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 You probably have to try out a few different methods to see what works for you, everyone learns differently after all. There's a ton of info on the learnjapanese subreddit so check it out.
Sweet baby jesus the new Seasonic Titanium power supplies look pretty good (oh and the new Titan I guess =P). And man was U-3C right or what, the nVidia/AMD fanboy war on the 480/1060 is raging on as hard as I've ever seen. XD   I did some light investigation on the charging behavior on the Dell E7470 laptop, as you do, and it turns out they're charging the lithium ion cells to a roasty toasty 4.4V! Turning it on to "primarily AC mode" seems to change the threshold to...
 Relax, it's just some friendly banter between the regulars of this thread, we're practically family here.  It's nothing like the wars between two camps you see on other tech sites etc.   
 With 2 hours of use per day (which is somewhat generous) it equates to roughly $5 per year. I do think the 480 is a bit more future proof, more ram + DX12/Vulkan.
Well that's one mystery solved, my mouse settings kept changing on me like it was haunted.   It turns out Windows 10 syncs settings between your devices by default....like from laptop to desktop.....why.  
Well I think the 1060 is the current performance/dollar king now....if you can find it at retail (USD249). 
 I don't like having to press the home button an extra time to get past the lock screen, unnecessary wear and tear IMO. (I'm on the beta with an iPad and the 'rest finger to unlock' doesn't work for me)I also feel cheated that the raise to wake feature doesn't work on the 6 series, it's only for the 6S. X(  [[SPOILER]]
Nice ED from 91 Days.     Gah our neighbours' cats have been slacking off, I think some mice/rats chewed through our dishwasher water inlet hose. It's one of those double-walled aquastop ones that use a solenoid valve to shut off the water if it detects a leak....it costs $220 for the part from Bosch. It even chewed through the electrical cable for the solenoid valve, I though it was strange how our RCD circuit breaker tripped the other night.... Better set some...
Welp I just impulse ordered a refurb Dell Latitude E7470, 1080p non touch IPS, 8gb/128gb yada yada. 2 RAM slots and it has an M.2 NVMe slot (only 2 pcie lanes though). About 800 freedom bucks, I missed out on the cheaper deals a few months ago...   A refurb XPS 13 over here tends to be about $400+ more for a similar config, ditto with a rMBP and I couldn't really wait for the refresh.   I wanted a decent quality laptop for a decent price, I didn't want to get anything...
Shopping for a hot air station....they are very expensive, need a beefy one so the 120W $60 ones won't work for me. X(   Hrmmmm should I get a Chinese one for $400 or a glorious Nippon one for $920..... MAYBE A CHINESE ONE AND A GTX 1060 HAHAHAHHA.....
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