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The Pro 250ohm sounds different due to high clamping factor, and different cup shells. The Premium 250 and 600ohm sound quite similar, as I have stated. It is well within reason that the 250ohm will have better volume and be better driven off lesser equipment than the 600ohm which can sound thin and lacking in weight if poorly driven with a meager amp. It sounds cleaner despite this, but less musical. When I tested the differences: I had THREE 600ohms, one 250ohm...
No worries, you should be fine. The 250ohm is effectively the easiest to drive in terms of scaling.
Shipping them cuts well into the price of a new one, so even so, I don't feel it worthwhile. That, and it's a few years old, and I had a little bit of right driver rattle anyways, so if anything, I'd have done something to a new one. In any case, I had already ordered some 75s which are already on their way, but I appreciate the gesture, really.
The 250ohm is the easiest of the three variants to drive, though I don't think the E10 is close to ideal. The 32ohm gets louder, but it actually behaves best when feed strong current. The 600ohm deserves an amp capable of supplying enough voltage, and the 250ohm falls in between, where you don't need too strong a current or strong voltage. I'd honestly get something better than the e10 for these headphones, but if I had to choose one for it, it'd be the 32ohm. I feel...
Read the very last sentence. I don't have the tools, and dealing with all that, just better to buy a replacement. Even the lifetime warranty isn't worth it, due to shipping cost and repair cost being almost the price of a new one.
R.I.P Cables started kinking badly, and right side just went. Now to find my 75s... if I still have them. Gah. Considering all the abuse, I'm surprised it took this long. The cables are usually the first thing to go bad considering how pathetically thin they are. But I ain't about that DIY life.
Yeah I really enjoyed my time with the 990s. Like the HE400, I always go back to them. I feel the 990 Pro is the easiest of the 990s to listen to. They're the warmest of the three. I hardly use headphones outside of work nowadays, but I still appreciate them when I do. If there was a truly high end clip on, I'd be all over it. The Yuin G1A didn't pan out for me.
DT990 Pro is like $109 (edit: WAS?) on newegg right now. That's a hell of a great alternative to the Annies. A steal at that price, and I don't see anything with that good a sound quality in the price range. Just be mindful of sizzly treble.I changed from the HE400, because the HE400 is harder to get now, and probably getting it with the audeze leather-free pads puts you over budget. I'd personally also would try those Fostex X00s or whatever if I were in your shoes,...
I think that's just a case of "for now."They've been releasing all their games on PC lately, I highly, HIGHLY doubt the remaster won't be released later down the line. Probably once the game is sold seperately. Remember this, Activision pre-order exclusives are time locked. Like Nuketown dlcs that were released for a price later, etc.
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