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So I just bought this album on iTunes, and it cost $23 in Australia instead of $13 in the US...  It's like I still had to pay shipping for the darn thing.    Here's the crossfade; One of my favourite Vocaloid albums.  
 Don't give up just because you've been dealt with a bad hand, there are people with far worse so the least you can do is make the best out of what you've got.  Yup, but they managed to score one near the end. XD
I really like this song. Man, is the music video risqué or what. :S Not that I'm complaining XD.  [[SPOILER]]
Agreed.  You know, I always find it funny how watch enthusiasts don't really like it when people refer to watches as jewellery, and that's totally understandable because the jewellery has this negative connotation to it as it's a little show offy and pretentious if you get what I mean. But really, jewellery is just something one wears to feel good about themselves, and it can certainly have a higher meaning as well in the case of wedding rings or heirlooms, jewellery can...
 Hello! I don't think I'll be interested, I'm a sucker for expensive old fashioned useless things.  They'll be very handy for quickly checking notifications and such without having to pull your phone out, not to mention the health sensors and what not, so I think they'll be really popular with the young ones, because really, watches have pretty much become jewellery now. Still, having to charge them regularly will suuuuuck. 
 Yep, that's the snowflake all right.... It's like $7.5k here in Australia. >< 
 Pfft, babying. JK :D:D, what a lovely watch, reminds me of a Datejust.
 Very nice! I still have no idea how it got those scratches, I guess it must be from using tools while it's still worn? Dremels and diamond files will do that I guess, I don't think I've bashed it against a rock tooooo much. I've dug up the old emails, it's the SCVS003 and wow, it was only USD$268 at the time (Feb 07), that's a lot of watch for the money! My friend also got one at the same time with a different dial, and his crystal is still pristine, so it looks like I'm...
 A second one?, or is it a reunion with an old friend. 
 Yup, they use hardlex for the 5 series and some of the divers, but the one I have is sapphire front with a hardlex viewing window at the back.
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