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You know what makes me happy? Image taken from google, lol. Vornado 660. Bought this on impulse, and because I was soooo sick of my huge box fan that barely pushes air and sounds obnoxiously loud. This fan quite literally pushes so much air, its second lowest setting can be felt in the entire room, and is really quiet for a fan. The two highest settings sound like a normal fan, but the entire room is circulating air like the AC is on at all times. I'm blown away by...
Oh, same drivers for CAL2, interesting. Still, I have heard unanimously that the CAL2 sounds worse, and has even more bass than the first. Considering the CAL was already bassy, not sure it's the way I would've went.
Skullcandy Slyr.
Nope... I'm nearing my end when it comes to headphone purchases, though a lot can be attributed to bad decisions, and low wages.
Oppo is releasing the PM-1 in the middle of this month for $1099. They also mentioned something new: The PM-2. Same design, same everything, but using cheaper parts (plastic instead of whatever metal), pleather instead of lambskin leather. It will cost $699. That number sounds way more reasonable than $1099 for the same sound with stronger build. The thing that gets me is that Oppo will ALSO have option velour pads for these. That just made me REALLY wanna try them. The...
The Oppo PM-1 and PM-2 will have option velour pads... GAH, looks like a surefire contender for the 400i for me. They should lower the prices of each by $100 though...
Hmm, the PM-1 looks amazing, but I'm sure that the PM-2 will as well. Not like all plastics look or feel cheap. My cheap Ultrasone HS-15 is all plastic, and can withstand a nuclear holocaust. How much of that can be said about many, many headphones?Oppo just brought back some hype with all this good news (release date range and cheaper model with same sound).On their website:OH SHI-!That just REALLY made me want these now.
Headfi friends may be dorky, but we enjoy what we have. I still enjoy my broken DNA PROS.
Omg, I'm salivating. I'll sell my left hip for project Christine.
The XB1 is even bigger, heavier and dorkier looking when worn. The Wii U looks the easiest on the head.
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