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What? Why didn't it work? A clash of drivers? I guess you could try the X7's optical input instead, assuming your computer has an optical out.
Is it easy to set up? I'll try and game on the trial tomorrow.
Yethal can you send me a link to it in private message? I'm sure I'll forget otherwise. It costs $150? But there is a demo of some sort?
I haven't tested it yet. I'll think about it in the future when I have the time.
K712 isn't bass light by any means. Unless you want to be a basshead, K712 has good bass.
I'm gona say no. Creative would've announced it, and it would've been obvious like it is on the newer device that has that feature.
It has issues when it wants. Sometimes I can turn it on and it will switch to headphones without issues, other times I have to manually unplug the headphones and plug them back in for the X7 to allow me to switch between speakers/headphones. These are things that need to be QC'd before release. As it stands, the X7 is a potential headphone killer, in that it can go to driver killing volunmes due to the stupid inability to confirm headphone/speaker differences at...
Evs, you or anyone know what is the SBX equivalent to the U3 that send the dsp through its optical out? I'd have mentioned it, but since I don't know what devices they are, I default to saying the U3 for DH, and similar devices for SBX or CMSS-3D. I assume for SBX it's the X-fi GO, but not sure it transmits SBX through the optical, or if it even has an optical out to begin with. As for the Kannon.... if it uses a modified M50 driver... that is already a bad sign for...
So you've gone and used the older HE400 and LCD2, EQ-ed bass and tested next to the Kannon? Because I'm doubting this. Bass isn't all the sudden going to give you an advantage in any shape or form. It adds to immersion, not much more. As long as a headphone has an audible tone for bass down to whatever depths you think are important, 'feeling' it doesn't add anything. Planars are fantastic in that they are ruler flat down to the very bottom depths of sound (particularly...
Pulse, and Skullcandy Crusher have bass transducers like that. It's a nifty gimmick, but overall, it's just that a gimmick that doesn't help gaming in any way. I liked the Crusher. Just wouldn't use them for gaming as the vibration started getting annoying. Get a planarmagnetic and eq bass. You'll get all the sub-30hz rumble you want. HE-400 is fantastic for that, as is the older LCD2.
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