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Oh, like I said, I feel the K712 is a better headphone overall. Just that I personally prefer the Annie.
we stayed right at the beginning where you sort of jump off a cliff to hit that first group of Vex with the Minotaur. It's somewhat separate from the rest of the battlefield, and only a few enemies venture that far. The priest sticks next to the corridor, and there is a SLIGHT opening in the rocks where you can see the top of his head, and he's shooting at you but can't hit you. You can fire away freely, though the danger lies in the mobs. Some shanks, some stealth vandals...
Uhh... no. I never purchased the K712 Pro... I think you're definitely confusing me with chicolom or someone else. The K712 had nothing to do with my parting of the Annie. I parted with them due to being a fickle person who loves to constantly try different things. If I had a choice between the two, I'd probably go for the Annie, since it's less fatiguing.Here's from my original K712 review on my guide:I go back and forth between the two, stating that I prefer the Annie...
Some randoms invited me to do the Nightfall. Got a Hard Light... my second one. Looks like exotics always have the same upgrades. Dismantled for some Energy. The other guys got 10 strange Coins, and a warlock's legendary mask... if not Exotc, which was unlike one I've seen.
Just look at something like Innerfidelity's graphs on Panars. Volate swings and output impednace don't do much if anything to affect them, compared to Dynamic headphones. I thought this was general knowledge.
Huh? Personal tastes, the K712 is slightly behind for me compared to the Annie. That being said, I feel for everyone else, the 712 will be a better headphone. It is undoubtedly a better headphone for gaming, which was what I meant back then, and what I mean now.
Right now, I'm having a really bad Wifi problem, getting about 300kb/s down, and around the same up (yes, that bad). This temporary living situation is killer on my free time. I can't even go through a full Vanguard Strike before it boots me with an error. Guess it's time to focus on Diablo 3.
Thats how I feel too. The Q701 is less fatiguing for me, despite being brighter. The K712 has a sort of aggressive tone uptop despite Is overall warmth. I found the 702 Anniversary to be the least offensive whuch is why it's my fave of the AKGs.
I wanna do a raid from beginning to end. But since im a 'noob' who doesnt have any idea how to run one, except one section, not sure many will do it with me. That and I dont havhe consistent free time to do it. I could only play in chunks. Destiny came out two months too late, in my case. Not having Queen's bounties has helped wean me off this game a bit, since I can do Vanguard bounties fairly quickly, and I'm not in a rush to do Iron Banner since, it's only a few days,...
As you all may know, one well placed fusion shot = death. I get at LEAST 8 horribly quick chances. XD
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