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Allied - 6/10   I think I really disliked this from the start. Not much of interest happening until maybe 60% of the way through it. I really didn't think or feel anything during this movie. The acting in this was really below average I think. Watch "Army of Shadows" instead!   I should have seen "Hacksaw Ridge" for my 8th time instead  I live 2 minutes away from an Imax screen.
Captain Fantastic - 6.5/10   Knew nothing about this movie before renting it. Found it really too slow, barely interesting enough to watch and dragged on and on. Not much fun either. Too bad because it had some really good ideas. It really could have used more comedy.    
Too Big To Fail - 7/10   Worth watching and much more serious than "The Big Short". This one is about the economic crisis in 2008. There's a lot of stuff here I didn't know about.   PS I really miss "The Walking Dead". I'm boycotting it
Dishonored 2 - 8/10 (see notes)   This is based on my impressions of what i've played so far. I'm only up to Mission 3 where I have to find and help the doctor. I'm almost finished with this level though.   At first I found the game pretty ugly to look at. It gets better and better when you start playing it more. There are now some areas that really "WOW" you and you can't help but look around at the scenery and art design. Some of it looks like a realistic photo. A...
 Bloodborne isn't an easy game, but I think it's easier than any Dark Souls game i've played.I don't understand how people can call it a game for casual players. I imagine if they did play it they didn't finish it. I stopped playing Bloodborne at the very last level. I really need to go back and finish it. There's just no incentive to since the game restarts after that.Rom the Spider gave me some major problems at first. Upper Ward made me want to fling my controller.Part...
Tremors - 7.5/10   Entertaining and sometimes sort of funny. Haven't seen this since I was a kid. It's free on Amazon prime.
I saw the actress/singer Gigi Leung when I went to Hong Kong. Other than this i've never spotted any celebrities and I really can't think of many i'd want to ever meet. Maybe Tom Hanks or Michael Moore (he lives in my state).    
Please let's not get this thread locked! I like it too much. I think too much discussion of politics in general are not allowed on this forum.   PS Hacksaw Ridge No. 5 last night
Sicario - 6/10   Surprised by how little happens in this movie. Not much substance here and Emily Blunt was totally wasted in her role. I really dislike the films of this director. I'll probably not like "Prisoners" either. This one had some pretty good acting and I liked the cinematography, but that's about it. Josh Brolin seems to be good in everything he's done (well, maybe not so much in "The Goonies"!)
Arrival (2016) - 4/10   Biggest disappointment of the year for me and totally not anything I expected. Just a chore to sit through. It just goes on forever and it's just so filler-filled. Very slow and not entertaining at all (which is OK with me!). It's one of those films that pretends to be intelligent, but your brain is pretty close to being inactive the entire movie (like "Inception"). It also thinks it's some sort of art film. I think the cinematographer watched...
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