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So I noticed the OOYH software has a mind of its own with my PC, where no matter what I do to lower gain on specific presets and save them, it will save them at completely different values, sometimes mismatched. Say, I want all channels at -4.29, I'll save, go back to the preset, restart the program, etc, and the values will be like at -3ish, with one channel being at 0, etc. It's been a product of frustration for me, so I told Darin I'm kinda over testing the software....
10khz is definitely the worst area on the HE-400. 1khz is nothing.
Joe, holy hell. I usually complain about configuring virtual surround on typical virtual surround capable soundcards, but damn, your stuff is a LOT more complicated. I'm gonna save the page, and try it out at some point.
Fix the pads were the stitch line matches up on both and both sit next to the front side screws holding the headband. Right now, your pads are horribly misaligned. edit: Oh, I don't know if the Focus A are even angled, so it may not matter for those.
I can confirm that OOYH does work with the Xonar U3 sending a PCM signal to the X7's spdif input, and it retains OOYH virtual surround (make sure DH is turned off on the U3, for obvious reasons). Also, even thought I thought it possible, DH doesn't work on the U3 with OOYH in bypass mode. I'm sure that is because the OOYH software outputs 2 channels to whatever your output device is, so neither my internal soundcard capable of THX TS, or the U3 with DH won't work while...
No. The only way I can do that is using the Xonar U3 to send PCM optical out to the X7. And I don't think I was getting the DSP to work this way, just stereo. I'll have to re-test later. Unfortunately, the games I have aren't well suited for testing. Even Red faction: Armageddon doesn't have a consistent sound that I can test well.It'd be SO much easier with console games. Ah well.
There is always a pop when sound format changes as well. For example, if watching Blu-rays where trailers, menus, and warning screens all tend to have various sound formats, and change each time. This will cause the X7 to pop. I.e. A trailer can be encoded in Dolby, then the next screen is PCM, then back to Dolby, etc. Each time the X7 has to decode a different format, the pop occurs. Limit this by just lowering the volume near zero until the movie starts.
DO NOT USE PCM. SBX doesn't work through PCM, so all you're getting is an expanded stereo effect, instead of when using Dolby Digital, where you get properly converted virtual surround for your headphones. You're losing proper surround emulation. Period. If you're someone who doesn't use virtual surround, and just play in stereo, then PCM is fine. But then, why bother with an X7, when any optical dac/standard headphone amp will do as well.
DTS does not work with Creative SBX. Choose Dolby D. I also get the random pops and noise once in a whle, sadly.
Direct only accepts PCM (not Dolby Digital, which is what your PS4 is probably sending out). Do not use direct. It doesn't allow you to use any sort of processing like SBX.
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