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 Yup if your 12V adapter can do that, then that will work just fine.
 Many many zipties.  
 If it makes you feel any better, one of the Noctua's on my D14 doesn't spin up on power on, I can't be bothered to do anything about it, I'll just live with the one fan instead of two. XD
 Just get whatever is easy/cheap, a couple of degrees here or there isn't going to make a big difference. In general, moar RPM = moar noise, so match it with your current fans if you're happy with the noise level. Forget about the anoraks discussing static pressure vs CFM vs noise. No, a whizzbang Noctua isn't going to deliver significantly more airflow at a lower noise level than some cheapie.
FromJapan says they'll ship out items same day if the payment for shipping is done before 3:00PM.   I sent the payment at 3:01PM..... so it didn't get shipped yesterday. I wish I was joking poi.
 No hurry at all, I probably won't be able to get around to fixing it for another couple of months. I'll order some of the basic parts meanwhile, so I'll just remind you whenever I'm ready to receive the unit.
 By properly into audio, I mean someone with a home rig or something. XD Come to think of it, you might be the only other AAMML member in Australia....
 How much would it cost to ship over here? Post code 2166. I don't mind fixing her up then giving it away to a local AAMML member. (shipping overseas is too insane) Do we even have any other Aussie members here that are properly into audio? 
 Ummmm, what kind of specimens? 
 In terms of electrical equipment, I'm almost done, I think I only need a spectrum analyzer now for basic emissions testing but that's not too important. For chassis work I'm going to need a CNC router and a laser engraver, and for measuring headphones I'll need a dummy head microphone shizzwizz thing (or I could go ghetto style and DIY something together). I'm holding off on those large purchases until the last minute, I went with the test equipment first because it can...
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