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558 for under $100? That's a steal.
Lots of goodies from Xur. Bought the Voidfan Vestments for my Warlock, which I don't need but wanted. Bought the Armamentum for my new Titan who just hit 20 today. Didn't buy the Body armor for the Hunter, but did buy the arm exotic engram. Was wishing for ANYTHING that wasn't Sunbreakers, and got the awesome looking one for the Hunter with the bone spines and skull. So a good Xur day for me. Now I'm out of Coins and only a few Motes, lol. But with 3 characters, shouldn't...
Lol, nah. She does like a pop and lock. Too bad Exos look like ass... something qbout unattractive avatars that irks me. Couldn't do anything to make her look nice. Love her voice though. Sounds familiar but I can't put my finger on it. She starts at 1:55. Level 13 exo titan. Trying to rush through the story to get her ready for the grind.
Titans are pretty popular. Holy cow, the female exo has the BEST dance ever.
Great raid run Evs, Still. Was bummed that I was getting nothing but shards and energy, then BOOM, Vision of Confluence. Also that cool Warlock armband of shiny, sparkly goodness.
So I ended up starting a Titan anyway. Meh. Lol.
Yikes. Ok so, anyone up for the weekly? I still need to do it twice.
Mad Dog and HE400 are very different flavors. Love them both, prefer the HE400. Seems like nowadays, everyone is trashing the HE400s. I hate it when people turn on things once they find new toys to play with. Nothing has changed to make the HE400 trash. It has always been a headphone some will love, some will not.
I have a video of me ripping heads with the Pocket Infinity on Crucible, with two 10 streaks. It is still very powerful. Just gotta wait to get home and upload. Here's what I want: Plan C Midas Multi Tool Universal Remote Patience and Time Gjallahorn I need to do the Weekly x2
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