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if i am correct unlike my ESP-7 which have a 5 pin din coming out of the headphone yours is a standard 1/4" plug so either buy a decent headphone amp from fiio such as the E17 or the home amp the E9 which can be had cheaply on the bay. or a decent preamp should do the trick i have an Adcom pre/tuner that is fantastic at driving headphones and if you don't use a turntable the 350 is a fine choice because it has a great headphone amp that rivals many high end headphone amps...
the headphones have a 5 pin din which plugs into the Koss Amp but the wires that go to the external amplifier an Adcom has 5 wires also. i figured out that that white was negative for right side and red is for positive to the right side. and negative for the left side is black and positive is red .   however that leaves a brown wire not attached to anything so anyone know what to do with the extra wire ?   there is little to no information available for these and im...
I was looking for a cheap pair of Bluetooth Headphones for my wife and I found these that had a pretty good rating and also played micro SD cards and plays via cable for non Bluetooth devices and has FM.   I tried them out and for $16.99 they are actually pretty good and will read a 128gb Micro SD card and they way outperform their price     https://www.amazon.com/Andoer-Multifunctional-Bluetooth-Headphone-Hands-free/dp/B0183K711Y?th=1&psc=1
I have been a Maiden fan since their first American tour but unless i have heard some pretty good reviews on a set of headphones $300 is out of the question
i have a pair of ATH-M50s that were recently re-cabled and new upgraded earpads were put on then the right channel started working intermittently so i will buy another pair and let these go for $50 shipped to lower 48
i have only had my ATH-M50S for about a month but found the original pads to be very uncomfortable ,but after purchasing those in the link i am much happier . http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006NH8768/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Lately I've been listening to Courtney Barnett -her lyrics amuse me and I love her unique guitar's and arrangement Sent from my SPH-L900 using Tapatalk
Although I've been an audio geek since I was a kid in the 70s it has been only recently that I've been focusing on headphones . When buying speakers I always brought familiar tracks that I could play in the showroom to help evaluate the range and dynamics of the speakers in question. I do the same with headphones but I find I tend to use different music all together and not even what I feel is from my main musical interests list but tracks that have a certain something...
I'm building my own starting with some quadraphonic headphones I've had since the 70s it has 4 drivers in it now but I'm adding two more that will be in the front of the headphones both being driven by a mono center channel .I have changed the 1/4" headphone connections to banana plugs and it will be plugged into the speaker outputs on my RX-Z9 Yamaha Receiver. So I will have a true 5.1 experience , even when playing movies through my complete home theater with my high end...
I can play these in bed watching a movie and not interrupt my sleeping wife
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