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Yeah, it's in that reference to POSITIONAL AUDIO ACCURACY that I say those virtual 7.1 solutions on headphones have an almost wallhack ability to discern where sounds are coming fro. Whereas in stereo you gain a general direction of "oh it's on my left/right", a good virtual surround dsp, well tell also CLEARLY tell you if it's in front or behind you. That takes a few moments longer to discern in plain stereo by comparison. A moment too late/you're dead.All 'higher skilled...
Sennheiser is releasing another headset, with 7.1 surround. Honestly looks like a PC360/Game One but with an inherent surround dsp. Still, it IS Sennheiser, so color me interested. ALso, for the price of the new Realizer, I'd DEFINITELY use those funds for a new PC rig instead.
It's not a 'gimmick'. I have built my entire gaming headphone guide around this 'gimmick', which I assure you transforms your audio experience, be it gaming, movies, or anything with a 5.1/7.1 source.While you're wondering if a sound is in front or behind you, I'll already to shoot you through the wall bassed on your audio location. For music, or typical stereo sources, no. But for everything else. Hell yes.Anyone with a 7.1 headphone audio is going to destroy everyone...
And here I am wanting a new headset. Question for Senn: What dsp is your surround based off? Is it your own proprietary surround, or is it a licensed one like Dolby Headphone, THX Tru Studio, SBX, etc?
Sennheiser should've just made a Game One wireless by now.
I don't even want a 5.8 solution. I want completely wireless.
To be honest, I'd kill for a wireless headset right now. I'm back to just wanting ultimate convenience. If the Skullcandy Plyr 1 had bigger cups, I'd just rebuy those. What even is out there that could fit that criteria nowadays? I've been so gone from the headset game, I have no clue what is out there. Maybe I'll just get a Plyr 2, and hook it up to the X7 now that the optical out send SBX. Plyr 2 is cheaper than Plyr 1, and I don't need redundancy of surround dsps.
That's what set it apart from the 880 line. If they reign in the control and speed, it may as well just be the 1880 Pro instead. People buy the 990 Pro for the extra boost in bass and liveliness over the 880. I hope they have some added sprinkles of magic down low for the 1990 to set it apart once again.
Never listen to people that say X card is overkill for X resolution. What you're doing with 'overkill' is ensuring the card you get stays competitive for longer. It might be doing 140-200fps now, but in 2-3 years, it may be 40fps extreme case, I know, but still). What is overkill now, will be 'fine' the next year. Not to mention, 240hz monitors are coming quite soon. I just want a that new Titan X coming in less than 2 weeks. But that price is about as much as I wanna...
No lie, I rented multiple of those movies on that list, and I didn't even bother checking for this. I left it on default. :'(
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