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There aren't that many clip ons nowadays. Dunu had the DUNU DN-C60II until earlier this year whwn it was discontinued. Yuin used to have Yuin G2A but it was discontinued. The 150 ohm Yuin G1A is still available though. Audio Technica has had a few different clip ons. You can try to find a pair of DUNU DN-C60II.
This is a good comparison (that includes TY2):   Ting sounds more "distant", like you are a few rows back in the concert hall.Tomahawk is more up front, like you are right in front of the stage (or even on it!).
Thanks! But there must be anew flagship somewhere down the line? Woo has always replied that they are working on it but that it's going slow when I have asked him in e-mails.I read about the price of the high impedance earbuds in the earbuds roundup thread.Too bad about the high impedance since I try to stick to low impedance earbuds...
For me it would be another Celsus Gramo One. But I admit I would give it much more time before selling it...
CAX black sounds amazing even out of a Sansa Clip+. But the copper X3 seems to be a good alternative to the high end AK DAPs...
Now I have it in my profile. I copied it from there:After I sell an earbud I remove it from the list.Mojito was no 5 when I sold it. I think Cygnus was no 7 or 8. Zen 2 never made it onto the list.
Sorry, I don't listen to IEMs. CAX black is almost as full sounding as my ATH ES10. Less bassy but better soundstage and detail.
You are correct. But just a few weeks ago I would have been surprised that anything could beat Blox TM7. Then two earbuds in the same shipment did just that. I want to hear EVERYTHING before I can say with certainty what I like and what I don't like, but it's much more difficult now than 2-3 years ago when there were only a few Hisoundaudio, Dasetn and Tingo earbuds available outside of more established brands...By the way, it's amazing that you remember people's favorite...
Dunu Alpha 1 is a wonderful idea, though. I really like the sound which is a mix of dynamic and BA drivers. But fit is horrible. I was going to sell my Aplha 1 because of the poor fit but since no one was interested I have decided to give them one more chance. Other than that, dynamic drivers is where all the fun is!
Just noticed that we're on page (MX) 985!
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