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Etymotics are made in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.  
Hooking up stereo equipment to a computer is tricky business.  PC's onboard audio usually isn't very good and mic input is often amped.  If your computer does have a decent soundcard, then use the amp's line-out and the PC's line-in.  With some sound cards, you can turn the mic-in into a line-in by disabling the mic's amp in the sound card's settings.
I have done lots of both and ripping CDs is so much easier than records.  With CDs, you only need the proper software.  The equipment makes no difference.  Ripping records is a lot of work.  I do it when the CD version is poorly mastered or doesn't exist.  When done properly, a ripped record can sound as good or better than the CD.   Avoid the ripping turntables you see at places like Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Those things destroy records.  If you can get your...
MEElectronics also sells earhooks in black and clear.
V-Moda Remix Audio and Remix Audio Remote are available in pink.   MEElectronics M6 is now in pink as well.   I have both of these and they're both very nice.
Radioshack has a bunch of pink IEMs for sale. Most of them are junk but these Audio-Technicas are pretty sweet. has a bunch of headphones on sale including a lot of pink ones.
I got the cable today.  I'll be testing it with 2 IEMs, the UE SuperFi 3 and the Etymotic ER4P with the Westone adapters.  That means it's going to be a while before the next person in line, ardgedee, gets it.
The outer ear determines direction.  That's why circumaural phones have better soundstage than IEMs.
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