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Anyone know a place online with the updated loot tables, and whatnot? What I wanna know is... What drops in Vanguard Heroic Strikes POE Normal POE Hard Court 3 Nightfall Daily I'm still struggling for gear, and I don't have enough runes for Court. edit: Just did POE 42 by myself, and underleveled. It's just 3 boss fights with Small Arms, Grounded, and Airborne (I think). It shouldn't take but 10-15 minutes with a group of three. But Bungie thinks we shouldn't...
Ok, so I tried the Out Of Your Head software for a bit. I dunno if it's the trial or my laptop, but it clips and distorts badly. When it was working fine, I was able to test some of the presets, and I can say that IF you can get it to work perfectly, it is indeed the real deal. Whereas Dolby headphone, SBX, etc only really give you one algorithm each (though you can argue that the various room modes in DH sounds very different from one another), This software gives you...
I had like 8 keys left over for POE. Looks like that's a pretty safe way to get highish gear. 3 runs I've been getting 315-316 stuff (once per character). I dunno if I can keep using keys and getting stuff though. I'll try a few more tomorrow and see if I still get drops in POE normal. Of course, referring to those of us who didn't raid before the update. Where and how do you even get keys now?
I love the Titan chest piece that allows you to evade in the air. I don't use it for that. At full refresh, you can dodge twice in a row. I find it to be AWESOME for reaching far platforms after a Titan shoulder charge (knee charge in air specifically). You get a ridiculous amount of distance. Lenroot, yeah man, I guess I'll be playing a little Destiny here and there, though I don't have the mic set up. I'im only 304-305 with all three characters, and haven't done the...
What about me? I sleep during the day, and couriers won't leave packages unless I sign for them 99% of the time. I'm constantly missing packages, and/or have to go pick them up. It's damn annoying.
Your MOBO has a pretty decent ap/dac from what I see, and it has SBX. You're golden there, as far as I see. Look for Fidelio X1s if you can score them for cheap. I think you'll like them. X2 is even better, but right now there seems to be some inconsistencies on build quality, so I dunno. DT990 Pro is fine choice as well, though treble is pretty strong.
nvm disregard, thought of something else.
They never emailed me the trial for the Out of Your head software.
Not gonna dismiss it, but I'd have to do some in depth testing and comparison with DH, since that what it sounds more like, not SBX or THX Tru Studio. The free trial interrupting after 2 minutes sounds like it's gonna be a problem. he could've at least given us a 24 hour period or something. I should be able to test it ok with my Xonar U3, since I can just toggle DH on/off.
That Out Of Your Head demo reel sounds a lot like Dolby Headphone. IIRC, it actually sounds like it has MORE reverb than DH2, So.... yeah, there's that. Like DH-3. Front speaker doesn't sound like it's fully in front, but above my head and front. Not sure about this tech. Rear sound cues are good.
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