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A good alternative that doesn't need an amp really is the Sony MA900.
You're comparing anything to the AD700 for soundstage is your mistake. Nothing will match the AD700. Maybe an old gen K701, and the HD800. That's it.
Yeah, I removed those cons once I found out about the Magni 2 Uber. I probably should've at least mentioned that the Magni 2 Uber has all those extra inputs/outputs.
AKGs are known to be quite oval shaped in soundstage. No surprises there
No, as I don't have the X1. You can expect the X2 to score slightly lower in fun and slightly higher in competitive. That's all I'll say for now.
Thanks a lot broslice. I don't know how that even happened. The Urbanite on ear review should be up soonish. The Schiit Vali after that, and the next headphone after will be the X2. I'll try and add in a bit more in the specific gaming portion of my reviews that gets submitted to, since that section of my reviews isn't submitted there. I had completely forgotten to fill that part in the T70 review until today, and it feels half done. AH well. I'll make...
Not a bad price point. They need to sell the tech to be used for any headphone.
They make a difference if the resistance is too high. Cables should be tested with a multimeter.
For some strange reason (strange = I'm super lazy), I'm about a month late in posting the T70 review on here. Well, it's on the guide now guys. Enjoy....
That may be why. The open soundstage can place sounds a little further away. The M50 isn't known for a good soundstage (it's quite closed in and intimate, actually), which may be why everything sounds close to you. That being said, in the actual mix itself, the M50 places mids further away compared to the bass and treble, while the X2 keeps the mids generally inline with both the bass and treble. I've owned the M50 myself, as well as had the M50LE in the house for over a...
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