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If people who have own prior Mixamps are saying the TR is broken, that may be why Dolby Headphone sounds wrong to you. Your experiences are definitely far from what is to be expected of the DSP. Case is closed. TR is borked.
Looks great. Too bad I have zero desire for open world fetch questing games like this. I'm completely tapped out of that genre.
I've heard they are shrill sounding and sterile. Probably a good recipe for competitive sound whoring, but not for casual use, at least for those like who like a fuller tone.
I'll post and example vid I linked to on the first post. It is already pre-mixed with DH, so TURN OFF Dolby on your mixamp when listening to this. And no, do NOT turn ON Dolby to compare. This video is already converted, and not a 5.1 Doplby signal, so it won't work that way. This should give you a better idea.
That being said, you were using the wrong sound setting. ANything after that, well, I dunno. Dolby Headphone is SUPPOSED to sound very different from what you're used to in a normal headphone situation. It's mimicking speakers in a room. That takes getting used to. But to say it sounds flat and whatnot, that is not what it's supposed to be.
Incorrect. It must NOT be set to headphones. Dolby Headphone is supposed to take a 5.1 sound source to convert to DH. By using Headphone, you're using the WRONG source. Headphone is for people using standard headphones on a standard headphone output that is plain stereo.
You sure you're not confusing Dolby Off, with On? Because turning on Dolby expands the soundstage significantly. Tuirning it off, everything sounds like it's coming from a straight horizontal line. Also, people love to judge things immediately instead of giving them like a week for your ears to adjust. ALSO, making sure BF is set to theater mode/5.1 for sound, or whatever is close to that. As well as the PS4 sound settings to be on Dolby/Bitstream.
Lian-Li TU-100/200?I like the idea of that case, but I'd like it to be longer and have a rear fan slot as well. What do you have inside?But now that mini 1080s are out...I'm just waiting for the eventual Mastercase 2.I've been betting on Coolermaster to make an ITX version since last year. The Mastercase 3 is close to ideal, but I want it in ITX form. I would love a T version like the Mastercase 5T, with that sexy handle, but I don't think that's coming anytime soon. CM...
I question their validity, as I thought they stopped using Fostex drivers? If so, these won't be anything like the Fostex family Denons.In any case, I still need to hear all the newer Fostex headphones that I missed since the TH900-600, to see if the Massdrop ones come closer to the D7000 sound for cheaper. The TH600 was a bit sterile, and the 900 is way too expensive and still made me miss the fun of the D7K.I really would need to find some pads that work for the Fostex...
Vizio P65-C1Also have a 65" Samsung KS8500 in the living room.The Vizio is a better display.Feggy.
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