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I don't have much to do today, so I'm pretty sure when I wake up later I'll FINALLY try out that Out of your Head software. I'll give my thoughts on it, if/when I do.
Could be just your brain processing what it sees on screen as a height cue. I've heard height cues a few times, even though, realistically, there are no height cues with these virtual surround devices. The cleaner, less warm presentation of SBX may be more attuned to your preferences ovber DH, which could also cause better cues for you. Really, it's too many factors, and not one is a legitimate height audio cue, lol.Until we get actual binaural processors, we are stuck...
Ah. I've never used that function, since the X7 is on the other side of the room (I control the volume with my wireless keyboard, since the X7 is essentially all digital controls). The only time I touch the X7 itself is to turn it on/off, and unplug the headphones when I do. Oh, and the SBX button if I'm on the PS4 and feel too lazy to switch to the PC just to toggle SBX). The phone controls are too slow for me, so i hardly ever touch it either.
Are you playing your music off your phone? If the phone is on BT, it's definitely gonna take the audio from that. Night mode reduces bass and enhances midrange so you can hear speech better and make less low end noise, IRC.
You can make an argument for virtual surround as it's emulating what the game is supposed to sound like in a multiple speaker setup as opposed to stereo, which console titles don't tend to be (asides from smaller titles).
That happens the most when watching Blu-Rays right before starting the movie. Trailers, menus, warning screens are all encoded in different sound processes, and cause the X7 to chirp horribly. Basically, I just mute everything until I get to the movie, literally as soon as I see the timer have the actual movie run time. In fact I recommend just lowering volume to the lowest level to the point before it mutes, because IIRC, it may chirp/garble upon being unmuted otherwise.
Nowadays there are some games with some limited form of headphone surround that doesn't come close to external processors.
Oh, wait, I was thinking of SBX processing for some reason. You're right.
^He can't get proper Dolby Digital to the Mixamp that way.
Willing to bet his source is at a low volume. The K712 would explode under the X7's max volume.
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