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Wait for the release of the HE-400S. That may be the new best thing at $300. And yes, once you go planar, it will be hard to go back to dynamic.
Pretty sure the 400s is gonna be warmer than the 400i.
I'm not saying you're wrong. What I AM saying, is that regardless of any headphone, if it is generally liked, the vast majority of users will say it scales. "It scales" has become a general term for me, the same as "This headphone is good", because you know people are going to say this, whether you agree it's good or not. At this point, I just consider it as them liking the additional flavoring of their amp/dac with the particular headphone in question. And as you know,...
I don't like the scaling excuse. Why? Because EVERY SINGLE HEADPHONE EVER that people like always scales. That is what people will always lead others to believe. There are no exceptions. Whether it's true or not, you are never going to hear unanimously that a Headphone doesn't scale.
My PC is a laptop, and my onboard Recon 3Di doesn't output Dolby Digital Live through the optical out, only 2 channel.
Why would I do that? The X7 is basically an external soundcard. It is its own dac/amp. Using the X7 means you're not using whatever soundcard you have, unless you are using the analog inputs on the X7. I use the X2 as my headphones.
I don't go too far into the PC side of things, as it's secondary to m main use: consoles, though lately I have been gaming a lot more on PC.
From my experiences, games don't guarantee DDL. Pretty sure DDL is more for stuff like DVDs and what have you. Basically, just set your sound to be 5.1/7.1, and your soundcard to do SBX/Dolby headphone/etc. I say this because my X7, as well as my older Dolby Headphone enabled receiver wouldn't light up the Dolby Digital sign when playing PC games, though I was definitely getting proper surround. They would light up for console games/movies though.
Price dropped for quick sale.
In case anyone is wondering, PC games don't need Dolby Digital to have proper surround with the X7/SBX. Console games DO however.
New Posts  All Forums: