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First of, thx for the replies!   There are some really interesting amp/dacs and I'm looking forward to reading more about them in the next couple of days. I'll let you know what I decide and I'll keep an eye on this post for further recommendations.
Hi fellow head-fi'ers..   The time is upon me. I have craved a good set of headphones and a decent amp/dac for longer than I care to remember (read about a year) and as I'm building myself a new pc, I thought it would be a good time to get a decent sounding dac....  and then why not a good set of headphones?...... and they'll need a decent amp.... the list could go on, but the ol' ball 'n' chain would probably not be too happy with me if I let it.   The...
I'm not too familiar with the jacks ect. on an android phone, but I'll assume that it the same as on the Iphone?!   Next month (September 2010) Sennheiser is sending out alot of their popular headphones such as px 100-II and 200-II with inline mics. They are called PX 100-IIi, ect. If they cost around the same as their no-mic counterparts, they should be just in the area of your budget.   I loved the old PX 200. IMO it was "great value for money" buy.   A...
Hi   I just got a nice deal on an Iphone 3GS 32Gb. I'm not all that impressed with sound of the standard headphones. I use them anyway because they have a build in mic.   I've got a pair of UE 3 studio which I'm pretty happy with, but they dont have a mic. I was browsing the UE homepage when I saw these replacement cables with mic!   Now it says that they are for TripleFi 10vi, but could they be used for my 3?   Anyone have any...
"See the sky about to rain " - Neil Young
"Friday on my mind" - Gary Moore
"Sweet Emotion" - Aerosmith
"Heart of gold" - Neil Young
"Digital Bitch" - Black Sabbath
Prog Rock Man, thank you for taking the time to put this summary together.
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