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I know, but blue LEDs are still an eyesore. I like some light. Amber or red are ideal.
Warm sources will pair up better with a lot more than neutral/dry ones which will make brighter headphones, and/or neutral ones sound a little lifeless. I prefer having a small margin of error where everything will still sound a little more musical. The Compass 2 with ES9018 just made certain headphones sound...lacking. Had the NFB5, as well as SA-31. Both were more suited for me and made headphones sound better than the Sabre equipped Compass 2, IMHO.
Camped the backroom. He went down in like 10 minutes.
never mind. Did it... AND GOT ANOTHER EFFING SWARM.
Just did it with my bro. It isnt too hard. Just patience. Arc fusion rifles are a must. Even the Wizards will go down quick with them. I got the Swarm...which is just a legendary, and its my 4th one. Ugh. I have to do it again with my Hunter though. Tomorrow.
Everything is a nightmare and one hot hell, since all projectiles are arc attacks... wizards, trolls, etc.
I had a Compass 2 with sabre es9018 dac. Yes, it was neutral, but it lacked musicality. I still preferred my much older NFB5. To me, I would prefer things stay on the warm side rather than dealing with dry, analytical sound. So even if a headphone is warm, adding warmth is fine for me. But when you have a dry headphone with something as dry and analytical as the Sabre equipped Compass 2, it feels lacking for my tastes. I spent $600+ for my Compass 2 with all the bells and...
Who's ready to help me with the nightmare that is this week's Nightfall? Moon Strike + arc burn. I think this is not gonna happen, but I wanna attempt it. Trollgoth is an insanely difficult strike as is as a weekly, but with the Nightfall modifiers... tears will be shed. A lot of doorway control... and making sure to stay mostly behind the room before Phogoth's lair, only having one guy break the chains and lure him to that side of the room. Icebreaker, Scout Rifle,...
Beyers tend to be bright, so yes. The warmer NFB15 should be a better match, IMHO.
I would err on the side of caution and choose the warmer flavors, since I felt the Sabre to be a bit lean and analytical. I prefer musical and thicker. Too bad about wolfson versions no longer being sold.
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