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Posts by Mad Lust Envy Here it is, guys. Considering how slow and unmotivated as I've been in updating the guide lately, the next update will have both the Shure 1540 and COP review added to the guide at the same time. I haven't been on headfi much lately, probably due to being very happy with the X2 and TH900.
They still need to run the hard stuff for Aetheric Light, I assume, and old gear will be underleveled. So I'm gonna assume VoG gear level stuff will be bad at PoE, unless Aetheric Light drops on the easy PoE levels.I'm frankly not sure what boosts in rewards harder levels will be. Because I know PoE will come with 4(?) difficulty levels?I assume, mats on 28, armors on next difficulty, special/heavy weapons on 2nd hardest, primaries on hardest....It's confusing.Somehow, I...
We're pointing out a specific fault with future content. You were just going on and on about stuff that's been literally talked to death about. We got it the first time, cambio.
That doesn't make sense. Wh bother getting raid gear, if all the previous legendaries will have the same light level? It drastically lowers the desire to obtain the gear. Hell, if I could've leveled my previous gear to 32, I wouldn't have given a lick about Crota armor, which look atrocious for the most part. I still don't think Bungie knows wtf they are doing.
It will be level 34 for the good stuff, so all this level 32 gear will be useless compared to all the Level 33 stuff the vendors and drops will have. The (currently) 21 legendary armor engrams I have in the vault will yield higher light level gear than Crota gear. Crota gear will be underlevelled going in until Aetheric lights drop. And i highly doubt it will boost the old armors to 34, but to 33, to keep them competent until you get PoE/ToO/IB gear. I have a feeling...
Got my Titan helm, so I officially got everything from Crota Raid, just in time for DLC making it all useless until you get Aetheric light. I rather use it on regular Legendaries. I hate most Crota gear.
That Senn is hideous.
I think all the negative aspects of Destiny has been complained about time and time again. I think we ALL know what's wrong with it by now. No need to bring it up again and again (seriously, the game has been out for half a year now, no need to rehash the same complaints). Either people have moved on, or have stuck with it and still play. It's absolutely, undeniably flawed, but there is enough there for some of us to keep coming back to it, time and time again, even if...
Can't go wrong with the TH900 as a sole headphone, unless you specifically demand more forward mids.
That'd be my recommendation.
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