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They have never sold for that price. They were usually in the $400 range, sometimes just a little under. If the 7XX is near identical, (presumably so), $200, this is going to be an absolute monster of a headphone in that price range and then some.
This. The U3 has a terrible internal amp with a high 23ohm output impedance, It's value is as a Dolby Headphone processor that can send the signal to a good dac and amp.
$200 is quite a standard price level for the standard head-fier, from what I have experienced. $200-300 range is a really strong bracket in terms of what's out there. So good that I feel the law of diminishing returns truly starts there. You would need to jump to 2-3x the cost to get the next level of improvement, which is not going to completely trump really good headphones in the price range.
I'm positive about EQ? I don't use them. I only mention them for the review because it was one of the main features. The Mixamp can help terrible headphones sound halfway decent, which is the only time I would ever EQ: with bad sounding headphones.
What a Patriot.
Reading the Headfonia review... I have to say... the review is absolutely spot on. Like... PINPOINT ACCURATE representation of my own impression on the X2.
I have zero issuies with the X2 treble. Other than it being a tad grainy at times.
I stretched it out the first day, and haven't had any issues since. The headband is pretty idiot proof.
So is this one. You can stretch it.
4am eat Fri until 4am eat Sun. Played through 3 nightfall and 3 weeklies. So before the hard stuff, I tested all the buffed exotics. Everything feels good, even the Bad Juju is viable in PVE now. Also tested the Pocket Infinity, and it is now absolutely useless. Against a low level Dreg. It would take at least 3 burst to take him down now, after the initial burst at spawn. The charge rate becomes nearly nonexistent (it's stupid fast to shoot), but the damage is so low,...
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