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I question their validity, as I thought they stopped using Fostex drivers? If so, these won't be anything like the Fostex family Denons.In any case, I still need to hear all the newer Fostex headphones that I missed since the TH900-600, to see if the Massdrop ones come closer to the D7000 sound for cheaper. The TH600 was a bit sterile, and the 900 is way too expensive and still made me miss the fun of the D7K.I really would need to find some pads that work for the Fostex...
Vizio P65-C1Also have a 65" Samsung KS8500 in the living room.The Vizio is a better display.Feggy.
I recently played Undertale, and it left a huge impact on me. Had to represent.
I'm aware this setup doesn't make sense atm. Extended mouse pad in front of a 65" TV that is on a 'computer desk'. My original intent was getting a good monitor, but I couldn't wait. I have to get an actual TV stand in the fuiture, and move my laptop to the computer desk, and rearrange the room. Such is the life of an impulsive person. As you can see, the X7 is next to the TV, which makes using headphones far from ideal, as I sit quite a bit further away. The X7...
I have been eyeing this for the past few years, but I'm just being patient and waiting for the next refresh. wireless tech has improved the past few yuears, which is why I'm waiting.Evs, I could always just go from the digital or analog out of the X7, to an input on the base of one of the wireless Senns for SBX.I definityely don't want bluetooth, since having some form of physical input on a transmitter seems ideal.I'm just really done with wires. My HE400 has been stored...
And I'm over here sitting just waiting on the riiiiiight wireless headphone/headset, whichever comes first.
Pretty, I wonder about it's tonal balance.
He'll have to stretch them out, to reduce clamp though. He should be doing that with the X2 as well. Clamp is something easily remedied on everythihng but the cheapest, easily broken headphones.
When it's cheap. I only care about 2.8 in that package, and considering it's only 3 hours, no way I'll pay $60 for it. I'm hoping it's available for rental at Redbox, but doesn't seem like iot will be.I bought Tales of Berseria instead. Much more worth the investment.
Hot damn. But, but, doesn't have velour pads. No go.
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