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Considering having heard that PSVR versions of games lowers resolution of in game assets (RE7 demo having missing text descriptions on items that you can clearly see text without VR), I already know it's gonna be as much of a waste of time and money as 3D was on the PS3 (which made game assets look muddy and washed out). I said it once, I'll say it again: it's a gimmick pushed on to consumers far too early. Once you have 4K screen VR at 90fps, then MAYBE it will be time....
I'll ban everyone who talks about that game here. I'll DO IT. I mean, I have no power here, BUT I'LL DO IT.
Mixamp uses Dolby Headphone which has more accurate positional cues, but sounds more echo-y and processed. X7 uses SBX which sounds really good in most aspects, though positional cues aren't AS accurate, though still very good. Most people will still prefer the latter in general.Dolby Headphone's soundfield is more rounded/circular. SBX is more oval shaped. So it's harder to accurately place sounds at certain angles like 5 o clock behind you, or 10 o clock in front of you,...
If it does, I sure can't get it to work.Shadowplay options are grey out for me. I could swear Shadowplay started the gen after mine.
Found OBS. Uploaded that advanced strat that no one has bothered to show people.
I was trying to stream my Steam stuff, but My laptop is too old for Shadowplay. :'( I really wanted to show people how to backdash cancel on Bloodstained. I haven't seen ANYONE doing it online. Like, properly utilizing how to cancel attacks into others. I'm probably too good at Metroidvanias, lol. If you meant Star Ocean on PS4, yeah, I don't typically stream. 1, no mic, 2, that's not a game fun for streaming purposes. Lol.
Console for now, they are considering PC.So the latest game on my mind, that just won't go away is 'Life Is Strange'. That game, to me, is a masterpiece in evoking emotions. If you love a good drama, and something akin to Telltale games, then for the love of games, get that game, so we can talk all about it.I'm about to hopefully play through Jotun before the arrival of Star Ocean tomorrow.
The new Mixamp seems to have fixed everything from the other Mixamps. I only recomend the 2011 variants because they go for very cheap on Fleabay.
Ugh. I can understand CoD doing soething similar for killstreaks (where 2 assists = 1 kill towards killstreaks or whatever), but to count assists as kills in scoreboards is just ridiculous.As for audio, my HE-400 is lucky if I put it on once a month,basically. I'm too lazy to wear headphones, especially since I haven't been gaming much lately. That might change next week when Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is out.Nothing's changed for my Koss clip ons though. I...
I've said for so many years now, 1440p was the sweet spot. 4k only makes a difference because TV manufacturers completely skipped 1440p. The difference between 1440p and 4k is next to none under normal viewing distances of TVs, and very hard to appreciate even with monitors. Not only is 4K overkill, it makes it harder for GPUs. GPUs for console gaming will need another few years for it to be viable, if you want games to hit 4K at 60fps reliably. The Scorpio is NOT...
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