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 They start at $102K can dream...
 Wow she's so fwuffy.  Hope she doesn't get the munchies....that only headphone cables can satisfy.
 Feel free to go to other dedicated anime forums for sharing media, I'm sure they'd appreciate your time and effort. If your intended audience is for the people following this thread, the folk here can find quality surpassing YouTube in the blink of an eye. All you'll be doing is cluttering up the thread and raising more flags for moderators, something we want to avoid even if you have explicit permission to post such things.
 It'll happen eventually...SoC's and displays will get more and more efficient. Orrrrr they'll release 5mm thin phones instead... D: Me no likey Kirino.
 Why even bother them, just don't post anything clearly NSFW. Do you really need to show us such things?
 We've been seeing 10-15% improvements in battery life every generation of phones, so hopefully, we'll finally have a 2 day battery life in a few years. :D:D Ugh me so jelly of Eve and Idsy, wish I could justify an upgrade....Would love the extra real estate but then again, I only use the phone for 10 minutes a day. =P
 Yeah, just like how people are passionate about different headphones, music or anime. We have iPhone users in this thread, it's going to come up every now and then. Hell, this thread turned into the Apple conference thread when the iPhone6/6+ was announced. 
Oh deary me, I'm no Rikkun but that's roughly twice the price. The Z7 will sting! Is it the customs duty that'll get ya if you purchase overseas? Hope there will be Stax there Soup-chan~
 Ouch!  Well, you're as ready as can be for 4k gaming. I wonder what AMD will bring out, I doubt they can surpass the 980, they'll probably have to fight on price/value like they've done for a couple of years now.
 Ta chaps. Ooooohhh looks nice! Hope you enjoy them if you do decide to pull the trigger. Looks like they're pretty close to being released. ^^ How shafted in terms of prices do you get over there in Malaysia for audio products?
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