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A bit off topic, but if Hifiman isn't completely phasing out the HE-4, HE-400, HE-6 just yet... would they attempt to sell them with the HE-560/400i's shell, instead of the older ones? Basically wondering if they'd consider (for example), an HE-400i but with the HE-4's drivers instead. IIRC they're phasing out the HE-500, but I didn't hear anything of the HE-4 and HE-6, or even the standard HE-400. I believe they new ergonomics and aesthetics would breathe new life to...
Lol, no. That and I hate how closed they sound. I'm not a fan of closed cans in general,m and IEMs makes things even worse. I know there are exceptions, but I don't care enough to find out.
It'll be a cold day in hell when I expand to IEMs, no offense. I hate IEMs.
It's a decision I have to think about right up until the 400i comes out.
As long as the pre-pads are available by the time the 400i comes out, I'm happy. I'd be happier if the 400i came WITH the pre-pads.
Nah, haven't heard it. It's the only headphone I realistically want.
Willing to bet that will vary from person to person due to the different signature balances of each. If you prefer a warmer sound, the 400i will probably come out on top. If you prefer airy, lean and sparkly, the HE-4 will.
Doesn't matter what impedance they are. Beyer did a good job of making the beyers sound 98% the same regardless of impedance, with the exception being the 770s which are all over the place. I owned 7 990s of different impedances, and they all sounded basically the exact same give or take a bit of refinement here or there. The general sound was the same. The 880 was a beast even in 32ohm form, but the treble can still be a bit more than people may want.
Ironically, the 'sones are rather inefficient volume-wise by design, though it's not due to power requirements. Still, they do behave like a hard to drive headphones in terms of needing more for volume. As comfy as they are (they are super comfy), they do hurt my right ear (I'm super sensitive there) after a bit, which is a shame. Guess I have to rely on my Koss clip ons for pure unadulterated comfort, but of course I'd love some audiophile SQ... and I don't feel like...
Nah, Change, can't be arsed to talk to them about this, as I told them to fix the build quality in future iterations. My friends just went back to Denmark after being with me for 3 weeks, and I gave him the DNA On Ear, since its not like I was using them, and they were given to me anyways. I prefer the Over Ear, which is great, and fits my head well, after breaking and being fixed with electrical tape, lol. And I agree, I've been incredibly lazy with amping and sources....
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