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  Aww I was expecting their discography or an album on that USB stick, there's only one song and a few wallpapers.   Someone can have fun reading this I guess;  
 I always fail when I try and fix it in a couple of days, it usually takes me a few weeks or a month. You can't reaaally force yourself to go to sleep earlier, so just try and wake up a little bit earlier each day instead and let nature take care of the rest. XD
 Just fix your sleeping pattern.  
 Yep, it's important to have off-site backups as well for critical data, you have to assume every single hard drive in your house will go down in flames.  Got in the final Overwatch beta weekend, this one is a big one so maybe everyone got an invite. ><
Have a dying Samsung 2TB drive, just a reminder to back your stuff up!   Time to go hard drive shopping, looks like 3TB is the sweet spot. ><
 There's something about that jazzy tune that cracks me up. XD
Sakamoto is preeeetty funny.
 Aahahahah while I think that's quite a bit overkill it seems we've reached a half measure, I can live with that.   I'd personally get the 5820k and instead upgrade the GPU or storage, or perhaps use the extra cash for a nice monitor or 2.
 I'm still very sceptical Borisu, surely there are hard numbers or benchmarks you can show me where an equivalent-ish Xeon (excluding 12+ core monsters) walks over a Core i7 in your intended usage? The max memory bandwidth on both those processors is 68GB/s from the Intel website.I will concede to your choice of picking a workstation card over a consumer one, as that's a situation where a consumer one won't work at all. But a E5-2650 v3 over a 5820k?  $475 for dual...
 Hmmm I think you get a pass if it's a laptop used for...educational purposes.  *whistles innocently* Still waiting for the new Macbooks to come out and bring the prices down on the old refurbs, I really don't want to set up a PC in the garage. X(
New Posts  All Forums: