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Not sure it will be a good match, if P2 wasn't. Theoretically, looking at the specs, P2 should have driven these speakers very well...
Not for now. I must concentrate on the speaker amp for now. I have Precision 2 which was ok with what I have tested until now, but with my latest speakers Piega Premium 5.2, it doesn't have the energy/control it should have. It's very weird, because it handled Premium 3 like a champ.
I don't know many people to say anything bad about the transparency of M9. Besides the short to ground inputs, I don't know of any problems with it. And if your dac supports that,'ve got yourself an end game amplifier. While it may be the job of every amplifier, M9 is a champ at its job compared to others :D
I think what he meant to say is that M9 is very transparent and lets the dac go wild. Practically the DAC has more room to scale. Actually, M9 is the most transparent headphone amplifier I have ever heard.
It should work fine with any pre-amp. ->
Good question. When I tried to use M9 as pre-amp with Precision 2, I had a humm noise in the speakers.
From my understanding, the shorten to ground inputs were done like this in order to avoid inter input communication. You can ask for a revised version of M9 that doesn't apply this method. I don't think that it will reduce the sound quality, but ask Kingwa to be sure.
You should only pay attention not to shut down M9 while still connected to Vega. Also pressing change input button in front of M9 while connected to Vega could cause issues. From my understanding, Vega does have a small  protection. If that fails, it would burn the output stage.
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