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Titans are pretty popular. Holy cow, the female exo has the BEST dance ever.
Great raid run Evs, Still. Was bummed that I was getting nothing but shards and energy, then BOOM, Vision of Confluence. Also that cool Warlock armband of shiny, sparkly goodness.
So I ended up starting a Titan anyway. Meh. Lol.
Yikes. Ok so, anyone up for the weekly? I still need to do it twice.
Mad Dog and HE400 are very different flavors. Love them both, prefer the HE400. Seems like nowadays, everyone is trashing the HE400s. I hate it when people turn on things once they find new toys to play with. Nothing has changed to make the HE400 trash. It has always been a headphone some will love, some will not.
I have a video of me ripping heads with the Pocket Infinity on Crucible, with two 10 streaks. It is still very powerful. Just gotta wait to get home and upload. Here's what I want: Plan C Midas Multi Tool Universal Remote Patience and Time Gjallahorn I need to do the Weekly x2
I know, but blue LEDs are still an eyesore. I like some light. Amber or red are ideal.
Warm sources will pair up better with a lot more than neutral/dry ones which will make brighter headphones, and/or neutral ones sound a little lifeless. I prefer having a small margin of error where everything will still sound a little more musical. The Compass 2 with ES9018 just made certain headphones sound...lacking. Had the NFB5, as well as SA-31. Both were more suited for me and made headphones sound better than the Sabre equipped Compass 2, IMHO.
Camped the backroom. He went down in like 10 minutes.
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