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Well, you don't 'have' to do Crucible entirely. I would do this (I did do this) 1. Buy one Exotic armor piece from Xur in the weekend assuming you have enough strange coins. Don't buy the Legendary equivalent from anyone else just yet, since you wanna spend the marks on the remaining gear. 2. Buy 2 legendaries from the Vanguard (probably not the helmet, since it's too costly and won't let you buy two pieces, due to the lack of marks per week ratio, if you didn't cap the...
Ah, I forgot it was for Night's Exotic bounty. Yeah man... I don't wanna do that again....EVER. Just the room while waiting for the 3 waves was a nightmare.
No, I did it with him and my friend. It was a completely different experience. Practically everything had shields. Oh, it was the newest weekly strike, I think. It was different from the one we did. Basically eveything one or two shots you and the shields made it hard since we had to swap our gear, losing ammo in the process. We honestly couldn't do it. You basically need full ammo items, and everyone needs specialized weapons for shield busting.
I wanna do raids, but after that humbling experience doing the Level 26 Moon strike... I don't think we're ready... MUCH SHIELDS, SUCH POWER, MANY OHKO, WAUW
Yeah, they turn to Ascendant shards. I THINK legendary weapons turn to Ascendant Energy. Btw, Nights needs Ascendant Motes, I haven't even seen those yet, lol.
Yeah, my Vanguard level is at 4, and I did get a free Legendary... boots which were the same ones I already had. FUUUUUUU
Still, I believe its called the Thunderlord. Its constantly crackling electricity. I need a little bit of Crucible rep for level 2, then I can get my legendary helm and then start working on my New Monarchy stuff. That and/or work on my Hunter.
Got an exotic machine gun. FINALLY an exotic weapon. Wish I had a primary. Got my Hunter to 22, while my Warlock is stuck at 27 until I get some blasted Ascendant shards and a legendary/exotic helm.
Which happens to me all the damn time.
Just because the PX100 has emphasized bass (and yes it is quite mid bass heavy), does not mean the Momentum isnt fulp. The Momentum's bass is incredibly linear, and there in pretty much every regard. Its just not tipped upwards like the PX100.
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