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Hnng so much actual positive impressions from people who ACTUALLY have it. God, I want these.
Thanks Feg. I've racked my brain trying to come up with the scoring, but i feel I've scored them properly. Now, I have to go back and re-score many other headphones, since I feel I've been a bit generous (and sometimes harsh) with the scores. Not that it makes the headphones worse, but that my scoring didn't line up. This is why I say not to pay too much attention to scores, but to actually read the reviews to get a much better idea as to how I see a particular headphone.
Dangit, you caught me mid edit. Lol. I don't see my errors until AFTER I post it, then I go on an editing spree, lol.Ironic you mention that comparison, as I LITERALLY just wrote it in last minute (as in about 5 minutes before posting it). I figured people would be quite interested in that comparison, which I somehow completely forgot to consider until now.edit: Added to this post, to have both reviews on one page.
Stupid double post.
My reviews of the K712 and K612 are done. I'll post them here first. Guys, KEEP IN MIND, that I WILL be altering some scores of past reviews, to reflect some changes (I won't be handing out 9s as much, as I feel it should be reserved for the very best). Yes, the K702 Annie scores higher AT THE MOMENT. I will be updating the scores very soon. edit: Move to the next page, alongside the K612 review.
Dear god... NOOOOO. I think I have to start choosing headphones to review based on how current they are, or by what I feel people are most likely to buy.
You sadists!
Oh god, anything but that. HAHAHA. I needz a breakz!
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