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That is exactly why we like to nearly max out the volume pot (where there is no channel imbalance), and use it as a pre-amp to a proper headphone amp with real power.
Yes there is. Home theater is the 5.1 solution. Your system settings MUST be at 5.1/Dolby Digital (if on console). The Mixamp and stuff like it does NOT work properly if you send it two channel audio. Hence why using the headphone option on the game is 100% WRONG. YOU MUST SEND A SPEAKER TYPE SIGNAL BECAUSE THE MIXAMP IS THEN CONVERTING THAT TO SURROUND FOR HEADPHONES.
I love the X2 even next to the TH900. If that don't say how much I believe in the X2's sound quality, then I don't know what else to tell you guys. It really is a headphone I can't see myself giving up, even next to the TH900. The TH900 takes more than a quick demo to really understand. remember, I thought it was near identical to the TH600 the first night. the next few days, I really started to how how special they were, so much, the TH600 just didn't compare (though it...
No, not going to touch that yet.
Get the X2. Done. The 880s don't have excellent depth. The MA900 is great, but a bit smoothed over. The X2 is well rounded in every regard.
Hell, I love pairing the Vali with the TH900. That is a damping factor of 4, not even close to the ideal factor of 8 or higher. The TH900 is already an impossibly fast headphone in the bass, so the slight addition of decay in the bass is actually appreciable to my ears. It is still the same TH900 I'm now used to, just now more euphonic. Tyll at Innerfidelity's graphs show that he TH900 only barely lifts the lower end bass just a smidge in a worst case scenario of 600ohm...
The output impedance is not related to the power supply. The power supply does nothing to the headphone specific side of the X7.Pretty sure Creative tweaked that setting to allow for more IEMs to be used with the X7 without any impedance mismatching, though 2.2ohm is already quite low for basically all other kinds of headphones.1ohm is technically going to be faster than 2.2ohm, but on the downlside, this means it will be even worse for headphones that are already fast, as...
That'd work for me here in the States? I ask, because $100 for the official one is a bit too much for a power adapter. Even my overpriced Alienware laptop's power supply isn't as expensive, and Alienware overprices everything. Asking about the one linked to Amazon.
I actually think he meant it's ridiculous because the TH900 is like the only headphone that has this kind of character. So you don't expect it, hence why it's ridiculous. Pretty sure he meant it in a positive manner.
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