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The only people who would suggest plain stereo over a virtual surround like SBX or Dolby Headphone are people living in the stone age. Those with the purist mentality that cant get over the fact that virtual surround is going to sound different from what theyre used to. A headphone with little soundstage and virtual surround will trump a headphone with a huuuuuuuge soundstage with a basic stereo signal. Why? Because virtual surround literally emulates sounds as if you...
I'm sorry for your loss...of motes.
They're great with everything. IMHO. A true all rounder.
If you can afford it, yes.I recently had both for a few weeks. I'm someone who has bias not like others. I do everything to justify the CHEAPER option, but after the first few days, it was clear the TH900 just outdoes the TH600 in every way. The bass is better controlled, the mids don't sound constricted, and the musicality is through the roof, in comparison.They sound similar, but it's as if the TH600 went through a low-fi filter in comparison. Don't get me wrong, at the...
I'll be taking a break until Tuesday. I MAY get on just to finish levelling my Locks' Starfire Protocol (dunno why the hell I bought it, actually).
Brian at Razordog is an awesome gent.
The Trittin's decoder box is fine. If it's still like before, you can separate the puck to reveal two inputs (one for headphones, one for mics), that way you can use your own stuff. I suggest the Fidelio X2. It's amazing. Buy it with a V-moda Boompro, and you'll have an instant, amazing headset.
Thank god I kept mine. I'm way too happy with it. Still, it's disheartening that Philips service is shoddy at best lately.
You will be very happy with the TH600 coming from the HE400. I love both headphones. The TH600 isn't polarizing like the HE400 can be.
Always be prepared to take some big losses when selling, due to prices always going down on current headphones. They can be bought new for as low as $500 from authorized sellers, so you're looking at $400 to get people to look at used ones. Thats just the nature of this hobby. Only rare and highly sought headphones keep their value (like a near mint pair of D7000s)...
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