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Thx for the input.   What I ended up doing was this: I tested out the onboard soundcard on the motherboard and it actually sounds pretty good - so I´ll be using this as source temporarily. I then bought a Matrix M-stage, which I'm very pleased with. Great build quality and after a few 100 hours of burn-in the bottom notes really came to life and I think it matches the K702 very well.   Next step will be a good external soundcard/dac with optical-2-phono as...
I should probably mention that I'm from Denmark and If I buy an amp outside of europe, I have to add 25% in taxes and 10-20% in customs fee's to the price. This kinda takes the fun out of the fun i think... : ) Inside of Europe no problem!
Hi fellow-geeks   I had actually decided to get a audio-gd nfb-12, but then there was a lot of commotion on this forum whether or not the nfb-12 was bugged or not, so I postponed the purchase for awhile and I got to thinking. - I am currently in the middle of a new pc build and maybe I should get a good soundcard and a dedicated headphone amp instead?   My budget is approximately $300-400, (lower is better) for both SC and amp.   I have a been looking at the...
Do you think the NFB-12 and AKG K702 would be a good match?   Rated impedance 62 ohms Max. input power 200 mW
With regards to the price, I would guess that the nfb-12 will take over for the nfb-11. The nfb-11 was $275. I dont know if the wm8741 chips are cheaper than the ones in the nfb-11? But I would also recon that the post-promo price would be in the $250-275 range.   I'm looking forward to read some in-depth reviews of the nfb-12 the next couple of months until I get my own. The first out-of-the-box impressions are ticking in and they are possitive so far.
I reviewed all the different suggesions and eventually decided to get the NFB-12. The Promo offer was just too good to pass off...
I just ordered the NFB-12, can't wait to get it!
First of, thx for the replies!   There are some really interesting amp/dacs and I'm looking forward to reading more about them in the next couple of days. I'll let you know what I decide and I'll keep an eye on this post for further recommendations.
Hi fellow head-fi'ers..   The time is upon me. I have craved a good set of headphones and a decent amp/dac for longer than I care to remember (read about a year) and as I'm building myself a new pc, I thought it would be a good time to get a decent sounding dac....  and then why not a good set of headphones?...... and they'll need a decent amp.... the list could go on, but the ol' ball 'n' chain would probably not be too happy with me if I let it.   The...
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