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The HE400 was close, but my LCD2 was definitely the bassiest planar I had. Enough for me to not miss the D7000. I wish the 400i had the 400's bass, but I expect a little less.
Eww... I know I'd definitely prefer the pre-fazor then.
I think you should kill two birds with one stone and get the Shure 1540s. I trust Change and what he says of them, and I believe if I wanted a closed headphone as well as a fun headphone, it would definitely be the 1540, no questions about it.
Subject to changes. If anyone sees any mistakes, please let me know. Been about 3 months since my last review, so the quality may be subpar...Ultrasone HFI-15G$90-rangeWhere To Buy: (3rd party sellers) [[SPOILER]]
Knowing Philips, the street prices will be quite a bit cheaper. Let's just wait until it comes out, though it IS quite a jump over the X1. Perhaps I should just buy an X1 and paint it black.
The only potential problem with the Magni is the fact that it is quite high in gain, and you may not have much play in the volume control, where the Magni may get loud quite early with the X1. Stillhart, I haven't been active much lately, but I have seen you being very, very helpful here. You have my thanks. I'll add you to the contributor list on the guide. The 15G review is nearly done.
E12, Magni, O2, E17 will all work fine at that entry price point.
No... I'm only doing the 15G because it's been my heaphone for quite a few months now, and I've already written half the review. At the moment, I don't wanna jump into another headphone, especially when I haven't been playing much of anything lately, let alone games that highlight positional cues, soundstaging, etc.
The 400i seems to be taking after the 500 more than the 400, so I assume it's gonna have less perceivable bass than the HE-400. If you want bass, better go get an LCD2... at least a pre-fazor. Don't know what the fazor does to the bass.
I'm feeling productive, so you guys may see the 15G review something soon. I left it half done for a few months. Figured I may as well do it as a potential recommendation for an open, bassy, comfy headphone under $100. Not many open bassy cans, let alone, one as potent as the 15G.
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