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Regardless of how good it sounds, you KNOW anyone that buys it will have full on expectation bias, and say it is the second coming of audio Christ. I hope we get some legitimately objective reviewers who only get it for reviewing purposes. As Beagle said, this thing being too far north of any other headphone in price is just overkill for headphone purposes. If anything, Sennheiser should make it competitive with the SR-009 and Abyss, nothing more. Being exorbitantly...
HD650 is a love it or hate it headphone (I feel the classic mid-fi gods all are like this). Even saying that, I fall more in line towards loving it, simply because its luscious, velvety, rich sound is something that wouldn't ever tire me out. There is definitely better in it's price range, but they will end up being used less due to ear fatigue, or something or other. Pairing that all day smoothness with that stellar midrange, and post stretch comfort... it's definitely...
Sennheiser Morpheus Red Pill Edition HD6000
I'm too cool for flagships. Jk. Only got up to the TH900, that's it, unless you count LCD-2 and Koss ESP 950. Hope to hear the HD800 one day. I'm just curious about that soundstage for gaming.
They're replacing the voice on Sep 1?
I kind of just wanna go through the old Dinklebot levels so I can hear Nolan North's voice. Northbot incoming.
In any case, Creative is gonna take care of my dead as a doornail X7 directly. Thanks for the support Creative.
No because regardless of what setting, the SBX can be toggled. Mine won't even do that.
Mine is 100% dead despite the power light being on. Just don't understand why.
Well, dunno why, but now my X7 just stopped working altogether. All that turns on is the power indicator. I get absolutely no signal from any source/input. I have been trying for hours. Sigh.
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