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Thought I had deleted this:
Run as admin?
We would love that and have been asking for that, but no go.Spdif out is just to use it with another device with it's own dac. Again, headphone modes do not work from the X7 to spdif out.
Perhaps I'll go just to kick Change's arse. Jk. My vacation starts July 30th, so this may be a definite thing. I pretty much sold everything I had, and from what I see, I don't need to bring the X2. Too bad I just sold the TH900.
Click on the start menu on your task bar. Right on the search bar, tour command prompt. It should show up. Paste the X7 firmware update file directly into the command prompt window you just opened, then hit enter.
Just wanna note that that X7 exhibits more bass presence through USB compared to the SPDIF in. Tested on my PC, quick switching both devices with a few mouse clicks. So if you feel bass is lacking without EQ, don't bother with SPDIF if USB is an option. Mids are more present on spdif, so that's a benefit.
Oh, I'm sure the 400S is a fantastic headphone. If I was in the mood for an HD650 again (which I loved but isn't a replacement for my one open-backed headphone slot), I'd be sure to try the 400S instead. I AM a fan of the kind of tonality the 400S seems to have, but it's more an alternative to my real preference in sound, not my target. I'm bound by my rule of only have ONE open headphone at a time, preferrably one headphone, PERIOD.
Wow, so glad I didn't put my X2 for sale to get this. The X2 has been basically my reference headphone in terms of price, performance, comfort. Of course I have owned better in sheer sound quality, at higher prices, but in all of my years, nothing has hit as many boxes as the X2. The X1 came close, but was just a little too congested in the bass to mids transition. Pretty sure, I'm approaching a year with the X2, which if you know me like some people do on here, you know...
So we need to buy another piece of tech? Ah well, but hey, at least now we have A solution from Creative.
Yeah, impressions are all over the place, but I have complete trust in Matt's impressions, so I'll take his word as gospel.
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