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Fast food music without soul. Didn't know fast food music existed. Or that it had soul. But thanks for saying my music taste isn't as good as yours, in the most roundabout way.
Electronic dance music. Stuff like Trance, Chillstep, Dubstep, Electronica, Liquid Drum and Bass, Techno, House, etc. Here is an example of Chillstep: Here is an example of Liquid DnB
I absolutely do not agree with that. The 1540 is still closed, vs the open X2. You're still limited to closed headspace. The 1540 does have a very good soundstage, and I'd say is COMPARABLE to the X2, had the X2 been closed. Due to the external ambience interaction, the X2 still sound more spacious.
It's a pinup style fanart for the Powerpuff Girls. It's Buttercup.
Very nice, I'll update when I get home. Digital, anything on adding headphone mode for the spdif and/or RCA out? Please, PLEASE we need this option, including headphone SBX algorithms through those outputs.
Yes, once you're done playing, you toggle off the surround setting.The only difference is that it's done by the program instead of windows. Just a different path to the same thing. Your music and stereo content will sound the same regardless of speaker set to 2.1 or 5.1, etc.
TH900 and EDM = heaven
I certainly believe in bright amps. the OG Magni, and my X7's amp are absolutely, undeniably leaning on brightness.
Never had that problem.
That's what Dolby Headphoe does. The DG doesn't add any extra reverb that isn't already on Dolby Headphone. Stick to room 2 and you get the Dolby Headphone everyone here is accustomed to.I'd happily live with that reverb over plain stereo gaming 10 out of 10 times.
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