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Not many people are going to like the Pro 900. It has an very metallic, artificial tone, and aggressive as all hell, piercing highs. The bass is all mid bass, with a notable sub bass roll off off, and mids are *quite* recessed. It's a polarizing headphone, for sure. I hate S-Logic as well. I like iot for certain things, but it's not a headphone easy to recommend. Ear fatigue is an absolute problem.
I always review headphones with deidacted amps and dacs.
It has been said plenty of times that the Magni is slightly bright. As is Schiit's balanced amp, etc. It is not a secret. We;re not talking traditional EQ boosting brightness. Just subtle enough to make headphones just a hair brighter. This is not coming solely from me. This has been known for quite some time. I find it inconceivable that people would think ALL amps have a flat FR. Hell, like I said, my X7 has a DOCUMENTED bass roll off of less than a decibel. Yes, it's...
I'm glad he's selling the Mida Multi Tool. I've had that weapon drop for me like 20 times, and I always shard it. Then I recently came to find out that is is an absolutely boon for Hunters during the first part of the Moon Raid, as it boosts movement speed so much, walking is almost as fast as running whn using it with a high agility hunter. That way, you can literally walk away from the thralls without them catching you. Only the Mida does this, with it's main perk as...
Update went smooth as silk. No more power issues.
Fast food music without soul. Didn't know fast food music existed. Or that it had soul. But thanks for saying my music taste isn't as good as yours, in the most roundabout way.
Electronic dance music. Stuff like Trance, Chillstep, Dubstep, Electronica, Liquid Drum and Bass, Techno, House, etc. Here is an example of Chillstep: Here is an example of Liquid DnB
I absolutely do not agree with that. The 1540 is still closed, vs the open X2. You're still limited to closed headspace. The 1540 does have a very good soundstage, and I'd say is COMPARABLE to the X2, had the X2 been closed. Due to the external ambience interaction, the X2 still sound more spacious.
It's a pinup style fanart for the Powerpuff Girls. It's Buttercup.
Very nice, I'll update when I get home. Digital, anything on adding headphone mode for the spdif and/or RCA out? Please, PLEASE we need this option, including headphone SBX algorithms through those outputs.
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