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Thank you, Acapella.  When I first heard HD800, it was from a setup that wasn't capable of doing justice to HD800. In time, with better gear and experience, I came to the conclusion that right now, technically, they are the best dynamic headphones on the market. Never, heard any Acapella speakers, hope I get the chance to hear some :)
Indeed, there is much more to a DAC than just the chip. However, I still personally think that even if everything around it is great, a mainstream DAC chip is still restraining the quality. The best DACS I have heard had custom chips inside, and they were quite on a different level of performance from the ones with off shelf chips.  I tend to agree. I personally, wouldn't spend a lot of money on a DAC that uses normal chips. However, this is my experience, and I am sure...
That is very interesting  news. I really hope that dynamics will evolve too, as I think they also have potential. 
I also think this is an end game setup for the dynamic headphones. I also leaned more towards M9. Hope I get the chance to hear taurus too. I don't want to get into the stax world just yet. You don't have a wide variety of amplifiers to choose from, and I feel that most of them are grossly overpriced. One other reason to wait, is that Sennheiser might release a new headphone soon, and it might be electrostatic. :P
 Yes, I think it might be a matter of taste. Thank you for the kind words. Really glad to hear that!
I've never heard any of their gear. I have a friend and he had both v200 and conductor. He said they have similar performance. Will have a look into their new products. That is a good suggestion. Thanks :)
Yes, I have the review of m9 on headmania. Simply put, it's the best amp I've ever tested.  X is indeed very good. However, Audeze changed LCD-3 as well. They added drivers and also changed the membrane. I will try to review the new model as well. I have 2 friends that listened to them and they were extremely impressed.
Thank you roskodan. The journey continues on my website. Well, I to be frank, I do not miss the lcd-2s .  Conductor was a keeper, especially for the amplifier. Now that I got the M9, I will sell it, as it makes no sense to keep it now :P
I think I have answered your question. I was editing my response earlier. In my experience, it was the other way around :), but again...people are different, and as Tyll said they are not accurate measurement machines... so it is normal for the test results to differ. 
 Auditive memory is clearly inferior to our visual memory, this is why even if not impossible, these kind of tests are harder.   I consider it very relevant to know the specifics of every component before the blind test. This way you know what are the strong points end specifics of each one, so when they are played in the blind test you should know what to look for.  If you know what are the specifics of each of them, it gets imprinted better in the memory than listening...
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