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Etymotic and Futuresonics tips are compatible.
Sleek Audio is now made in America.   CNN: Why We Left Our Factories in China      
Van Hunt - Designer Jeans   Trombone Shorty - Backatown   Tom Tom Club - Suboceana   Peter Gabriel - Steam   Queen - Another One Bites the Dust
To show how small the TinyEars are, I took a picture of them with a pair of Sony MDR-E10LP.     I'll be posting my review later.
According to Comply, the following are compatible:   All other Etymotics except the ER6 Futuresonics Grado iGi Harmon Kardon Jays Klipsch Microsonic Phiaton PS200 Philips SHE-9850 Sleek Audio Westone Shure SE425, SE535, SE110, SE115, SE210, SE310, SE420, SE530, SE500, E3c, E4c, E5c, E3g, E4g, i3c, i4c, SCL3, SCL4, SCL5
I use Klipsch tips with my Etys.
I use Klipsch tips with my Etys.  They're more comfortable than the Complys and improve the sound quality.
My brother-in-law gave me the gift of repairing my Zune.  He works at an electronics company so he can get the parts at a reasonable price.
Here's the TinyEar product page.
Groupon has the Audio Technica ATH-ANC27 for $49.
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