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Posts by batphink has a bunch of headphones on sale including a lot of pink ones.
I got the cable today.  I'll be testing it with 2 IEMs, the UE SuperFi 3 and the Etymotic ER4P with the Westone adapters.  That means it's going to be a while before the next person in line, ardgedee, gets it.
The outer ear determines direction.  That's why circumaural phones have better soundstage than IEMs.
Tips for the MEElectronics M6 iems fit the UE TF10.    
I use Klipsch tips with my Etys.  I found them to be more comfortable than the standard Ety tips.
MEElectronics tips don't fit.  They're too big.   After heavy use, silicone tips will sometimes conform to the shape of your ears.  Don't worry as long as they're comfortable and sound good.   Etymotic makes smaller, frosted tips.  Futuresonics, Klipsch and Shure also make tips that fit Westones.
Woot has the Jlabs J3 Jbuds for $10.99 plus $5 shipping.
Be careful crossjeremiah.  You don't want to end up like this dude.     My dad used to work for the government so I know what you have to deal with.  You don't want a device that can record and/or transmit data.  This rules out mp3 players, which are USB drives, and phones, which are USB drives with radio transmitters.  I've found 2 possible options.   1. CD players that can play mp3s burned on a CD-R.  Amazon has about a dozen of...
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