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People perceive the differences differently . What is for some a small upgrade might be interpreted big by others, especially when the upgrade is spot on his preferences in the sound.
While it was ok with LCD-3, it didn't quite manage to get it to sound lively enough for me. And lcd-4 needs more power.
No, I was not referring to geek out. Haven't heard it. Can't tell my opinion on it. I was referring to this "Just because people say something, doesn't mean its true. " And while that is true to some extent, not everything is bullocks...
 Exactly, it's not just about volume. It's about making them lively, dynamic, even at lower volumes.  And no, it's not about money either.  There should be decent amplifiers in 1k$ price range. I've heard amplifiers outperforming other amplifiers that are 3-4 times more expensive. And no, you won't get them to 100% with ifi idsd.  While it may be ok with ifi(for example), I don't think that people that buy lcd-4 are looking just for ok. 
 It was on the balanced output.Well, this could be an explanation. Even M9 can sound warm with the wrong cables on it. 
I wouldn't recommend WA22 with LCD-4. I had WA22 at home for a few days a while ago. While I didn't test it with LCD-4, I did test it with LCD-x and HD800. Master 9 did much better with both headphones. I've heard the V281 at canjam. It seemed like a good amp, but too dark if I remember correctly. Not sure if it would be the best pairing with LCD-4. Also heard taurus a couple of times, and I wasn't impressed. I think that the  crosstalk... is ruining my listening...
 That should be more than enough power, indeed.  I played with the driver angle myself and it is very important. I can see why Abyss lets you adjust that.  Well, it's like a diagram. The first thing I usually check is the amplifier used and cross it off the list depending on the situation. 
 I didn't have any information on what amps were used on the 100 and 200 ohms version, but just saying that the amp can be one of the reason for that, at least from my experience. 7W in how many ohms? Ah...the source matters very much for imaging, but so does the amp. If the source is capable of great imaging and the amp is not, well...bad luck... I am not saying this is the case here, but the lack of depth can be from the amp. In this case, the problem might be somewhere...
Didn't hear the 100 ohms version, but the 200 ohms version seem harder to drive. From my experience, the new version sounds "2d" when not amplified correctly. Actually, the holographic soundstage is one of the things I love so much about the LCD-4 (200 ohms).
Did anybody try their LCD-4 from a speaker amp? I am planning to test them from Master 10 soon. I have a good feeling about this :D
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