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Spent 3 hours yesterday on Skolas. We couldn't beat him. Those adds, man, they are just purely evil killing machines. We managed to get him down to about half, but only me and another had 4th horsemen. The other guy wasn't putting out much damage. I wanna try again, but only when everyone has 4th Horsemen. Maybe this weekend. That fight drained me enough to not wanna try it today.
Skolas this week seems to go down even faster than last week, if you set up a bubble near the left rock, and let him get close, then bombard him with 4th horsemen shots. It's higher risk, since you're up in his face, but he won't one shot you like last week. The 4th Horsemen stun locks him, so if people rotate their shots, they can keep a good streak going where he won't attack. Ideally, probably two 4th horsemen, last man sniping with an arc weapon. Can't wait to try.
Umm, I was referring to POE and lights making it so anyone and everyone will hit 34 basically in less than two weeks time. There is a zero necessity to go for Fallen or Trials gear, gameplay wise. Just running PoE, I've got 34 with two characters, and I'm one E-light away from 34/with my last. All on the first week without much effort.
Yup. Bungie continues to shove PVP down our throats by now dangling the best looking gear to the vast majority of players who don't even touch PVP. What's worse is that they are essentially glorifying using the worst online PVP tactics to get the best most secret stuff in this game. That itself has really made me wanna turn me away from this game. Hell, the PVE stuff in POE isn't even that special. I seriously lost any strong lust for PoE gear, when just playing the...
ToO is hard because it brings out the absolute worst from your enemies. The cheapest tactics that ensure victory. That means hiding the entire time, and using basically just two main weapons, because balance is something this game lacks. Had a friend who went 9-0 two times in a row. There are two kinds of Destiny players: Those who use Thorn and camp, and those who lose. I won't even begin to try ToO, as it is just a glorified Search and Destoy, which is the absolute...
Alpha Dog is reference, 1540 is a bit more fun tilted, which is why it can come across as more engaging. All about preferences.
Does the guaranteed exotic once a week transfer to each difficulty? Or after you open one regardless of difficulty, does that guarantee go away? Also, you will wanna save one key for Lvl 35, due to the ship, shader, etc drop.
Sorry guys, I had all notifications turned off while I started the new stuff, so I could do it all alone. Didn't wanna be interrupted while doing it. I still need to do story missions and all. I won't see your messages until after I finish. Here is my review of the COP, to anyone interested. Here it is, guys. Considering how slow and unmotivated as I've been in updating the guide lately, the next update will have both the Shure 1540 and COP review added to the guide at the same time. I haven't been on headfi much lately, probably due to being very happy with the X2 and TH900.
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