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 Yep, I'm constantly bouncing between "I game like 5 hours a week, go for the best value" and "YOLO once go hard or go home".
 By about that much. XD
 I'm actually seriously considering getting the 4gb reference model, must be a sign of getting older.  It's frightening that the 1070 uses the same power but performs ~40-70% better.
Graphics cards are pooping out on me, all that mining a couple of years ago seems to be catching up with it.    Welp looks like it's time for a 480? I don't play anything demanding so it looks like the perfect card for me. Now I hope I don't get shafted by the retailers like what is happening with the 1070/1080...
Yaaay some PBT spacebars are now available for Topre keyboards, mine was starting to get a bit shiny/smooth.
 Niiiiice, prepare for some feels!
iOS 10 looks like a pretty solid update, having two Safari pages side by side will be a big help.   Now I wonder by how much it will slow down our devices...  
 How'd you get it out? Small drill then pull? Adventures in TV repair;The PSU board is throwing errors, so I suspect the LED inverter or the LED strips themselves. The LED's do light for a split second on power-on but then the MCU stops the fun, oh man I really hope I don't have to take apart the panel to repair a short/open LED. 75" is too big for one person to safely handle. X( I'm waiting until night time to test all the strips (there's about 13), I don't have curtains...
 I'm waiting out for a similar thing too, I was so close to buying a refurb 2014 13" rMBP base model (about 1k USD)... I get the heebie jeebies spending anything more than that. I have a Sharp 75" (!!!) on the operating table, may The Force be with me. On first glance it doesn't look like the caps are worn so this is gonna be a fun weekend. 
 You know it's a solid build when the worst things about it are the resistors.  We all dream of 140+ micron copper PC boards made by Lintek, R-Core transformers made by Kitamura Kiden, and an RK50 pot by Alps. Where does the madness end though? How about Vishay naked foils for the amplifier sections and working standard grade Evanohm PWW resistors for the power supply?You know what? An LT1021 is too noisy, we should rework the power supply to use an array of LTZ1000...
New Posts  All Forums: