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I'm actually, really, REALLY stressed out. On the verge of a breakdown, but I'll keep that way from Head-fi.
Yeah, I have a friend who might get me in working on driving guarded trucks. If I work nights, it'd be like $3.45 more an hour and i could definitely afford a studio for myself. Of course, it'd be a lot more dangerous, and I need a gun license as well. He just told me about this today, so we'll see.
That's intense. I see a studio here for $529/month, and I would LOVE it, but I barely got by paying $385/month for half my current rent. It really is impossible for those of low income to live alone, when all the bills pile up. I thought long and hard before I rebought another Sportapro last week, since my KSC75 messed up and needed something for work. $23, and I was stressing it.
If I even have a place by the time Destiny comes out, that will be the game I play with you guys. My roommate is moving out, and my lease is over next month and I have no clue what I'm gonna do, so times are about to get much harder. Not sure I'll be have a place to live (aside from crashing on couches), let alone be able to get anything in the next few months. What a difference getting paid 2 dollars more an hour would make in my life. I wish I could just afford a small...
The X1 took FOREVER to make it stateside. Patience is gonna have to be practiced.
Do you turn off the surrond processing when listening to music? You must always stay on top of your settings, and change it everytimne you play and/or listen to music/other 2 channel audio. If not music will sound horrible, as 2 channel with baked on virtual surround is always a bad idea. ONLY use the surround option when playing the games (also making sure the speaker configuration is set to 7.1). Movies as well, as long as they have Dolby Digital.
Very noice. I'll check it out later. Think you can find a good spot in the game where you can just repeatedly check an audio cue? Like something on fire, etc? Also, how did you manage to record the audio? And game as well. I'd like to do this myself, but no idea how to go about it.
Yeah. The LCD2 is my favorite sounding headphone outside of the D7000. The LCD2 is just soooooo inviting. Is yours a new one, or a pre-fazor? I hear the new ones are more neutral, so I think iff I was gonna get an LCD2, I'd want an earlier LCD2 Rev. 2 which was warm and smoother.
Haven't been on this thread in a while, but I wanna say that the midnight black AD looks.... delicious. Wish I could afford it. I don't wanna go through 1000 pages, but have there been graphs about what the Treats tuning does to the AD? What does it look like in it's warmest settings?
Is that a black Alpha Dog? I thought MrSpeakers wasn't gonna use black? It looks amazing. Man, I'm jealous. Both an AD AND LCD2. HRRRRRGH!
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