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That Senn is hideous.
I think all the negative aspects of Destiny has been complained about time and time again. I think we ALL know what's wrong with it by now. No need to bring it up again and again (seriously, the game has been out for half a year now, no need to rehash the same complaints). Either people have moved on, or have stuck with it and still play. It's absolutely, undeniably flawed, but there is enough there for some of us to keep coming back to it, time and time again, even if...
Can't go wrong with the TH900 as a sole headphone, unless you specifically demand more forward mids.
That'd be my recommendation.
Always said it, Dolby Headphone is still a bit better at positional cues than SBX, especially rear cues. What you gain from SBX, is a lot less reverb and a more linear sound presentation (Dolby headphone is a little skewed towards warmth) I'm perfectly fine with both, though I do prefer the rear cues on DH.
Easy Change. Stick to raiding, and nightfalls. That will keep your Destiny experiences simple and not so tedious.
No audible difference despite one being tube, one being solid state, different prices from the same company. Yeah, Schiit may as well just stop selling one, since they're identical. Let's just make it easy for all the consumers out there.
That's where I always leave mine. Mid 20's, Low 30 if I'm feeling lively. (It also depends on which headphone you're using).Well, today, it was like it was at 100, even when the volume read at 10. I didn't change a single thing from the day before. And lowering the volume on the X7 itself didn't make it less loud.The problem wasn't there many hours later when I turned it back on, but then I wasn't getting sound AT ALL, despite the windows device panel showing that music...
I don'tm know what is happening, but had the volume at 10% and it almost blew my eardrums out. This X7 is gonna end up blowing out my TH900 drivers. I'm to the point where I just want a refund and forget this thing existed. The software is not cooperating what what I want out of it (aka the damn volume control).
I was referring to Amazon Warehouse. Here in the US, they do NOT have a warranty. Just as is the case as any place in the US that sells used goods. Warranty is not covered, unless they are specifically mentioned.
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