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UE SuperFi 5's, $40. Don't know how legit this is though, they're no longer listed on UE's website, just the vi's.   The UE 500's are also marked down to $53, from $70 on UE's website.
Just an update for anyone who may be considering the J4s, after at least 50-60 hours (I stopped counting), the difference is night and day from when I first got them. I've been wearing them over the ear with decored Shure Olive tips, and the bass has really tamed itself, though this may be a negative point to some, as I'm not a huge bass fan. The sibilance has all but disappeared, which helps to let the mids shine a little more. These are now my primary earphones, I'm...
Much better, I tried it with a ripped up cotton ball.
  Thanks, I'll just deal with it until I put some more time into them.
Anyone else have a problem with the treble being insanely high out of the box, and if it clears up with burn in? It's unbearable with both stock tips and Olives.
Age typically doesn't matter, unless you're talking about headphones from the same family, and even then newer series aren't necessarily better, just different. It all depends on your ears.
The S4's are excellent, worth the $80 and then some, especially if you can get them for half off.
I think that I'm done looking for a while. When I bought these, I had narrowed my choices down to the J4's and the Ultimate Ears 500, but the UE's were out of stock at the time. Having burned these in nearly all the way, I still don't regret buying them, although they aren't perfect. I have to say though that these are the most inconsistent headphones I've ever owned. I could listen to the same song four times, and have it sound mediocre twice and amazing twice. However,...
Well, so far I've been using them off and on during the day and the burn-in page on JLabs' website, and they certainly sound better. The bass has mostly cleared up which allows the mids and highs to come through a bit more clearly, although now I'm experiencing some harshness and sibilance. To be fair, though, I think this may just be my ears, since I sometimes hear a ton of sibilance with every pair of headphones I've ever owned and sometimes even just listening to...
Good idea! The cord is pretty short, any extra length can't hurt.
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