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Black = left White = right
  There are two kinds of music - good and bad.   If I had to pick a favorite genre, it would be rock.
There are several foam tips to choose from.   There are 3 official tips from Ety. http://www.etymotic.com/ephp/er4-acc.html The small beige, the medium black and the large yellow   2 from Shure (the ones for the E3c will fit) http://www.shure.com/americas/products/accessories/earphones-headphones/sleeves/index.htm The very popular black "olives" (small, medium and large) and yellow (one size fits all)   2 from Futuresonics Black (small and...
  Is the PowerForce supra aural or circumaural?
According to the Comply size chart, Ety tips should fit the Shure SE530.
MEElectronics has tips that might fit.   http://www.meelec.com/product_p/tipset3-tf35m-mrg-cl.htm   http://www.meelec.com/product_p/tipset3-tf35m-mrg-bk.htm
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