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But will it do SBX surround FROM the optical digital inputs itself? That is the question.
Don't you lie to me BOY.You and I have similar needs, so if you say it's good, it's a good sign.
I know that sexy thickness anywhere, having owned the LCD2 myself. Figured the JMoney Denon pads could be a possible alternative. Alpha pads aren't that thick, and have a sort of rectangular shape.
I trust Matt with his impressions far above many others. Listen to the man.
I avoid Gamestop like a plague in general. I do all my game purchases through Amazon if it's console based, or Dealzon for PC stuff (i.e. deals for Steam, Origin, Green Man Gaming, etc). My gamestop days have been loooong gone. If I need to interact for something physical, I go to Best Buy.
Nah, XB500 pads have that monster truck bumpiness going on.
X1 is a great mid-fi headphone, but won't begin to touch something like the mid-fi Hifimans like the HE-4, and I assume the 400i. The X1 does have a VERY agreeable sound signature. All it needs really is a smaller mid bass hump to be very balanced overall. It's a bit loose in the bass (needs some tightening for sure). Other than that, it's one of the best $250 headphones, without question. I mean, look at Tyll's...
I don't like leather, and I have to say that K701 still looks incredibly attractive with the leather on. DEFINITELY NOT Alpha Pads. Those look more like LCD2/3 or Jmoney Denon pads.
I dunno how you can say that since the HE400 has one of the best depths in soundstage from any headphone I've owned or reviewed. Yes, width isn't amazing, but that is what virtual surround was for. People really do hear differently.
Matt, stop making me salivate...
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