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Flat, Detailed audio Comfort Durability
Groupon has JLab Ultra Rugged Metal Earbuds for $19 plus $3 shipping.
Monster has just opened an Ebay store.   Lots of refurbished and discontinued products below MSRP.
Nice little tribute from Joy of Tech.  
Woot is having a sale of MEElectronics IEMs until June1, 8am ct.   MEElectronics R1 Wooden In-Ear Headphones Earphone-R1-MEE $19 MEElectronics M2 Sound-Isolating In-Ear Headphones Earphone-AI-M2-BK-MEE $5 EP-M21-BK-MEE MEElectronics Original M Series M21 In-Ear Headphone - Black $17 EP-M16 MEElectronics Original M Series M16 In Ear Headphone $8 EP-A151-BK-MEE MEElectronics A151 Balanced...
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