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I feel like chiming in again. If someone were to prove to me that cables do make a difference, I wouldn't jump on the cable band wagon because I can't hear it. I would, however, be in full support of people getting high quality cables. This is how I work: I support the side that the data points to, I have no emotional connection to either side being right or wrong, because that's silly and impassioned.
True but they're Dre, which means nothing but bass.
I'm really looking for a blend of sound quality, looks and comfort. SQ is top priority, though. For instance, I intend to one day have HD800s, which I think look crap.           Quote: Originally Posted by Dyn4m1c95   try the beats  pro. They are $265 for pre order on amazon. That's just insulting!
I disagree, they're gaudy.
I don't want to throw up when I see them on my desk. I'm stereotypical-homosexual-like about interior design.
You could call it that, but strictly speaking, it's post rock. Suicide By Star is a good one, When Everything Dies is also.
Honestly, I would furnish my room with B&O products because they're so friggin' sexy. I personally think the BeoSound 5 is my dream source.
Shamless self bumpin'
I spend most of my time with Radiohead.
Someone doesn't understand the difference between opinion and fact.
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