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That HD800 avatar pic looks like one of the default ones on the forums. He probably never changed it.
CAL > M50 for gaming
Guys, my reviews were of the 2013 and OLDER I hear the new ones fixed the bad aspects of the 2013. I'd just get a new one, unless you wanna save money and buy an old 2011 or something.
There are still CALs in the house. The CAL still wows me even today. My review of them, I believe was updated a few years AFTER initial review, as well. I only re-review stuff I really like. That's why the Koss clip-ons and Sportapro were re-reviewed like 20 times. I'd like to try the SHP9500 one day. Reviews are the last thing on my mind however.
Overall, I found UC3 much better than UC1.If I'd rate them overall:UC2UC4UC3UC: GA (Vita)UC1.
That's one feature I can't believe these 4K tvs don't have (or perhaps I haven't seen), being able to display 4 different sources at 1080p each. PIP can be useful especially with 4k since you're getting full HD for every quadrant. That's amazing. But noooooo, let's take features away. :'( On topic: And the Vizio P of this year (and probably many years in the past but I had no experience with) actually extract Dolby Digital and feed it to its optical out. This is good...
If I hadn't gotten my TV, I was totally gonna wait for the OLED monitors soon to come, but only if they had some sort of black frame insertion to them still being sample and hold displays that suffer from eye tracking motion blur. OLED has near zero pixel firing response, but that only helps one form of motion blur, not all. I know they are incorporating bfi for VR OLED displays, so this needs to trickle on over to Tvs and monitors.
TVs were my love a lot longer than Headphones were. This TV has one HDMI input (HDMI 5) that is incredibly fast on input lag. On the realm of 17-20ms, which is mostly unheard of on big name TVs.The motion handling is almost as good as the best plasmas I've owned, when the TV is working right. It's black response time isn't the best, but the rest is incredibly fast and easily worth it for gamers.If and when Vizio fixes my particular issue, this TV may be the overall best...
Uncharted 4 has some fantastic audio, particularly for headphone gaming in surround. This is quite a change fro the earlier titles which didn't do headphone gaming justice, IMHO. Definitely set it to Home Theater with stuff like SBX and DH.
The content? Like BF has a lot of content. I'd take 20 minutes trying to find someone to kill in BF games. The maps are unnecessarily huge.
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