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Yeah, i still own it, but have no desire to revisit the game until House of Wolves, and only because i paid for it. I'll just be doing the story missions and the strikes, just to see them After that I'm done. I didn't even do the Crota raid, but at least i saw it online. Not interested.
I want these. That is all. I'm just unsure of it's bass. D7000 is my preference in bass. Not necessarily emphasis, but the distinct flavor of it's bass that is unlike anything else that I've ever heard (mind you, not having heard the D2000, D5000, or TH600). If the TH900 shares that kind of bass... I may just give up an arm for one. Looking straight at the TH900 since I hear the TH600 is more reserved in the bass. Also, I'm a sub bass kind of guy, no necessarily mid bass.
Oh, shoot, I didn't even realize it was half decibel increments.
People hate on Beats, but the Solo2 is an exceptionally good headphone.
I keep comparing reviews and how the TH600 has like 98% the same sound as the D7000, just clearer and not as warm. That sounds fine, as the reviews say the bass is still epic and Fostex-like. That sounds plenty fine to me. I know you don't like them, but I'm betting I would.
Sorry, I didn't mean it that way. I'm saying that people have to be careful with not falling for expectation bias. I doidn't say the X2 doesn't scale. I'm saying it is going to be very subtle, and that they need to understand a lot of the change will be due to the amp's inherent signature, and not because the power is improving the X2. You could probably find a decent portable amp with a similar signature to a $2000 amp and the X2 will sound practically the same. Just...
That bass dip and treble rise on the DSP mode is disconcerting. Of course, I'd only use DSP mode for SBX Surround use for gaming/movies, so it's probably a good thing, since DSPs tend to smooth out the sound a bit.
He wants more bass than the X2. So many recommendations for headphones with LESS bass. Just get the X1. You're not going to find open headphones with bass that strong, X2 was already very good in bass for an open headphone. If you want more bass, give up going with open headphones and choose from the million of closed headphones that do bass like nobody's business. Bluntly speaking, because I tire of beating around the bush with things like this. GET A CLOSED...
I was kind of hoping it wasn't a leaner sounding amp. Ah well. I tend to go for warm headphones, so the X7 should be fine in my hands.
Swapped the COP pads for the Shure 1840 velours that I cut out the inner screen on (which are leaky and not made for closed headphones at all), and I was surprised to find that the COP sounds very good with the pads, and the bass isn't sucked out. Definitely more of a dry sound, but still very enjoyable, and not trebly at all (which tends to happen with these pads). The subbass is definitely reduced by a lot but the mid bass is still pretty present, and the midrange is...
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