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Yes, exactly. It's fine at first, but the longer you use it, the worst it gets.I honestly thought it blew out my drivers.The software doesn't alot of dynamic sounds going off at once. It sounds overworked.
I'm constantly getting clipping and pops with the Out Of Your Head software during heavy action. Sigh. Both on my Creative soundcard, and on the Xonar U3.
Just don't forget to bend the clips the way I posted on their review. It makes a drastic difference.
I'll pm him soon, so they can get with me on that.
Wait, I never said not to talk about that product. I simply meant that the last few pages sounded like an ad. This is a thread to talk about such products, after all. The only one I'd be willing to test out is the AD700 looking one, as I'm tired of testing closed headphones. I hate 3D wings, but for the sake of the rest of you guys, I'm not against having impressions on the headphone.
^KSC75/Sportapro = makeshift KSC35 (Using the KSC75 clips with Sportapro drivers.) It's comfy, never moves off my ears, and I can throw it in my pocket. Also it doesn't block out external noise, so I can hear my surroundings (I don't like noise isolation). Once in a blue moon, I'll use the Creative zJAM I recently reviewed, because of wireless convenience.
It all does sound like advertising. Anyone who reads the last few pages, it sounds like the Taction Kannon headset thread complete with bullet points.
Having experienced tactile bass rumble motor enablers before, they're fun, but ultimately nothing that will change the landscape of gaming or headphone audio. It's an extra feature/gimmick that will be fun to use, but ultimately is not going to be anything huge that everyone needs to have. Skullcandy Skullcrusher = terribad. Mainluy because the sound signature was ass. Worst example Skullcandy Crusher = very good example, solid headphone. Well balanced, if a little too...
3D Wings are an automatic no go for me, even with whatever strap they're using.
Seriously. Only get the DSS if you don't find yourself using a mic often.
New Posts  All Forums: