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X7 uses Dolby Digital, just like the Mixamps. They have different surround tech, but they both the same kind of source signal.
I've tried everything, and I'm pretty well acquainted with hardware like this, but damn, if it ain't one of the most finicky things ever. I have been waiting for a firmware update for awhile now.
I don't see portable dac/amp, since isn't that what the Fulla is? I foresee something more like a Modi/Magni all in one, or maybe something more like a Modi/Asgard all in one. At least That's what I'd like to see. never mind: You meant like fully portable. Yeah, I see that as a possibility. Like a Fiio E17 type device.
My X7 has been a problem since day 1. Audio pops/crackles through USB at random times. Harsh spikes in volumes when the audio changes from one type to the next (i.e. watching a Blu-Ray on PS4, and the audio going from stereo PCM to Dolby Digital). Having to turn the X7 on/off multiple times until it picks up the signal (turning it on doesn't GUARANTEE a connection), etc. Honestly, this is the buggiest, most problematic device I have owned in years. The only reason I...
And again people miss the point.I'm referring to an all in one piece.Selling out? WTf are you on about? Targeting a new segment for people that don't want to 'stack' gear when one single component can do the same thing? Yeah, selling out. They did it with the Fulla, they can sure as hell move up to a higher performing device."OMGZ, Schiit made a dac/amp, such loserz, eww!"Plenty of people love minimalistic gear. Why have two, when you can have one that does it all? Yes,...
Dac/amp, speakers, full hometheater a/v receiver.
One will be a Desktop dac/amp. Calling it now. They were against it at first, but with the release of the Fulla, those old prejudices have turned into Schiit sniping some sales from other companies in a segment for audiophiles that WANT all-in-ones. They've basically got everything else covered, and this would be one of the only areas that they lack a product for.
I haven't heard it yet, but that is one I DO believe.
No I haven't. And I'm wary of any mentions of bigger soundstages than the AD700. I tend to call BS on that.
Not that I play this game anymore, but found the update amusing. Hah, just some of you got the Gjally, it's been nerfed. Oh, Bungie. PVP is the freaking issue, yet PVE'ers get rammed up the arse yet again. Gjally: Wolfpack round damage nerf. Black Hammer? Goodbye to unlimited ammo. Icebreaker? Goodbye to regen speed, making Oracles a lot harder, or have to sit on your ass for a lot longer (making you log more time in this nonsense) while trying to sit back during...
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