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 I have one word for you. Fancams. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
 Oh no he didn't!  Saw Kimi no na wa just then, nice movie, can't wait for the blu-rays I might actually buy it.I've been living under a rock, are blu rays 4k now? I guess it depends on the content eh?
 They saaaaaaay it wasn't on any of the actual ThinkPads, only the lower end IdeaPads and other consumer lines.
 Jim Keller worked his magic at Apple so hopefully we get the same results with AMD. Being a cheapskate I just want a modern CPU that doesn't bottleneck a high end GPU, but I don't see myself upgrading from Ivy Bridge for another 3 years at least...
 16:10 displays would be very welcome too! Ya gotta give credit to Apple, they're badass/rich enough to get custom panels made for them. I heard that we have them to thank for the cheap Korean 27" 1440p displays, as the panel manufacturer (LG was it?) had to scrap/sell so many panels due to Apple incredibly strict QC. But unfortunately I think manufacturing has gotten good enough that Apple has convinced the manufacturers to not let anyone else use the panels produced for...
 There's just always some sort of dealbreaker isn't there? Lenovo might be working on a retro ThinkPad so hopefully something good will come out of that...you know...apart from the fishy business. Just wanted the CD drive to rip music and to use as a bedside machine. For 250 dollarydoos I am chuffed. ^^
 This machine ain't thaaaaat old. XD The keyboard light doubles as a reading light (not that I read physical books nowadays). Hrmmm i'm so happy with this old thinkpad I might get another...maybe an X220...*sets up eBay alerts*The battery ended up having around 80% of its life left, very nice! 
  I'm still doing the first full drain on the battery, seems to be holding at least 65% charge which is around 4 hours of use on the 9-cell 94WHr battery. Its manufacturing date was some time in 2010 so the previous owner/s must have taken decent care of it with 240-odd cycles. I'm expecting the machine to die at any moment now...   Calibrating the display got rid of the ugly green/blue tint, its somewhat loosely usable now with a staggering 55% sRGB coverage and a...
In my defense, there was a 10% off eBay sale.    The screen is preetty bad (768p TN) but I'm not too fussy since it will only be used for coding, the keyboard is fantastic. Came with 4GB of RAM and a prehistoric Toshiba SSD....might throw in a few upgrades later but it's probably a waste of money, I'll only upgrade as things start dropping dead.   It's in pretty good nick for a 5 year old laptop, what a beauty.  
Code Geass season 3 announced....yay?   Just saw Fantastic Beasts, it was okay, gonna watch Kimi no na wa next weekend.
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