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SBX headphone mode via line out and hopefully spdif out NEEDS to happen guys. This will make the X7 from a very good product, to the BEST product. I'm not even kidding.
Holy hell Yethal, that's insane, lol. Pretty genius. I just would absolutely need a proper audio sync, and at least apt-X. Bluetooth is an area that still needs a lot of growth in terms of SQ. As far as closed headphones go, the Alpha Dog is about the best I've personally heard. Those are spectacular for everything, really. On a budget, hmm, I admit, my closed headphone side of the guide is sorely lacking, so I don't wanna make blind picks. I should've gotten the DT770...
I wish this was the game that launched. Now it's too little too late for me personally, but I'm glad they're making improvements.
I dream of a day when Beyer sells a bluetooth COP with a 3.5mm detachcable cable that when used turns off the BT feature and sounds like the regular COP. That, and with optional DT770 style velour pads. I think at this point, any closed headphone that would interest me would HAVE to be wireless in some form. I liked the COP quite a lot, despite it not being as good as others in it's price range. The features on it made it a viable headphone, one that would make me...
Yes, but the M900 is not a standard headphone. The design is VERY elaborate and specific. Only a few other headphones (mainly Sony's older MDR-F1) uses a similar technical design. For example, stuffing the pads on the MA900 so that they don't touch your ears will result in a pretty noticeable SQ loss. Either accept the MA900 as a partial on ear, or prepare to lose some audio fidelity.
http://www.amazon.com/Avantree-Bluetooth-Converter-Adapter-Transceiver/dp/B0085HOM4K Was thinking about one of these for my KSC35s. I'd just wrap the KSC35's cable to the Receiver or something and keep it in my work shirt pocket... edit: Hmm, I see issues about a second delay, and then there is the little problem of... volume control. Damn. May contact Creative to see if they'd like to send out the Soundblaster Jam for review. It's cheap, wireless, and the design...
Bear in mind, you WANT the drivers to touch your ears for their optimal sound quality. It's more or less designed that way.
DSS2 uses some other virtual surround that I haven't heard, but I'm betting Tb went with because it was cheaper to use than licensing Dolby Headphone, which makes me assume the DSS2 won't sound as good as the original
You missed the point.I can send the X7 a Dolby Digital signal via SPDIF, which I feel it handles better than the X7 getting the signal from USB. In my example, the U3 is connected to the PC via USB, which then the U3 send a Dolby Digital signal out to the X7 via SPDIF. I can then easily toggle between a vanilla Dolby Digital signal, and Dolby Headphone directly to the X7. While sending Dolby Digital, I can turn on SBX on the X7. When sending DH, I can turn OFF SBX. This...
So, I somehow managed to find my looooong lost Xonar U3 in a clothes drawer, lol. Now I can compare the U3 to the X7 directly. The U3 sends Dolby Digital straight from the PC to the X7, and I feel the X7 handles that better than the USB connection.
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