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As a JRPG fan, it makes all the sense in the world to get a PS4 over the XB1. XBoxes are not known for JRPGs. They have their share, but its a fraction of a fraction of Playstation's number of JRPGs. Shenay, I think its PS4, XB1, and PC only. Not sure.
Type 0 is coming out for new consoles, so I'd wait.
I'm somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to FF games, so the changes brought to FFXII and subsequently, XIII, were changes I certainly didn't like. That being said, FFXV looks like Final Kingdom Hearts: Adult Edition, and I love me some flagship Kingdom Hearts, so I'm excited.
Oh, the K712's treble is definitely on the stronger side, despite its generally warm tonality overall. The Annie is more subdued up top, at least with the older memmory foam pads. And yes, the K612 (the successor to the K601), is more neutral than the rest.
I had that goal too. Unfortunately, FFII will have to remain as the only classic that I havent beaten. Well, that and FFV, which I'm waiting on a remake (you know it will come eventually). II, V, XII, XIII-3 I couldnt get into the MMO-ish feel of XII, so I stopped playing that too. XIII-3 was a.... just no bueno.
Youre a better soul than me. I couldn't justify getting through that game. The levelling mechanic is absolutely BS and S-E should've revamped/changed it completely through its more recent remakes.
Dammit Astro, get it together. Some native PCM, DTS to Dolby Headphone conversion would be nice. Receivers have been doing that for years... Do they at least plan to add extra digital inputs? Because this is one thing that is unacceptable nowadays. Gamers don't tend to have just have one console.
I dont exactly think thats true. As for changes, a few have mentioned that the K712 is ever so slightly warmer than the Annie when they both use the same pads. Just going off what my friends here have told me. I personally dont find them different enough and would just get whichever is cheapest. HAD the Annie still been sold with the older memory foam pads, I'd go for those personally, since I prefer its more intimate presentation. Apples vs a slightly less juicy apple. I...
Currently playing both Diablo 3 on ps4 and Tales of Xillia 2. Of course D3 isnt a JRPG, but it is fragmenting my gaming time.
For me, if im gonna spend money on amps/dac, it just makes all the sense in the world to get the Compass 2 and call it a day. Great dac, great amp for pretty much every headphone, analog input, various digital inputs, fantastic volume control. This is, if I was fully back in the headphone game.
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