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I prefer the Alcantaras over the Alpha Pads, though that's just because I really don't like leather on the skin.
The games themselves make a huge impact. Some games are absolute trash in terms of positional audio. Try a relatively cheap game like Red Faction Armageddon and see if the positional audio of the buuldings crumbling around you still sound bad. If it does, something is wrong with your settings, or youre just not compatible with Dolby Headphone. It's not impossible.
Headphones help, but seriously, you could be competetive as hell with even a $15 KSC75. Don't put so much stock on what a headphone can do. There is a point where good is good enough.
I prefer the MA900 for it's more all rounder nature, while for sound whoring, the Q701 is better, just hate the headband, so much. I would suggest getting a newer K702 over the Q701 instead. Which then you can also buy some K712 pads, for a more all rounder, warmer sound for the K702 (giving you options for more soundwhoring with standard pads or more fun and warmth with K712 pads, which will be better than the MA900.)
The Aviator is so bad, it wont even reach my ears properly... lol, it doesnt extend down enough for my head shape/size.
X10000I just want an LCD2, with the new HFM comfort, and HE-4 weight.
When HFM states the HE-4 need 2 watts for properly driven attributes, I'll side with them in saying the HE-4 needs power. I've heard it off lesser amps, and stronger amps, and it makes a solid difference. For example, i didn't particularly like the Lyr (I sold it off soon after selling my first HE-4), yet it made the HE-4 sound better than the Compass 2 (which I loved the most out of all my amps), NFB-5, and lesser other amps. The HE-4 is the ONLY headphone I preferred off...
The K712 is a little more airy than the Annie, but only by a little bit. It will still sound congested compared to a vanilla Q701.
I'd personally go with the Wolfson equipped Compass 2 for it's less analytical dac. I had the Sabre equipped one, and it really tightened the bass on most headphones, making some sound slightly bass light, when they had some warmth with the lowly E17. I guess I prefer a warmer source/amp, over dryness/neutrality.
That sounds like hyperbole to me, as I have never heard a source drastically change a headphone's inherent signature. Sorry. I'll remain skeptical about comments like that.
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