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Matt, how does the bass compare to the Alpha Dog's bass? I ask of this comparison, because the AD is about the only neutral oriented headphone where I was still in love with it's bass. You know where my tastes lie in terms of planar bass (*cough*LCD2HE400*cough*). I have no doubt I would still love the 560, but would I be fully happy with it as an end be all headphone? I'm skeptical. I do honestly prefer a slightly recessed upper mid and treble range when compared to the...
Ah, yeah. But I wonder if he'll complain about the pads still touching his ears despite them tucking in.
You'd guess wrong. TH600 is know to be more neutral, though with a stronger mid bass emphasis over the sub bass, which is the opposite of the D7000, which is known for it's whopping sub bass. Change, I may take up your offer for the 1540 loan soonish, if you'll allow me. I'll send you the 15G on the way back if you wanna try something new and cheapish.
Demand won't skyrocket because people still won't get an X1 due to the non-removable pads.
So let me get this straight: You went from complaining about the focus pad's inner diameter being too small, and are getting the pre-pads which have an even smaller diameter? Makes sense.
Apparently, the SRH1540 pads fit it, IIRC. Those are amazing, and if they don't negatively affect the sound, those are the ones to get.
The HE400 was close, but my LCD2 was definitely the bassiest planar I had. Enough for me to not miss the D7000. I wish the 400i had the 400's bass, but I expect a little less.
Eww... I know I'd definitely prefer the pre-fazor then.
I think you should kill two birds with one stone and get the Shure 1540s. I trust Change and what he says of them, and I believe if I wanted a closed headphone as well as a fun headphone, it would definitely be the 1540, no questions about it.
Subject to changes. If anyone sees any mistakes, please let me know. Been about 3 months since my last review, so the quality may be subpar...Ultrasone HFI-15G$90-rangeWhere To Buy: (3rd party sellers) [[SPOILER]]
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