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Don't ever believe hyperbole like that.
Yup, I'm not gonna go through the RMA process unless I'm getting a refund, because it's evident that these issues are pretty widespread. I can't be without an amp/dac while I wait for another faulty until to arrive. It's problematic and aggravating, but it's all I have. I'm not saying the unit's by themselves are faulty, but likely the combination of the unit, software, and how they interact with our systems. The auto switching, the auto-sleep, all the automatic settings...
So I preordered Sword Art Online: Lost Song for PS4, and I got Hollow Fragment for free for preordering it. I'm starting to think I made a mistake. The game throws you right in, with very weird and convoluted game mechanics. I was instantly turned off by it. Starting to think it was $60 that I just basically threw away. Hopefully Lost Somg will make up for it when it releases in November.
I gotta say, even with the cups covered, the X2 sounds great. I bet if someone could have some custom cup covers for it to make them closed, they'd still be quite viable.
An amp that plays uncompressed 4K videos. Let's call it "High (Def) as Schiit"
Female protagonist are my fave. Connecting with the same cookie cutter male progagonist in nearly every RPG can't be any better. Velvet looks interesting to me. Mind you, I'm a sucker for long, black haired Kuuderes. Everyone knows Tales protags have never really been strong, but supporting cast always makes up for it. Yuri is an exception. I liked Stahn too. As for Vesperia. Of course I knew about the PS3 version. I just meant that I wasn't aware that a full patch was...
You mesan one that runs 100% on the PS3? I'm not trying to read along. Though it's a bit too late for me to get into modded PS3 gaming.
I need that version in my life, and I 100% agree. Yuri is THE best JRPG protagonist. There should've been a Vesperia 2. :'( I'm undecided on if Yuri is as cool as Jade though. Lol. Jade is too awesome for words as well.
I have zero desire to play Symphonia after I was absolutely turned off by the PS3 version which the PC version is based off, which are both based off the PS2 version, not the superior GC one. Either way, I'm one of the few that didn't care for Symphonia's setting or characters. Symphonia and Xillia are my least fave flagship Tales games. Vesperia, Eternia, Destinyt ftw. Though Graces F has the best battle system ever. I do wish they'd remake Phantasia though. I liked it...
X7 uses Dolby Digital, just like the Mixamps. They have different surround tech, but they both the same kind of source signal.
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