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All leathers, fake or real bother me. From synthetic, protein, lambskin, or regular leather. Its cloth/velour or nothing at all.
Hmm, I'm still waiting on what the HE400i will bring to the table. I mean LCD2 had endgame sound, but dat weight and lack of comfort was a dealbreaker. I just really love the planar sound, which is just different from all dynamics I have heard. As much as I'd love the TH900, it still loses bullet points, mainly in it being closed and having fake leather pads. I think the HE400i/PM-2 (home) + KSC (work) + 15G/MOE (relaxing at home) would be it, AFAIK. That's really...
Think of it like this: you have seen how many headphones I have owned, right? Well the Annie and K712 are the only real ones I felt did almost everything right to the point where I could stop searching for better. Their versatility, comfort, and finesse just resonated with all my needs.Have I heard better? Yes. But there were always trade offs. The 712 is a headphone with the least amount of tradeoffs, and for a good price.
No, but I'm sure if the company thought it was worth much more, they'd price it accordingly.
Such a shame that Astro stopped making the 5.8. It's not impossible to find though. I wanna beat myself in the arse for selling my first one. Ah well, all's well that ends well. Just wish i still have a ps3 usb chat cable. That's what I get for buying the 5.8 alone.
If you can splurge for the 5.8, I'd heavily advise on getting that, as it will be much more convenient for when you use other headphones. Just make sure to score a battery pack for the RX unit, as that thing eats regular batteries quick quickly, and the battery packs are the only things to charge while inside the RX unit. They last a while longer too.
The spike at 9khz is all that's needed for me. I generally want a smooth treble, with just a HINT of sparkle. I loved the LCD2, and people thought it was treble deficient. I didn't think so.
I agree. Suikoden V just tried to copy all the good things from II (which was smart but ultimately didn't reach the same level of awesomeness, though V is still far and beyond the second best game). I think Suikoden shoud've stayed with 2D sprites. Imagine really high quality sprites now? I'd kill for that. The move to 3D lowered the diversity (many characters had the same animations, etc in the latter games). I may just restart V soon though. It's the only Suikoden I...
KONAMI IS RELEASING SUIKODEN II ON PSN SOON! IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME. Good thing I sold my near mint decade and a half old copy for $110 a few months ago. Hahaha. This is the best RPG OF ALL TIME, as far as I'm concerned.
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