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That's your opinion. The HE-400 had fantastic bass, and fantastic lower mids. It's the sudden drop in upper mids and sudden spike in treble that was problematic. All they had to do for an improved 400i was to lessen the drop of upper mids, and lessen the rise in treble.As for EQ, not everything you plug your headphones into will have EQ, let alone quality EQ. It's the magic fix people think it is. It may be in certain instance, but not EVERY instance.
Considering the 400i is a retooled 400 driver (IIRC), they could've easily went the route of making the 400i an actual evolution to the 400's sound. IMHO, it should've been the 400's sound. The 400i as it stands seems to have more in common with the HE-500 than the 400. They could've just released this current 400i as the 500i. But we'll see once the 400i is actually released. I just wish they didn't take away what made the 400 good, and took away what wasn't (the treble).
Couldn't have killed HFM to actually model the 400i after the 400, with the everything being the same sonically EXCEPT a lot less treble.... basically a reduced treble EQ from the factory... Would've gotten the bass everyone wants. That and sell the current 400i as the 500i...
I THINK Doom 2 is inside Doom:BFG. I should try it.
Puppeteer on ps3? It's free on PS Plus.
Never really played Doom, Quake, or Duke Nukem. I think I played the Wolfenstein before the one that just came out. I rented it and about 75% done with it, my save file corrupted. :'( I want the PS4 one, but only when it goes down in price. That or just get it on steam. It will be $10 or less eventually. OH, I have Doom: BFG on steam, but I couldn't get into it.
So your taste is better, congrats. Go back to crouching all game, random nades, and jumping during every firefight. Please. Halo has been the same since Halo 1. Pick the BR, or shotgun/melee combo. Video games are video games. Enjoy them, not belittle them because they're not your cup of tea. Now I'm corny. I'm so hurt. Go back to the MLG forums and pwn sum nubz with ur l337 skillz
What? Why?
Easy/noob games... someone thinks they're the cat's meow...
If I recall, Medal of Honor was basically Battlefield with CoD sized maps, and it felt just so wrong. Basically limiting what makes Battlefield good. I remember renting it, and it was so...just lacking. I think CoD can thrive with bigger maps, but it needs more changes than just big maps. That and the fact all 3 studios are making 'near future to future' setting CoDs is just stupid. They shouldve had one company doing past era CoDs, one doing present, and one doing...
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