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From all the headphones I have owned, imbalances tned to occur more frequently in the upper mid/treble ranges, not so much the bass and lower mids. Like Jerg stated, minor imbalances are normal. Its when an imbalance lasts for a broad range where it can be problematic, especially in tbe bass and mids.
Yup. Gonna have to bend the arch like last time to accomodate bigger heads. :/
If I wasn't so set to get the 400i whenever I have an actual chance to afford it, the X2 would be my second choice.
Guys, would you guys say the bass is more fluid, wetter than the 560? I like some form of fluidity, and not just dry, tactile bass.
Yes, please show that it isn't glued down.
For the love of headphones, for those who like the HE400 bass, how does the 400i stack up? First thing first.
All those games on the Now Beta, and not one is free so we can TEST the damn thing. Like 5 dollars for a 4 HOUR rental? You've gotta be ****ing kidding me. I know it's a Beta, and yet, they should have at least ONE game to test out. But no, they immediately try to get you to fork over money. No trial, no interest.
The Valhalla is suited for high impedance headphones that require voltage, FWIR. The K712 relies more on current and not voltage.
That's a good deal then. I have a suspicion the 400i won't be better than the 500, and most likely be on equal or lesser terms, as far as sound quality is concerned. So if you don't mind a very, very headphone, I don't think the 500 will disappoint. From all I hear and have known of the 500, it will sound great, but not be particularly suited for gaming, due to smaller soundstage, and intimacy. However, the same thing can be said of something like the LCD2, which even...
Certain games just make sense to have a mostly fixed camera...
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