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The Remaster is not a simple resolution bump. Volumetric fog, dynamic lighting, whole new graphical assets, physical based rendering, etc. It is a proper remaster.here's a video that shows before and afters.https://www.facebook.com/401883713352009/videos/499894756884237/?fref=nf
Or... you can buy the game, swipe the code for the remaster, and sell the new one. Done. Unless Activision has it where you can only play the Remaster through Infinite Warfare's menu. Then it's an issue. If you have Prime, the game is $67 atm. CoD4 is worth that, at least.
Thanks for these. I'll give them a listen, and if they sound good, I'll put them up on the first page.edit: First complaint for the first video (the only one I've seen so far). You should set the surround to at least 67% IMHO. 100% even better. Default I believe is 67% which is a proper gauge for surround. 33% is reducing the surround effect, and doesn't encapsulate the expectation of surround effect for others. So yes, if you can do these tests with surround at 67 or...
The Steam controller looks like an abomination to me. I love my analog sticks.
15G isn't low amp friendly. I'd risk going with the 9500, even though I haven't heard it. I love the 15G, but the 9500 is more enticing.
I have been playing and dominating FPS games with a controller for over a decade now. Even PC games that support it, I have beaten PC gamers who use KB&M, though they still have a clear advantage over me in general.It's how I grew up playing games, and it's how I will continue playing games, until I die.I don't like playing games with KB&M, and don't buy games that don't natively support gamepads on PC.Oh, and I never learned how to type properly. I have to look at my...
I don't play games with mouse and keyboard, so I'm at a huge disadvantage in multiplayer games. On consoles, gamepads are on an even playing field.
Maybe they can get in touch with Audeze and release a non-fazor LCD2 (fazor'd LCD2s reduce what people love about the LCD2, FWIH) for like $400, and a much better headband. That's the only other thing I'd want aside from a revamped HE-400.
Look, I know how people feel about CoD, but I'm gonna let you know right now. CoD4 is a masterpiece. CoD4 is literally what got me into headphone gaming. CoD4 is the reason why this thread even came to be. A remaster of that game, is all that is needed to bring me back to online multiplayer destruction. Screw everything else. If you guys wanna play with me, this will literally be the game where you will find me in most of the time, once it is released. So slick of...
I'd definitely choose something warmer, bolder, bigger. I can only imagine how thin and dry the HD800 would sound off the X7.
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