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For me it was the other way around. Everything sounded better on 3f, considerably better. I found the difference between 3f and 3c not to be subtle at all. It was like another headphone for me. Everything sounded considerably more clear with better focus, better instrument separation, better transparency, better impact, etc. 
I am more than excited about the idea :D . I am the owner and chief editor of . 
 I have noticed that at the beginning, the attack was softer. It did get quite better after burn in (~100h ). Also, beware that the sound is considerably more dynamic and engaging on the balanced output, than on the single ended one!  The sound should not go into clipping at all. Is vega set as default normal dac output volume? What I mean is to assure not to use Vega as pre with m9.
Totally agreed. I had Taboo MK3 near M9 for a few months. There was nothing tubey about M9.
Thank you. I really like the Rodrigon y Gabriela 11-11 too :D  Well...until now, I didn't hear any other amplifier to beat M9 in transparency, not even Bakoon.
Power wise, p2 is more than sufficient. I run P2 with them at 10% power most of the time. A friend of mine had a very good point. The bass drivers on piega 5.2 might have a very high impedance peak on 50-100hz and P2 is non feedback design. It might not give sufficient current for that peak.
Not sure it will be a good match, if P2 wasn't. Theoretically, looking at the specs, P2 should have driven these speakers very well...
Not for now. I must concentrate on the speaker amp for now. I have Precision 2 which was ok with what I have tested until now, but with my latest speakers Piega Premium 5.2, it doesn't have the energy/control it should have. It's very weird, because it handled Premium 3 like a champ.
I don't know many people to say anything bad about the transparency of M9. Besides the short to ground inputs, I don't know of any problems with it. And if your dac supports that,'ve got yourself an end game amplifier. While it may be the job of every amplifier, M9 is a champ at its job compared to others :D
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