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So doing some more comparing between the TH600 and 900. Going from the TH900 to the TH600 is like losing a little luster, shine, and a little emotion. The TH900 is that first, fresh cup of coffee in the morning. The TH600 has been sitting in the thermos a bit, by comparison. Again, this is just a direct comparison between them, and not to the detriment of the TH600 which is a stellar pair of headphones. Just know you gain a bit of musicality with the TH900. The TH600...
I would have absolutely bought these a few weeks ago... dammit.
The 1540 is more like the X1 in terms if tonality. The X2 is more balanced. I dunno man, I like the X2 pretty much more than anybother open headphone I've owned, simply because it does all things incredibly well. The 1540 is still recessed in the mids, and the bass is a bit rough at loud volumes. No headphone is perfect anyways. Hell the TH600 and 900 have that rough spot at 5khz. I suggest getting the 1540 due to it being closed. Its still technically more capable than...
I need an adapter? I never opamp rolled before except putting the Moon opamp on my Audio GD gear. No adapters.
Thanks. I'll try a pair of 827s. I dunno though, i like mellow too, which may be for the best with bright headphones.
Earfonia, OPA604AP or OPA604AU? I'm also considering the OPA827. Also, was the bass fuller than stock with these? My gripe with the stock is that it's too fast. I like some smoothness and richness.
That is weird. It doesn't mean your weapon is exclusive to the Dark Below. When DB updated, there were a host of new weapons added to the game, that everyone could get. However, the fact you can't get the Mk. 44 is weird. Did you make sure you were on a Titan, had the glimmer, etc? I don't know what Xur wants for them. All I know is I wanna upgrade the Gally.
Ooh i can upgrade Gally.
So, I don't like SBX with the TH900. I prefer DH, because the X7 is way tight, and doesn't give the TH900 any more euphony, and makes the bass way too fast. The TH900 already has abnormally fast bass, and so the X7 is like making it too tight and not enveloping anough. DH doesn't have the problem. I bet the X7 would be awesome for the D7000 though.
He's selling Universal Remote? IRONY. I never had it. So I played the Nightfall this morning with randoms, and voila, free Universal Remote. I WAS going do Iron Banner, then I saw he doesn't have 3 pieces, only two, meaning I'd have to wait again for Iron Banner. No thanks. I'll stick to being 31. They haven't fixed my Pocket Infinity either. After a few kills, it will fire it's 3 butst in like 4 seconds, instead of rapid successions like it's supposed to. Sigh.
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