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Ahhh no wonder Samsung had quite a bit of "tuned by AKG" branding, AKG are a part of Harman Kardon which was pending acquisition by Samsung and we talked about it a while back.   I've been thinking about a Quartz Grand Seiko, they say it'll go 50 years without maintenance apart from the usual battery swapping and that seems quite appealing. I've heard Grand Seiko service isn't the best especially if you have an older watch, they don't make parts for them anymore after...
 I heard it was because of copyright/licensing issues....for an old wartime song in the late 30's....yeah.  
 Yeah the 8 core chippies are in enthusiast territory, the 6-core line look to be incredible value for general 'prosumer' uses. Hmmmmm might get a 1700X, the ol' 3770k is starting to struggle with financial simulations and I'd appreciate something twice as fast. I wonder how good the b350 is vs the x370 at overclocking, was there any conclusive evidence that ten thousand phases made any difference at all on the Intel side?
edit: nope too nsfw we get this again  
 This thread is knife-fi with the occasional derailment onto the thread topic. Been looking at some Japanese chef knives here....preeetty expensive. Might be able to get a Tojiro DP3 for <$100 dollarydoos delivered which seeeems to be decently regarded for a beginner.
 We only get a choice of the buttons CLEAR, READ, HOLD, MEM, and I have to figure out the combination from that. I've already tried every single combination up to 4 'digits' long (256)...and I think for 5 there's 1024 combinations which isn't happening without the multimeter flying out the window.  We'll let the markets work out this issue.  P-problem solved.
 Bloody hell I will never buy another Hioki multimeter ever again. I have their high end handheld meter and I can't access the calibration/adjustment mode on the meter.....I *OWN* THE FLIPPING METER?!?! THERE'S NO INSTRUCTIONS IN THE MANUAL. I spent 30 minutes just testing all the power on options and finally I see "user adjust", BUT NOPE NOW ITS WAITING FOR A MAGIC BUTTON SEQUENCE CONSISTING OF 4 DIFFERENT BUTTONS BUT WITH AN UNKNOWN LENGTH, SO I TRY THE FIRST 300 OR SO...
 Maybe it's trying to load a specific ad and it wont resolve...or something? 
  I finally figured out what was disabling the rich text editor in was the head-fi exception for ublock now I've removed the exception and it works just fine but now there's no ads. Oh what will they do without my 0.0001 cents per day, I'll re-whitelist them whenever the bug is fixed.
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