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Soundstage depth/imaging is something planars kill dynamic headphones on. When I say that something like the K712 has a bigger soundstage, it's due to wall size, not necessarily depth. Within those walls, a planar would sound more spacious, but planars don't extend out as far as a good dynamic. At least not the ones I've heard, except the Ether C. That thing is beautiful in terms of soundstage for a closed headphone. But one can't deny that planars tend to hit a wall...
Yeah, but I don't like reverb-less surround emulation. A little reverb adds virtual space. I like the equivalent of DH-2 levels of reverb, or SBX at 67% Surround. Too little doesn't give enough virtual distance for the rear speakers for my taste. It's too close to my head. I heard 2 pluses is like DH-2, so that's what I'd use.DH-1 sounds 'better', but less space and immersion. I prefer the trade off of at least a little bit more reverb. But his video was like an equivalent...
Literally what I said when the video released, lol. Of course I said SBX sounds better than what he demoed in the video, but it's likely only because he used the worst reverb-filled mode. Really wish he did 2 pluses.
Nah, KH 2.8 is Dream Drop Distance, the Aqua side story side game, and a movie version of I THINK Re:Coded. BUT, the two KH collectiojns that came out on PS3 are coming out on PS4 with 1080p/60fps. I'm so stoked for that. So yes, all main KH games will be on PS4 soon-ish.
That's right. The map design on KH2 was really, really bad. It was basically like FFXIII, but instead of long corridors, it was a straight path broken up by 'rooms'.KH1 has the best maps. there was some exploration involved. They simplified it way too much in KH2. But the combat was so good, I forgave them.
I am going finish that game, once I upgrade my PC. Right now, my laptop is getting up to 103 celsius when I play games, so...yeah. I can't play games on it anymore. ;__;
I love KH. Well, KH1, KH2, and Birth By Sleep. Chain of Memories was decent. The others...not so much. They got way too nutty with the battle mechanics and plot. I have hope for KH3, as it seems to have been dialed back to be more like KH2, which was a masterpiece in terms of combat mechanics. I'll give Dream drop Distance on KH 2.8 another try, seeing as it has the Aqua side story setting up KH3.
Vizio P series is pretty aces, and the 65" goes for around the same price as the KS8000/8500 a lot of the time. I did own it, and I think I actually prefer it over the OLED, due to the OLED being blurrier in movement than I'd like. The P series has strobing settings which really make the movement look like a CRT/Plasma. And the local dimming is spectacular. The blacks were really deep, and the blooming was very hard to see, if impossible, unless you sit to the side of the...
Anyways, I'll stop with the disappointment, since I'm gonna have to play the game regardless. Slim pickings atm. I'm sure ROTTR is good. I'm just not happy about the open world stuff. I loved the first because it pushed you onwards. Now, there's fetch quests. FFS. But it's not FFXV level bs, lol. I PROBABLY should have bought Exist Archive. But I keep hearing mixed things about it, and I don't want a repeat of WoFF.
Hell no. It's more like Magna Carta 2 than KH. I WISH it was like Kingdom Hearts. I would be all over it and praising it if it was.You literally hold a button down as you auto combo everything in a dance of sword attacks that have literally no weight to them, aside from the heavy sword type. I would be REALLY happy if you actually HAD to press the button to attack, and get some sort of feedback. Half the time, I can't tell if the enemy is getting hit or not. If it wasn't...
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