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You should stick with the MEElectronics tips.  They're just as good as other third-party tips but a lot cheaper.  You can buy them here:   I've used Complys with mixed results.  They were fine with my Shure e2c but lousy with my Etys.  They muffled the sound and I could feel the Etys flopping around in my ear.  Also, Complys aren't very durable.  They fall apart after 2 months.
If the wire's intact, you can use liquid electrical tape or heat-shrink tubing.
From There I Fixed It    
I want to try this.  I use Etymotics with a Westone adapter and I'm wondering if the more expensive cables will make a difference.
Dang!  And the Silver Fortis cables are not part of the sale.  
Whenever something crazy happens in Florida, someone posts this:  
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