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I like having the boompro over a clip on because I cant stand having to reach for the clip on and dealing with yet another cable from the headphone to the source. Too many cables.Not something you have to deal with the Boompro. However, if you're ok dealing with an extra cable, a clip on is more than fine. I still use my DX mic whenever I'm reviewing a headphone without a mic/not able to use the Boompro.
Out of the best buy headphones: Sennheiser Momentum.... those just sound soooo damn good. Not sure how they'll do for gaming though. Pretty sure the Momentum On Ear will be pretty good for fun gaming. 558 is a safe choice for sure, but I have a thing with the 5** line being a bit too safe sounding. The Monster DNA Pro is one of the best closed headphones I've ever heard, but it's build quality needs work.
The Alpha Dog is amazing. As far as closed headphones go, those are my top recommendation. Easily.
They can also stand to make the leather band's arch narrower/longer, for those with bigger heads. As it stands some of us had to bend the leather band so the headband wouldn't crash against the band, limiting how far they can reach certain ears.
The K712 is more all rounder-ish, with more musicality and bass. It's also considerably more comfortable due to the headband not being bumpy and uncomfortable. If you can afford the K712 Pro, by all means... not much that there is to complain about it. So guys, thanks to AxelCloris who gave me a steam key, I've been absolutely hooked on Hitman: Absolution. I believe this game was on PS Plus for PS3, but I dunno, I didn't give it a real chance. Now... I can't believe it...
I can't believe he still has the Q701 he bought from me, lol.And I agree. I think in his situation, I would just sell the Q701, and order some Q701 pads for the K712 so he can basically have both headphones with a simple pad swap.As for the 650, I love it, but it isnt all too great for gaming. It doesn't work as well as some others. Positional accuracy is a bit wonky with the 650. The 650 though is among my faves for all around use though. After loosening the clamp, the...
I see what you did there.
Bassy and relatively easy to drive. Get the Fidelio X1 + V-moda BoomPro Chances are, with this, you'll never need any other headset. If you STILL need more bass than that... well, you're a total basshead, and will pronbably require something more like the V-moda M100 instead of the X1. I could've told you the A40s weren't gonna have much bass.
If you order in the first week, you'll get 15% off, so it's basically $17, unless my math is completely off. And I feel I'll be more active on this thread since soooo many rpgs are coming out in the next few months that I want. LoH: **** (the game I just mentioned) Tales of Hearts R (Vita) Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3) Kingdom Hearts 2.5 I'm sure I'm missing a few too.
I feel the K612 actually has more bass presence than the 598...
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