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I've been reading lots of comments from people that are using schiit amps. I will be getting a lot of "love" because of this post, but that's life. Schiit amps have specs that from my perspective aren't good enough to be considered high end. The stereotalk on all their amp line, including their flagship amp is <= 80 db (even 68 for lower range products). That is really poor for 2016. If you have a good dac and good headphones/speakers, you should get something that lets...
I think that Mojo amplifies it decently, meaning that I can get away with mojo and LCD-4 from time to time and have a quality audition. However, you will get more slam, bass depth, dynamic range, soundstage with a more powerful amp. Let's not forget that power isn't the only thing that a good headphone needs. A good amplifier must also keep the signal from the DAC pure for a clean/transparent sound signature. ifi ican pro and agd master 9 are both very clean sounding /...
I didn't bash you. The fact that I don't agree with you isn't bashing. I am just afraid that good companies will make compromises to the sound quality for the mass market, that's all. Also I don't see the headset option as a must have feature, and as I said before, I think it would be very hard not to take away from the sound quality if on the headphone output you also insert a mic input. Again no one has this option. So your added con would be available for every...
I think you took it too personally. I think that there is a reason why we haven't seen any dacs/amps combos with headset functionality. I think it's quite hard to integrate a mic input on a headphone output without greatly interfering with the SNR, THD, etc, sound quality in general. Now if someone manages to achieve a no compromise solution, well kudos for them, however I am not sure that this is an actual market need. Maybe I am wrong, I don't have all the data regarding...
There are too many products made only for convenience, comfort and looks without any regard to sound quality. The market is full of those products... and their targed is different. I don't think I've seen any dac/amp portable combo with the support for headsets and I really don't see the need. 
As I stated in the review this is not just for phone use. It  sounds wonderful as dac/amp directly from laptop for my office setup. I don't think that  if you squeezed inside mic functionality it would sound as awesome. Personally, I don't think I would buy it. However, my question is.....if it is inserted in the phone in your described case, why not insert the headset directly into the phone? I suppose just for the comfort of not switching.
It's not only developed for mobile  phone use. That is just one of the purposes. Headset? What do you mean?How would you want that implemented in Dragonfly? I don't want headset functionality in a dac/amp product (at this size) that is supposedly made for audiophiles. In audio circuitry less is always more. 
Indeed, I've heard headphones better suited for those genres.
Indeed hd800 would definetely fit the bill by your stated requirements. Bare in mind that they need a good dac amp combo to really shine.
The Dragonfly Red is full of energy and quite addictive. My full review here.
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