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If you connect a headphone, speaker output is switched off and vice versa.
I've been using my wireless keyboard to lower the volume. :/ I really don't like the app. Its slight delay aggravates me.
I'll have to test it out, though seeing as the X7's volume is directly tied to the Windows volume slider, it won't be easy getting my optimal level.
You're essentially just releasing an extra volume threshold with high gain. If you can't hit a certain volume in low gain, high gain makes sense. Otherwise, I don't see high gain being different from low gain, other than a volume cap. Same as the Xonar U3, etc. I doubt there are resistors or anything in the way, and it's most likely software based. I certainly can't use high gain with the X2 as my volume gets absurdly loud at around 30 volume. High Gain would give me very...
It's another gimmick weapon that won't really replace anything. For the amount of damage that it does (which is great for stationary targets), the exotic slot is still better spent on the Black Spindle which is also a stationary target killer, and can dish out basically the same amount of damage, while leaving the heavy slot open for rockets, etc. Fun for a little while, not going to be something people WANT to use on serious missions.
So messing around with the Sleeper Simulant, it seems to take good and bad things from rockets and fusion rifles. SS hits whatever it is pointed at, meaning stability is absolutely worthless with it. The time between shots is much too long to waste the benefit of range on stability. Also, like the Vex Mythoclast, it does crits, setting it apart from rocket launcher/normal fusion rifles. Downside is zero splash damage, so in many situations, rockets are a much better bet. I...
Have you held down the power button on the Tx unit first, then hold down the power button on the RX? They should both be blinking, I believe.
Yay, got the Jade Rabbit as a NF reward. I didn't think it was in my loot pool, considering I got literally almost every other random exotic drop. Looks like a good candidate for PVP, not that it matters to me. I expected a cool gunshot sound, but it's pretty standard. Ah well.
Yup, welcome to the world of Micro USB shenanigans. Makes me wonder why the engineers thought it was a good idea to have such a small, craptastic input on the back of such a big device instead of something that makes sense like USB Type B, which is a lot more sturdy and less prone to have connection issues.
Oh yes, I don't do small phone screens. 5.5" is absolute minimum. My Nexus 6 is 6". Ideally something 5.7-6".I like the Note 5's form factor, as it's actually smaller than my old Note 2, despote having a bigger screen.
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