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Give them time. Hell, just very recently, it seems like my TH900 got a bass boost. Either the updated software of my amp/dac did something, or the bass rattled off some dampening on the cups, lol. All joking aside, Im saying is to give them their due time. Your ears will adjust.
Using the HE500 which benefits from current will obviously play to the Magni's strengths, not the Valis. In this instance, I find the comparison questionable. You need to find a headphone that can play to BOTH the amp's strengths. The Vali is not the most ideal amp for current favored headphones like the older HFM planars. Vali is better at voltage rather than current. A higher impedance, more voltage driven headphone like an HD600/HD650 would be better suited as a...
I've ran VoG like 7 times this week. They should make it a Vanguard strike by now, lol.
Lean, lol. Ok.
More treble is the last thing the TH600 or TH900 need.
TH900 begs to differ. The mids are a considerable improvement over the TH600 in clarity and separation from the bass.
I'm hating the 1540? I simply said I didn't understand why you'd get one with the D7000 around. You of all people know that I hold the D7000 in high regard. Like saying why he'd buy a Ford when he has an Mercedes. A very good Ford, but not on the level of the Mercedes. Never understood why people buying lower tier headphones of the same general ilk of headphones. Closed, v-shaped, not so portable.
If anything, you could always go lawton cups. Though I dunno how it will affect the sound.
If it sounds like a hater...
Watching interstellar blu ray with the TH900 and SBX... that D7000 rumble is there! Sooo excited.
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