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There are similarities, but the difference between the X1 and X2 are clearly noticeable. The X1 is quite a bit warmer, and the looseness in the bass is evident compared to the X2. The X2 isn't lacking in bass, but there is certainly more ominpresence in the X1. The X2 to me, is clearly the better headphone. I like my bass like anyone else, and I don't feel the X2 is lacking.
That's the reason I loved the Denon D7000 so much. The bass was just, unlike anything I've heard before or after (seriously, other than the other Fostex/Denons, nothing comes close to having that sensation of the D7000's bass). The sub bass was intoxicating. I cried when it got discontinued. My review of the T70 is up on I'll be adding it to the guide soon enough.
The X2's bass stays at LEAST even with the mids all the way down to 35hz. And it's not a contradiction. Just because something rolls off doesn't make it inaudible.
I can easily hear the sub bass on the X2. Don't know what kind of ear problems people are having, but the X2 isn't missing sub bass. Yes, it's rolled off, just like every other dynamic open headphone I've ever heard including the X1. Starting to believe people are confusing the mid bass with sub bass. The X1 has a pretty noticeable tilt towards it's mid bass, while the X2 is quite a bit more balanced and evened with it's mids.
No offense taken, just saying, that my reviews (especially the bigger ones), go more in depth on the headphones themselves. So a headphone I feel is good, is gonna be a good recommendation regardless of stereo or surround gaming (as far as personal opinion goes).
If you want sub bass, open dynamic is the last place to look. There are exceptions, but be realistic. A headphone as open as the X2 is just not going to give sub bass much attention. That's planarmagnetic territory. how I spent my morning:
Stillhart, just because my gaming impressions for the headphones are surround related, the reviews themselves are based on the headphone's own sound, not related to surround (that section is specifically in the soundstage/positioning sub sections of the reviews).
A high power, high efficiency Class-D digital amplifier TPA3116D2 delivers up to 100W power (2 x 50W @ 4Ω*), allowing you to connect to passive bookshelf or tower speakers. The Sound Blaster X7 features an impedance switch to select between 4Ω and 8Ω to match your speakers to deliver the best audio performance."Excitement has dissipated entirely. I'm pretty certain the impedance switch is for the SPEAKER output, not the headphone one. I'm willing to bet it's the typical...
Well, they just lost a sale.
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