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After buying the M9 and seeing how incredibly awesome this amplifier is, I thought I would give Precision 2 a shot too.     I just received it last week. Didn't have much time with it, but I tried the headphone outputs with Hd800. It sounds spectacular. Not as transparent as M9, but still very transparent as well. Another amazing product for the price. So you have  100W in 8 ohms, 180 in 4 ohms, and 16w in 40 ohms . I am going to test it some more, but I don't know any...
I am hoping for LCD-4, something to beat Abyss and SR-009, or at least to be in the same league :D
Damn, I was expecting it to be in another league completely. I thought this may be the next generation from Audeze.
Or current amps :)
They did the 1200 ohms for a reason, and it is no typo.  Even if it has this high impedance, from what I have heard, they will be very very efficient. So I wouldn't worry that much. 
This product is very interesting and good for the price. You can find all my impressions here.
A while ago, I've discovered a very good product which can solve the computer noise problem, the sms-100 network streamer.    SOtM released another interesting new product recently, a product which has some nice features and good capabilities for the price, the SOtM sHP-100.   You can find all my impressions here.
Besides the sMS-100, I've also had the pleasure to hear the new sHP-100, and I must say that it is a product worthy of my recommandation.    You can the full review here.  
I've grown quite attached to this unit. I think that it is a very good amp/dac combo. While the Dac section was ok and got better with a good usb interface, the amplification section was the part that really made it shine. I've had it for a while now, and for the price, I think that the amplifier is very hard to beat.    Even after I've got the decware taboo mk3, Conductor still had a good place beside it.    However, after I've got the Audio-Gd Master 9, I haven't...
I am using m9 on single ended rca and compared it to soloist. It is totally worth it. The burson is quite behind m9. Look for my m9 review on for more details.
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