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That sounds like hyperbole to me, as I have never heard a source drastically change a headphone's inherent signature. Sorry. I'll remain skeptical about comments like that.
Nope. Never heard of that brand.
No. A dac is not drastically going to change a headphone's frequency curve. An amp MIGHT, but that too will be subtle, unless the amp is ridiculously colored. Perhaps an amp with a bass boost switch will be the best outcome, or just outright equalizing for more bass.
Of course not. My main headphone at the moment is an Ultrasone HFI-15G, which has a considerable mid bass emphasis... Much enjoyment out of it, though I obviously don't think it's meant for audiophile level listening. That, and I've just been impatiently waiting for the 400i....
I'm not. Basshead implies I like heavy bass. I don't. I like a slight emphasis, or at least elevated over the mids and treble ala LCD2 and HE-400. I wouldn't call those two basshead cans, just bass that is well represented. I absolutely love the K712 and K702 Anniversary's bass which aren't basshead cans by any stretch of the word. ALso, again, I loved the Alpha Dog's bass. Just not a huuuge fan of the neutral to bright tonality overall. I WAS a basshead back in the...
Better bass is subjective. People can argue that the HD800 has the tightest, most articulated bass, but I'll still prefer something with modest bass and some bloom, like the M50x or Fidelio X1. I like a level of potency in bass, not necessarily meaning emphasized, but something like the HE-400, which to be honest is about my bare minimum/gold standard in terms of bass.
We're talking about easy removal and installment like most headphones out there. Velour is easy to wash/clean, but considering it's an absolute hassle here... people don't wanna deal with it.
As am I. Having two friends from Denmark staying with me for 3 weeks... basically dried up all my funds. Financial bind is being modest.
I cut off the screen on the 1840 velours, so it probably won't be ideal whatsoever.
Waaaaay too rich for my blood, though I'm also intrigued by it as well. PM-2 is more likely, but even that is too expensive.
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