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A bright source/amp maker with notoriously bright headphone manufacturers? Hmm...
It'll be called the Schiit Fenrir, IF it's being co-created with MrSpeakers. Why? Fenrir is the monstrous wolf that killed Odin. Wolf = dog, and MrSpeakers loves some dogs. That naming opportunity can't possibly be missed, if the partnering is true. And I'm betting 1000% that it's a planar. That's what's in nowadays.
He's fine with what he has. People need to stop saying his card isnt good for games. WTF. HE HAS DOLBY HEADPHONE. Set that up right, it will do everything well. Jin, you have an opinion, not a fact. Also, CAL2 doesnt use Fostex drivers like CAL, IIRC. Fact check.
Zero volume not actually muting the sound is something on my X7 as well. That doesn't bug me as much as having to lower the volume past zero just to get the volume to actually go down to minimum, like the X7 volume contradicting system volume. I adjust the volume knob for a bit even when the indicator on Windows says 0.
It's bass has been called rolled off time and time again. You don't need to be a basshead to be disappointed in bass rolloff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1LAPgQ8Jqc My boy Lachlan, who I pretty much always agree with has stated the same here at around 14:30. Hell, the Koss ESP-950, an electrostatic, not known for being bassy has more bass than these going by the graphs (and I have reviewed them). Among the many headphones I have reviewed. Just simply stating, that...
The HE-400S graphs innerfidelity posted look, underwhelming, at least in terms of what I expected from the bass. It rolls off like an open dynamic, not a planar. Ah well. Maybe next year. I mean, it looks very well balanced, despite the bass roll off, but it's jarring to see.
Those Innerfidelity graphs tell me all I need to know. I have never seen any non-Fostex planars have such a bass roll off. People can try and say it's not that bad, but signs pretty much exactly why so many people complained. Thank god I didn't get these. No other HFM planar has that roll off. This looks far from the planar bass I expect. Another headphone horribly mislabeled as a HE-400 successor. I mean, it rolls off like an open DYNAMIC.
Don't ever believe hyperbole like that.
Yup, I'm not gonna go through the RMA process unless I'm getting a refund, because it's evident that these issues are pretty widespread. I can't be without an amp/dac while I wait for another faulty until to arrive. It's problematic and aggravating, but it's all I have. I'm not saying the unit's by themselves are faulty, but likely the combination of the unit, software, and how they interact with our systems. The auto switching, the auto-sleep, all the automatic settings...
So I preordered Sword Art Online: Lost Song for PS4, and I got Hollow Fragment for free for preordering it. I'm starting to think I made a mistake. The game throws you right in, with very weird and convoluted game mechanics. I was instantly turned off by it. Starting to think it was $60 that I just basically threw away. Hopefully Lost Somg will make up for it when it releases in November.
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