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CoD does future, everyone bitches about it. Battlefield does the same, everyone praises it. I wish people would just be honest to themselves and admit they just LOVE to hate on CoD, and brownnose everything Battlefield. I'm not speaking to anyone here in particular. Just the general consensus online. Some people just love to hate.
I always watched my brother playing it, and I enjoyed it, so I bought it for myself, and the rest was history.
CoD4 was the one to start the hunt for virtual surround. I played BF2:MC with TV speakers.
Focus pads are definitely a good alternattive, and I feel sound better than the vegans, but not as comfy or bassy.
This x1000Reduces the edge, and actually adds bassThe shortcoming of this, is that the added sense of sound depth pushes some things further away in the sound spectrum. I got used to it though.
Heeeey, if it wasn't for Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on the Xbox 360, I never would've played FPS games, and this thread wouldn't have existed. I've been gaming since the 80s, and BF2: MC was my FIRST real FPS game. I owe a lot to that game. Of course, CoD4 came right after and REALLY got me into FPS.
^Talkig about the Turtle Beach TAC, which I think has been in limbo for ages, but is now just released, I believe.
I saw a response somewhere from IW saying that online will have dedicated servers for MW1. Considering how horrendous the online latency is for the PS3 version, I'm gonna be happy to play without all that lag. Gameplay-wise, as long as the target sticks to 60fps, I highly doubt ANYTHING was changed from the core mechanics. I have yet to play a remaster that has changed gameplay mechanics. Only remakes do that.
The Remaster is not a simple resolution bump. Volumetric fog, dynamic lighting, whole new graphical assets, physical based rendering, etc. It is a proper remaster.here's a video that shows before and afters.https://www.facebook.com/401883713352009/videos/499894756884237/?fref=nf
Or... you can buy the game, swipe the code for the remaster, and sell the new one. Done. Unless Activision has it where you can only play the Remaster through Infinite Warfare's menu. Then it's an issue. If you have Prime, the game is $67 atm. CoD4 is worth that, at least.
New Posts  All Forums: