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Great raid guys. Lots of goods to go around that time.
Wow. Thats pretty rough. So today was good for me. I logged on just long enough to pick up the bounties for later and buy off Xur. I bought PaT and two engrams. They both turned fo helmets I never had. Mask of the Third Man for the Hunter which will be good for PVP, due to longer arcblade time. As well as Helm of Inmost Light for my Titan which I didn't have an exotic for other than the Armamentarium or whatever. May spam some Vanguard strikes to get enough marks to buy...
So I was right. If you have the Jackolyte, you can trade for an item that changes your respawn. Patience and Time today, as well as exotic helm. Hopefully I get one for the Titan. Sadly all armors are repeats, with this being the 3rd straight week for Armamentarium, and 2nd for Voidfang Vestments. And everyone's second fave...the Lucky Raspberry. Hey, at least it's not Sunbreakers again.
Well if you actually INVITE ME, I'm down. Pretty well versed on all Atheon roles, though not sure what makes 30 different. I assume just more adds and damage received.
You're both noobs. That is all.
X1 was well behaved up top for me too. It was just the loose bass that was a bit off.
EVen when we miss out on raids, I SHRUG at the fact that I'm missing so many chances to raid with randoms.
We were ready last night, but SOMEONE RUINED EVERYTHING. SOMEONE THAT MAKES ME WANNA SHRUG AT EVERYTHING HE HAS TO SAY. Because we have to raid only when HE wants.
Yaaaay, got my Titan to 28. I'm sooo ready for 3 raids per week.
Yeah, pushed the Templar last night. I just know that's gonna be the next thing they patch. It's funny, I was the ONLY one pushing the Templar in the group, yet he fell off in minutes. Nevsr seen him go down so fast. Hell, doing the raid with randoms last night, we beat Atheon on the 2nd cycle. It was like... overkill. Makes me wonded if Bungie ia gonna make the Nightfalls even more impossible by removing any and every way to stay alive. I wouldn't put it past them to...
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