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It's one of the default avatars.
 Yeah I take all the weights off too for my G500. Looking at the teardown on the G502, looks like they've done away with the retarded double-stacked-sandwich board layout for the left and right mouse click switches. Repair should be pretty easy for when the switches inevitably fail.
 Welcome back! I thought people only went on cruises to get hammered? 
Wow what an amazing package! (heh)
 Awwh what did you do this time? XD
 Ehhh if you're hesitant then I'd hold off on it. I think the new R9 3xx series will be launching in February, so I'd expect some price cuts to happen for the 970/980 around that time, could be worth holding out for just a little longer.
Woohoo, just won a Panasonic VP-7722A audio distortion analyzer for ~600ish shipped, half of the price was shipping since the bugger weighs nearly 20kg.   I didn't even know Panasonic made audio analyzers, it cost over $10k a couple of decades ago, but it's 'only' worth a grand or so now. I mean sure, I won't get pretty FFTs which are all the rage these days, but something that would better it's THD+N noise floor (0.0002% I think) would probably cost a lot more than six...
 Taking burn-in to another level. 
Hostage situation in Sydney.   :O
 The Rigol DS1054Z (50MHz) retails for about USD400, you can hack it to the DS1104Z(100MHz with all the triggering options+24Mpts memory) which sells for about USD830.
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