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If you're adamant on Schiit, the Asgard 2 does fine with the K712 (that's what I used at the time). As for amp/dac combos, I'm a fanboy of Audio-GD equipment, which will absolutely do well with the K712. NFB 11, NFB 15, Compass 2. Those can drive practically every thing. I suggest the NFB15 since it's on the warmer side, while the NFB11 is using a neutral dac chip. On the more expensive end, the Compass 2 has options, and I would suggest one with the Wolfson dac chips. It...
Valhalla isn't suited for current hungry headphones like the K712. I doubt it will sound bad, but it isn't ideal. valhalla is made for high impedance headphones like the HD650. I would suggest that instead. I love the K712 AND HD650 about equally.
Guys, the meat of my T51 review will be up here: As I have stated, this will probably be once in awhile, and I'll still have the final scores up here on the guide. Just the main review will be posted there. Chrck it out if you have the chance. I'm not on there yet though. As for the 5.8, the only cable I utilize is the headphone cable to the Rx, that's it. On the rare occasion I chat (which is like...almost never), yeah, I have to contend with the cable...
That is seriously the main problem with the LCD2. Sounds amazing, feels like hell when worn.
As long as my Mixamp 5.8 continues to work flawlessly, I'm happy.
Type 0 is PS4 and XB1 only, for now.
As a JRPG fan, it makes all the sense in the world to get a PS4 over the XB1. XBoxes are not known for JRPGs. They have their share, but its a fraction of a fraction of Playstation's number of JRPGs. Shenay, I think its PS4, XB1, and PC only. Not sure.
Type 0 is coming out for new consoles, so I'd wait.
I'm somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to FF games, so the changes brought to FFXII and subsequently, XIII, were changes I certainly didn't like. That being said, FFXV looks like Final Kingdom Hearts: Adult Edition, and I love me some flagship Kingdom Hearts, so I'm excited.
Oh, the K712's treble is definitely on the stronger side, despite its generally warm tonality overall. The Annie is more subdued up top, at least with the older memmory foam pads. And yes, the K612 (the successor to the K601), is more neutral than the rest.
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