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Price dropped for quick sale.
In case anyone is wondering, PC games don't need Dolby Digital to have proper surround with the X7/SBX. Console games DO however.
The **** is this? Hideous color scheme, but interested in what it sounds like. Here's hoping for an ACTUAL HE400 successor, not the lie that is the 400i. Preferrably something like a planar X2 with the HE400 cavernous reaching bass. Though honestly, the whole damn lot of HE400 owners present and past have just wanted a new 400 with the same bass, and zero of that nasty treble spike. If they did that, HFM is gonna DOMINATE the $300 bracket. I'd consider selling my X2 if...
Hmm, That's odd. Though I guess I can't say anything. Heavy headphones do bother the hell out of my neck, though I never had an issue with the X2. I do admit it's on the hefty side.
I assume you're complaining about the clamp which is EASILY remedied by stretching the headband out. The headband has steel rods, and can easily form to your needs.Come on Axel, you know better. I do agree, the X2 is QUITE clampy at first. Just as are so many headphones. Not many are as easily fixed as the X2, however.
I like how he's wearing it backwards.
I re did the firmware, and no longer have shutoff issues, but the X7 still pops/distorts sound through usb, has a problem connecting when it goes into it's sleep mode, etc. It's a mess.
To be fair there are some I've tried that sound very good, but the build is highly suspect. I think Z11. I reviewed the Z2 which was horrible, and I briefly owned the PX21 which sounded good but the internal amp was too hissy, enough to be distracting.
If you see in my signature, I own the Fidelio X2. NOT a $100 headset. And I owned the X2 a little before the TH900. It's gotten more use as well, since I heavily prefer velour pads on my headphones. It's a comfort/personal choice.
Been almost 3 weeks since I've played. Yup I'm officially Destiny-free. TTK isn't bringing me back either.
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