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My secondary class Hunter is at level 15, with an Exotic Body armor waiting for her once she levels to 20. I had an abundant amount of Coins with my Warlock, so I figured I'd buy my Hunter's exotic early. Now to just get my Crucible with my Warlock to level 2, I'll finally be fully decked out armor-wise. I love the Legendary rocket launcher I have. It automatically detonates when it's in the general vicinity of an enemy, so it's been incredibly useful in the Crucible,...
Considering you NEED Playstation Plus to play online, and IIRC Driveclub is an online only game... well...yeah. I wouldn't think a new game like that would be free. A prologue/demo makes sense.
Wait until you hit 5000 hours. Magical fairies will whisper in your ears.
Really game, REALLY? I JUST wasted 13 strange coins to buy the Sunbreakers, only for the game to give them to me in a legendary engram a few crucible matches later. FML. I JUST WANT A DAMN LEGENDARY OR EXOTIC HELMET. ITS ALL I NEED.
So I bought the Sun Gauntlets from Xur, and I risked 23 motes of light and bought the exotic engram... it turned into Exotic Praxic armor for my Warlock! Dodged a bullet. Was hopidng for an exotc helm since I have all Legendary armor now. Ah well 10 more hours for his gear change. I have 13 coins left, just enough for another Exotic piece. I didn't realize, you can only have one piece of exotic armor equipped at all times, in addition to only one exotic weapon. Xur is at...
Having some fun with Evs and Stillhart, but duty called. :/
Was intrigued, until I saw that it was leather. Meh. Velour, alcantara, cloth or nothing at all for me.
Stillhart, when you get the 1540 pads, let me know how they sound to you. I like to see more impressions, particularly compared to the current HFM velours.
All Mixamps hiss, and it's directly embedded into the stream. Meaning no matter how low you put your Mixamp volume and add an amp, it will still have the same hiss at the same decibel level. Test: 1 Master volume low, external amp high = hiss X Test 2: Master volume high, no external amp = hiss X Test 3: Master volume high, external amp low = hiss X There is NO way to get rid of the embedded hiss of the Mixamp. Once you reach the same volume you're used to, it will be...
To be fair, both HE400s I owned both had questionable quality in that very area. I con totally see this happening over time.
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