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MEElectronics has tips that might fit.
It's possible that growing up poor has caused your wife to become paranoid about money.  You seem to be a fiscally responsible guy but spending large amounts of money on anything other than food, clothing or shelter might be freaking her out.  Having different attitudes toward money can cause significant problems in a relationship.   Suggest seeing a marriage counselor that specializes in financial issues.  Her reaction will tell you what you need to know.
I love minidisc.  I use a Joy Division Zune for everyday listening but MD is still useful for live recording and digitizing analog recordings. I've posted pictures of some of my blanks here: My collection got a nice mention at  
If the wiring is intact, you can use liquid electrical tape. has AKG K 142 HD for $79.99 plus free shipping.  
What's wrong with Cookie Monster vocals?
Is there going to be a True Blood version of the M-100 (a V-100)?
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