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I agree with this.
Dry sounding headphones can sound sterile/clinical/flat/boring in comparison to liquid headphones. Dry headphones are better at extracting detail, air, soundstage and imaging, but lack in musicality in comparison to more liquid sounding headphones which give headphones more body and fullness. Apples to oranges, and it's up to you which you prefer.
Oh, I'll definitely group up with you guys (I played with Evs a bit). Just expecting a huge gap in terms of general level and loot.
I love the HE-400 (owned it twice). All I want from it is a reduced treble output. And you're wrong about the emphasis. The HE-400's treble dominance over all else starts at around 9khz and onward. 5khz-6khz is actually recessed relative to everything else about it (both Tyll and Purrin's graphs show this, Headroom's graph is of old HE-400, IIRC). 7-9khz is about on par with the bass and general mids, which then starts outdoing the rest of the sound spectrum with it's hot...
I'm fairly certain I'll be playing with randoms 9/10 times just like I did with the Beta.
Then people wonder why I don't co-op or do teams in general. Lone gamer 4 life.
More liquid than dry, though the Annie with older pads are even more liquid.If you want a more dry version of this, just get the Q701.
Oh stahp it, you. $250 for a strong amp with options. It looks like it's in my future, lol. I really miss the HE-400 too. What I see of the 400i, doesn't looks like what I want out of my one main headphone, though I know it's mids are something I'd love.
It has a lot of power for planars, and about as much for 600ohm headphones as the Compass 2. The bandwith settings can basically limit the harshness of treble, which is what the HE-400 needs. I think this would be my end game, since that is ALL I want fixed from the HE-400.
I wonder how well the bandwith settings work on the HE-400's problematic treble. Anyone tested this? WOW, I AM AN IDIOT. YOU JUST TALKED ABOUT THIS. DISREGARD.
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