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Don't do it. There are quite a few new games that pass the 3gb mark, which causes steep fps drops when hitting the memory ceiling. I'd hold out for the 6gb.In many games it's fine, but nothing is worse than a card capable of 60fps, but get hits hard and stutters down to 25fps or so because it can't keep up from memory. The lowest I'd go is 4gb.I'm still waiting on Kaby Lake and 1080tis. Wanna make sure I start off right. Lol. Though we'll see where I'm at in 2 months.
You're limited in choices in the console space for audio. You either get something solid like the X7, or have to deal with amping a headphone output like the Mixamp or stuff like the Recon. Seriously, X7 is the easiest recommendation for simplicity. I miss having wireless freedom though. Sennheiser really, REALLY needs to sell a wireless gaming headset, preferably open. TeeReQs, thanks for letting me know about the update. I'll download it when I get home in an hour.
I only buy doawnloads. I'm not a collector of any sort. I do have games stored that I've had for over 16 years though, and I would love to not have them taking up space. Less stuff I have, the better. Downloads all the way.. Collector's Editions do nothing for me. Just crap that you'll end up storing away.
X7 isn't without some issues, but those are on the software end, and not sound quality related. You start getting used to sometimes having to unplug your headphones when turning the X7 on so that when you plug them back in, the X7 registers that a headphone is connected.
I know you meant the RX480. Did I put GTX 480. That was an error.I dunno. In any case, it's impressive what they came up with to make it work.I think checkerboard rendering should be an option for PC games as well. It would reduce requirements by a considerable amount for not a humongous hit to visuals. I seen checkerboard artifacts, and they are hard to see when you're not focused on looking for them.
I would not say it's an underclocked 480. It has two gpus.
Essentially the same thing. By cheaper I mean if you happen to find a used one or something. Just get which is cheapest for you. The three are interchangeable.
Digital Foundry posts videos doing analysis of games. TF2 is one of the few with a static res of 1440p. Other games like the Last of Us will either do 4k at 30fps native, or 1800p in the high fps mode. 1800, not 1080. CoD Infinite Warfare is running checkerboard 4k with dynamic resolution that goes down to 1500-1600p. It's really hard to see when it goes down. They did a great job there.
No which is why I'm saying to pick whichever is cheaper at time of buying. Should be the 7XX, but I dunno how often they are available. Never bought from Massdrop.And I mean the 702 Anniversary, not the standard. Look at the first page for differences.
Creative X7 LE. Had it for a while. It's served me well. A couple of dumb things about it, like sometimes having to unplug and plug headphones in to get the amp to switch from speaker mode to headphones, but I've become accustomed to its eccentricities.
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