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I have... on the vegan LCD2. Among my fave pads of all time.
In terms of bass as a whole, yes, the HE400 has about the best bass there is in terms of finding the perfect balance between quality and quantity. You're probably just used tk bass heavy headphones, which doesn't mean better bass, it means more bass. Find an open headphone that hits as deep and powerfully as the HE400. There really is only one I can think of, the LCD2. Thats it. Amazon has them, but I don't think they ship internationally. Here's what google gave up for retailers selling the pads. Perhaps one of these ship internationally.
Conquer, can you PLEASE try out the Shure 1540 Alcantara pads? They seem to work well for the HE4, I'd like to see what they do to the 400i and 560. I'm not sure the focus pads have removable rings to attach to the 1540 pads like the HFM velours and pleathers?
Im doing Warlock then Hunter. I'm a sucker for fast characters. Not a fan of Tanks in general. OMG YES. Redbox has Last of Us Remastered, so I'm gonna rent that when I get off work. So... Xillia and Diablo will need a few days break. Now if only they actually updated their site so it showed ps4 games for rent instead of me having to go to every redbox to find them...
I agree with this.
Dry sounding headphones can sound sterile/clinical/flat/boring in comparison to liquid headphones. Dry headphones are better at extracting detail, air, soundstage and imaging, but lack in musicality in comparison to more liquid sounding headphones which give headphones more body and fullness. Apples to oranges, and it's up to you which you prefer.
Oh, I'll definitely group up with you guys (I played with Evs a bit). Just expecting a huge gap in terms of general level and loot.
I love the HE-400 (owned it twice). All I want from it is a reduced treble output. And you're wrong about the emphasis. The HE-400's treble dominance over all else starts at around 9khz and onward. 5khz-6khz is actually recessed relative to everything else about it (both Tyll and Purrin's graphs show this, Headroom's graph is of old HE-400, IIRC). 7-9khz is about on par with the bass and general mids, which then starts outdoing the rest of the sound spectrum with it's hot...
I'm fairly certain I'll be playing with randoms 9/10 times just like I did with the Beta.
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