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 I likey. Gave up on the game though, maybe I'll just try to craft something with LSC once a week. 
 I think he has ignored or forgotten my teachings poi. X(
 One day. =P I'm still learning the art of electronics, but I pick up cheap gear when I see it. Resale value is actually pretty good since I only buy used, I don't think I'll lose any money at all when I flip the gear. The Panasonic audio analyzer was a pretty big acquisition, it will be very useful in tweaking circuits for optimum performance. It will be critical for designing a PCM1704U-K based DAC, I don't really wanna shell out twenty-two big ones for a Master 7 or the...
Had a 34kg package arrive;     That Panasonic audio analyser is a beast weighing in at 17kg, I was quite surprised to find that it's been calibrated in 2009, not bad at all!   I don't even have enough IEC cables to run all that stuff, gotta buy some...and I could have sworn I put an order in for some cables/interconnects but I must have gotten sidetracked, oops. Gonna be a week until I can play with the gear, I wanted to measure Project-H.  
 Motherboard, followed by power supply would be my first guess. Sounds like fans connected to the motherboard aren't being powered, but it's still giving the signal to wake up the power supply, hence the CD drive and HDD spinning up.
 Huh weird, try leaving the drive dangling out and not mounted on the bay to see if it can open vertically on it's own. 
 I think when it tries to open, the cd tray catches against the front flappy flap that hides the drive tray? Or do you not hear the motor push the tray out at all. See if you can mount the drive so it's a little offset to the right(or left depending on orientation), maybe you can use any washers lying around to try and raise it a bit. Try putting only the right side screws in so it sits higher when the tower is vertical. (unless it uses one of those screwless mounts, in...
 Hah, you're welcome! I was deciding which one to send you, and I figured the first dramatical murder art book would be a little more harder to find compared to the latest one. I had to resist the urge of also throwing in lots of ecchi stuff in the order. =P @vwinter The gifts were perfect, I owe you one!  Especially because I know how expensive it is shipping stuff to Australia. If you ever need a high end dynamic or electrostatic amp made.... 
 Aahahhaah that was fantastic.
Soooooo....what's goin' on?
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