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I like how he's wearing it backwards.
I re did the firmware, and no longer have shutoff issues, but the X7 still pops/distorts sound through usb, has a problem connecting when it goes into it's sleep mode, etc. It's a mess.
To be fair there are some I've tried that sound very good, but the build is highly suspect. I think Z11. I reviewed the Z2 which was horrible, and I briefly owned the PX21 which sounded good but the internal amp was too hissy, enough to be distracting.
If you see in my signature, I own the Fidelio X2. NOT a $100 headset. And I owned the X2 a little before the TH900. It's gotten more use as well, since I heavily prefer velour pads on my headphones. It's a comfort/personal choice.
Been almost 3 weeks since I've played. Yup I'm officially Destiny-free. TTK isn't bringing me back either.
Yes, that's the idea, and make sure your card has the surround toggle enabled.
That's not it at all. It's the "I need to stop throwing away money on things I rarely use. I only need ONE headphone, and I could do some good with the cash I get from selling the TH900. I'll miss it, as it was near perfection, but I'm not about pursuing perfection anymore."Also helped that the X2 has velour pads. I've only said it a million times, but no matter how good leather pads are, I will never be 100% happy with any unless they are velour pads, so I found myself...
Yes. I'm 100% happy with my X2, and if it ever broke, I'd buy the X2 right back.
Not saying I won't review, just that at this point in time, I don't have a desire for it. You guys can at least forget about a TH900 review. Not going to review based on memory, and if it sells, that guarantees it's not getting reviewed. It's already packed up regardless.
I can't promise anything. I have a near zero motivation to do any review. My TH-600 review has been pretty much done months ago, and I can't be arsed to finish the last 15%.
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