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Yes, once you're done playing, you toggle off the surround setting.The only difference is that it's done by the program instead of windows. Just a different path to the same thing. Your music and stereo content will sound the same regardless of speaker set to 2.1 or 5.1, etc.
TH900 and EDM = heaven
I certainly believe in bright amps. the OG Magni, and my X7's amp are absolutely, undeniably leaning on brightness.
Never had that problem.
That's what Dolby Headphoe does. The DG doesn't add any extra reverb that isn't already on Dolby Headphone. Stick to room 2 and you get the Dolby Headphone everyone here is accustomed to.I'd happily live with that reverb over plain stereo gaming 10 out of 10 times.
Yeah, if I hadn't gotten thr Epilogue and Timepiece recently, I would've flipped. Those two guns never dropped for me until a week or two ago. A 2nd Fatebringer is always awesome. Now for a third so I don't have to swap.
Had VoG been 'current', I wouldve been ecstatic today. Vex Epilogue Fatebringer Timepiece Revenge Warlock arms Warlock helm Hunter Legs Hunter helm Timebreaker Aspect of Glass Btw, all in not even two full runs.
QFT. The TH900 has a Lot in common with the D7000.
Its a great headphone. I think most people would be pleased with the 1540.
I had the Xonar U3 which is an external equivalent to the DG. Not powerful at ALL.
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