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Marketing hype. Lol Had the Asgard 2 in my house, as well as the Vali. Preferred the Vali. Didn't care for the Asgard 2. End of story. Didn't sound the same to me, but what do I know? I'm a mindless drone.
Warehouse is selling used items. UIsed items usually never have warranty regardless of place. That's the risk you take for buying used, which is why I almost never buy used unless there's a specific warranty mentioned or if it's an old item that I'm still looking for.
Yeah I don't suggest keeping the BoomPro on when you're not chatting anyways.
Pretty certain that if you have a Dead Orbit class item equipped, the Crucible Commendation will add to Dead Orbit rep, just as completing crucible bounties with a class item equipped went to that specific faction.And I believe it's 250 points per Commendation. Levelling up after a few levels is always 2500 points, so 10 commendations = 1 level up.
Magni and Modi.... A bit bright of a setup. The K712 has one problem for me, and it's the upper mid glare. The X2 is less fatiguing, but I'll still recommend the 712 for you.
It's all flat and the vast majority of amps allm sound the exact same. Our hobby is one big lie, and we should all just get a Magni because it will sound the same as all other flat SS amps.Someone certainly doesn't have good enough ears if the Magni sounds the same as the Vali.What a joke.The Magni was my least favorite desktop amp. The Vali is my fave, even after owning stuff like the Audio-GD SA-31 and Lyr.I love the Vali. It has special quality to it's tonality that the...
Yes, it has an absurdly high resistance. I forget if it was over 100ohms or 1000ohm, lol. But again, this is for chat gaming, and I feel the resistance may be due to the mic channel being in the mix and maybe needing a higher resistance. In any case, you guys need to remember that cable resistance is subtle when it comes to sound changes. BoomPro included. It doesn't make a headphone sound like crap. It's just not as good as a standard cable. When you're voice chatting,...
Word of Crota. Void handgun with very accurate, and fast fire rate for a handgun. I hate the Last World. I find it useless in PVE. You should be going for 1 hit headshots per most enemies. TLW burns through ammo for that auto fire gimmick. I find it only worthwhile for PVP, and I wouldn't give up my Pocket Infinity for it.
X2 would fix your fit issues.The X1 was at it's absolute limit with my head AND metal bending. The X2 doesn't need anything.
The X7 will work fine for the HD800. It has a 300ohm impedance, well within what the X7 can handle well. As for the huge impedance spike on the HD800, that may not be perfectly handled by the X7, but that would only result in less authority where the spike lives. In any case, I probably wouldn't consider the HD800 the best headphone for the X7's slight lean tilt. I'm sure Feg is using his own stuff in addition to the X7 anyways.
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