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^KSC75/Sportapro = makeshift KSC35 (Using the KSC75 clips with Sportapro drivers.) It's comfy, never moves off my ears, and I can throw it in my pocket. Also it doesn't block out external noise, so I can hear my surroundings (I don't like noise isolation). Once in a blue moon, I'll use the Creative zJAM I recently reviewed, because of wireless convenience.
It all does sound like advertising. Anyone who reads the last few pages, it sounds like the Taction Kannon headset thread complete with bullet points.
Having experienced tactile bass rumble motor enablers before, they're fun, but ultimately nothing that will change the landscape of gaming or headphone audio. It's an extra feature/gimmick that will be fun to use, but ultimately is not going to be anything huge that everyone needs to have. Skullcandy Skullcrusher = terribad. Mainluy because the sound signature was ass. Worst example Skullcandy Crusher = very good example, solid headphone. Well balanced, if a little too...
3D Wings are an automatic no go for me, even with whatever strap they're using.
Seriously. Only get the DSS if you don't find yourself using a mic often.
Plenty of games benefit from virtual surrund. Say an action game, where you are looking for secret items. Some games, these secret items make a distinct sound. You can hear which direction the sound is coming from and find the item that much easier. Virtual surround is literally an extra layer of immersion for any game that supports it properly.
The 1840 and 1540 sound quite different. I wouldn't give Shure a 'house sound' at least from the two I've heard.
They are a valid alternative to the K70x line, but I feel they need the price to match the mid-level performers. $500 is too much. It's been too long though I can't say where it stands today for me.
I disagree on speaker placement not being ideal for placing sounds. It's what's been used for Dolby headphone, THX tru Studio, Creative SBX to name a few, and it's MUCH easier to pinpoint audio directions than any other alternative, IMHO (asides from pure 360 degree, circular soundfield which aren't widely available, and I know little about).When you acclimatize your ears to hearing the difference between how things sound in front and behind you, it may as well be a cheat...
It definitely has potential. If they get all the kinks ironed out, this could be one of the best gaming solutions on PC.
New Posts  All Forums: