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Bring on the additional confusion and hearsay.
Here we go again.
:DYes. That was confirmed by someone who owns both. Not me. I have no reason to disprove this, as the product page further proves by heavily implying the K7XX to be refitted Annies, newly labelled and colored as the K7XX. I paid $429 for my Annies. The fact that you're getting that sound for $200 NEW, is mind blowing. If you owned the standard K701/2/Q701, you could simply swap those non-memory foam pads into the K7XX and confirm for yourself that the K7XX with standard...
No. The 712 use different drivers from the others. The others share the same drivers, with the difference between them being the pads, headbands... The 7XX has already been confirmed to sound like the Annie (new pads), which in turn makes the 7XX like every other current 700 series headphone (that isn't the 712), driver-wise. I say current, because prior to current times, the older K70x sounded a hint different. My guess probably being that AKG updated the drivers to...
I prefer the older pads as it's more intimate/smoother/fuller bodied sound, at the expense of some air/soundstage/perceived clarity. It's all subjective. I know plenty who prefer the 712 pads, which is understandable, as it sounds more technically clean. My point here is that someone stated they got the 7XX with the old Annie pads, which is either untrue, or AKG is mixing and matching pads, giving people an inconsistent experience. AFAIK, and under logical assumption,...
Financial issues.
I feel the whole 'LCD2 is hard to drive' is blown severely out of proportion. I found the LCD2 to be one of the most amp friendly headphones out there. It sounds good off any amp you can throw at it. Sure, it DOES need a desktop amp, but it's not picky about which, and how powerful it is. As for what I'm using with the X2 and Vali, just the E17's dac for now. I got rid of all my serious gear over a year ago.
I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Inquisition on PC. Not exactly my type of gameplay, but I enjoy the characters and the more non-action parts, like talking to my characters and stuff. Skyhold reminds me a lot of Suikoden-esque castle/recruitment. I meant a comparison like this... The K712 pads are taller, while the older Annie pads are fatter in width,, without the wall like interior of the K712 pads.
Florida sucks, don't come down here.
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