to find it, but it's a 9.5gb download. Now the wait. I just hope Playstation Now offers these games in the future to play on the ps4. This is why I buy the games digitally now. I have a question: Does the back cover state it supports Dolby Digital? They're relatively old games, and I'm guessing it's gonna be stereo.... with MAYBE Pro Logic II at the most. Asking because, I bought the game digitally, so I can't tell.
Trails in the Skyr is comng out on PC soon, so I'll play it then. I played a little on PSP, but it didn't grab my attention. I'll try it again on PC. I need to finish Ys: Memories of Celceta, which I haven't touched in over a month due to vacation, and having a severe backlog of TV shows to catch up on. Now would be the best time for me to play it, but Tales of Symphonia releases tomorrow... and I prefer playing that. GAH, eventually. That game isn't hard to pick up at a...
I play once or twice a week. Which is why I'm surprised to have 15,000, when I played BLOPS a lot more. To be fair, those I've seen with a crtapton of kills are playing easy modes like Cranked, which keeps people from camping. I have 10,000 in TDM, 4,000 in FFA, and the rest in stuff like Kill Confirmed, some Domination, and whatever else.
You make sure everything was set up the same? Also, do a speaker test in the devices menu. Sometimes it likes to stick to a messed up 2 channel even when you chose multiple.
So apparently I have 11,700 kills on BLOPS for PS3, but 15,000 kills in Ghosts. I played BLOPS a LOT more than Ghosts... so I'm confused. I do have 19,000 kills in Blops for the 360, so that may be a part, but still... it's like half my gaming never registered on the PS3. I was STILL playing Blops right before Ghosts came out. And my fave weapon IS... Skorpion for life!
I only play TDM and FFA, not domination. I went some games with over 50 kills (TDM), with everyone else having less than 10.
I havent reviewed any of these, and I just finished saying I won't recommend something I haven't tested. As for either DSS, they do NOT work with a mic, unless you have a turtle beach headset or if you have a generic usb soundcard to use with the ps3/4 (dss2). I wouldn't recommend the DSS2 if because it uses a generic virtual surround, not dolby headphone.
MW2 was probably the easiest CoD to do well in due to overpowered killstreaks. I had a 60-2 match on it, with a nuke waiting in the end. I ran Harrier, Pave Low, Chopper Gunner. If no one was smart enough to equip a stinger, it'd be curtains for them. Most matches were purely one sided. It was a race to see who got air superiority. The game was more about killstreaks than anything.
You can't go wrong with the X1.
The point of the boompro wasn't to improve the sound quality. It's to have a boom mic on your headphones. I'm not a firm believer of cable-fi in general. As long as the cable isn't complete crap or have high resistance, anything will do. Unless I'm misunderstanding your post.
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