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It should be a ginormous leap ahead. The DT770 has some pretty significant mid recession.
What I want to know, is what happens when say... a game runs at 32fps. I mean, I'm still not convinced that the display is matching such a low fps, since even on an LCD, that can't possibly be a comfortable refresh for our eyes. This is why is still believe it is doubling such a low framerate and running the refresh at 64hz instead.
Yeah, I corrected myself. My main brainfart was that I was considering flicker, forgetting that's not an LCD issue. That's what I get for being so pro-Plasma all the time, lol. WOW, REAL 120HZ. So much want. I don't see how it can look better than 60fps in a motion standpoint, but I do see the benefits in terms of blur reduction (as I know the benefit is clearly evident, especially with backlight scanning displays that effectively multiply the blur reduction properties of...
What I failed to realize is that 48hz modes are ONLY in projectors and plasma. Also, something like the Hobbit at 48fps was shot with DIGITAL cameras, meaning that it's not reliant on the same capture method as film which was light based. That's probanly the reason why there is no flickering... I'm an idiot. Even so, it doesn't explain how a low framerate with gsync on an LCD/LED manages to look as smooth as 60fps. The technology intriques me.
I know that. However, I dont see it being that simple. You're not understanding what I'm saying. People have been saying that even framerates as low as mid 40s are as smooth as if they played at 60fps. And again, going off what I know about 48hz... if the display matched the mid 40fps... you would get REALLY bad flickering (seen on projector screens and plasmas when displaying low fps content natively at 48hz). Trust me on that. I have not heard one report on screen...
I'm gonna go off topic here, because I'm interested in gsync myself. Has the way gsync truly works been published yet? I'm no techie, and even then, I believe I have it figured out. I literally thought it out in my head for like... an hour, for no reason. 120hz display is necessary, and backlight scanning tricks don't work at the same time (based off Linustechtips video of the Asus monitor). My deduction/hypothesis.: 1. As Nvidia stated, Gsync will only go up to the...
I definitely trust pink noise matching more than matching a specific frequency.
Stillhart, not meaning to start an argument here... but how in god's green earth do you not see the difference between 30fps and 60fps? I mean... I just... people who say this boggle my mind. May as well be black and white compared to color to me. But then... there are those who are colorblind. It drives me bat***** crazy when Cod Ghosts goes from 60fps to 30fps at random.
DH2 is what the Mixamp uses.
I had the Lyr with the second tubes they sold, the 6N1P. Would the Lyr with 6N1P tubes be better than Lyr 2 off stock tubes? Looks like Schiit no longer sells the 6N1P tubes. Assuming the Lyr 2 uses 6BZ7 by default.... it seems I asked this very question almost 4 years ago. XD
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